Kingfish Complex

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Kingfish Complex
Kingfish's original drawing of the Complex, as stored in the Big Fat Building o' Archives.
General information
Location City of Polaris
Type Capitol
Style Fascist architecture;
Nazi architecture;
Art deco
Address 1 Kingfish Square, East Polaris, Eastshield
Owner(s) Whoot Smackler Whoot/Khanzem Third Reich (1915-1920),
Kingfish1928 (1920-1932),
City of Polaris (1932-1998),
Save Our Polarian Treasures (1998-2000),
Jones Family (collectively, 2000-2011),
Holyberden (2011-present)
Started 1915
Completed 1917
Height 450 feet (approx. 34 stories), not counting rooves
Architect Kingfish1928
Status Complete

The Kingfish Complex is a thirty four story series of three towers that served as the Capitol of Polaris from the Khanzem era to 1999. It was designed mostly by Kingfish1928 and was built almost entirely by High Penguin slave labor, because Kingfish was a Naughtzee-installed puppet during the Reich's domination of the continent.

Despite its atrocious background, the building was one of the few vintage/historical structures to be saved from Polaris' attempt to purge its past from its limits. It was sold to a historic preservation trust that then deeded it off to Holyberden. The building is currently under maintenance by company staff. (This is one of two Holyberden real estate holdings near Polaris. The other is thirty acres of land outside the city limits where a new Puff Flags is to be built. Polaris is currently trying to prevent it from being established.)


When Khanzem toppled the High Penguin Confederacy in 1913, Polaris was immediately targeted by Whoot for domination. It was not because the city was large or notable, but rather, because it was in such a magnificently strategic place for war.

The Khanzem Reich blasted through Polaris in 1915. The city did not put up a fight, simply because they did not care. After they surrendered, Whoot looked for a loyal Naugtzee to lead the new "Penguins' Realm of the Polar Islands", a puppet state dominated entirely by Khanzem.

Whoot chose an aspiring charismatic penguin to lead the Naughtzee city. His name was Kingfish1928 Necisty, and he adored Lesser penguins and hatred High Penguins enough to make Whoot shed a tear. He was installed in 1915, where he immediately won the love and adoration of the lesser penguins by telling them how special and needed they were. He said he'd make "Naawww-zee Poe-lair-is" (his thick Pallet Drawl accent slurred it) a "city worthy of the supreme species".

Kingfish practically built Polaris infrastructure from there. Everything from ports to roads to one of Polaris' largest airports were laid by High Penguin slaves under Kingfish's control. Though much of Polaris' current central business area is currently located in Polaris Island, Polaris Bay, Battleford, Alton and the Polaris Barrier Islands, the original downtown of Polaris was in what is now known as Rogerston, the City District that is represented by Nancy Nectar. The Kingfish Complex is located in Rogerston, surrounded by high-rise condominiums and office towers, 54 miles southwest from Polaris Island, which is the central business district of the city. The area near Rogerston is surrounded by 500 ft. towers, which are somewhat older than those in Polaris Island. Polaris-Hartford King International Airport, a small international airport is located near the airport, with the approach path of hundreds of flights each day, which pass only 50 feet above the Complex.

In 1915, as part of his personal aspiration to make his part of Khanzem "the greatest ever", He promised that Polaris would receive a new, "amighty capitol" to replace the small, cube-shaped Connery Square, which had been the city of ten thousand's capitol since 1882. Being a Naughtzee, Kingfish shared the odd obbsession with tall, menacing buildings that Whoot did. He was certain that the new capitol should be taller than any other building and as tall as the day's technology would allow.

Being rather good at architecture, Kingfish drew up the blueprints for the Complex and ordered the building's construction to begin immediately. He chose a site a bit north of what was then a small town, and began construction on the building. (This would eventually be known as Rogerston, Eastshield, a district of Polaris located on it's outskirts.)

Completed in 1917, the Complex is considered a defining symbol of Naughtzee architecture and of just how much power Khanzem had to do whatever it wanted, whenever it wanted, however it wanted.


Technically speaking, the Kingfish Complex is an art deco building done in the fascist style typical of Khanzem.


The Complex is divided into five parts (the cellar is not counted). First is the base: the large rectangular prism where the three towers jut out of. Second is the Central Tower, and the Left and Right Towers make up the third anf fourth. The fifth is the rooves of the building.

  • The base is roughly forty feet in height. It has freakishly tall ceilings of forty feet, crystal chandeliers (lit by electricity, a marvel in its day), and ornate engravings, murals, and sculpting shaped either to look like Whoot Smackler Whoot or show a picture of a Lesser Penguin "doing something awesome". Despite having two rows of windows, that is all actually one floor. The windows allow for light to stream in whenever the sun is out.
  • The Central Tower is four hundred ten feet tall. On its walls are further ornate murals and depictions of either Whoot or the "strength, power, and awesomeness" of the Lesser penguin.
  • The Left Tower and the Right Tower are each exactly the same height, and, on the inside and out, designed exactly the same way in every feasible aspect. Each of these two towers were intended to be mirror duplicates of each other, matching Whoot's belief that anything Naughtzee "has to be exactly the same, and that same state is the state of AWESOME"'.
  • The rooves demonstrate a familiar style also present in places like Mattress Village, South Pole City, and other places populated with conservatives. It's a steep, square pyramid shape, tapering at a sharp angle to a point where a long rod/pole juts out into the sky. These are called "steeples", apparently, and many have bell towers embedded in them. (The South Pole Capitol exhibits this in its clock tower. Mattress Village's assembly building and its City Hall also have similar structures, though much smaller and humbler. TurtleShroom's Palace- the one place a steeple would be expected -noticably lacks this.) Each roof adds an extra seventy five feet from base to point, and the pole is another thirty feet up.

Base and towers[edit]

There are three towers and the large, rectangular prism base in this building. In every way, the building is perfectly symmetrical. Even the furniture was made to duplicate each other. If a line was divided down the Center Tower and the building cut in half, one would end up with two identical halves, like mirror opposites. This was the intention of Kingfish and a common theme in Naughtzee buildings.

The three towers are simply called the "Center Tower", "Right Tower", and "Left Tower". The central tower is the tallest, while, as said, the Left and Right towers are perfect duplicates of each other.

Occupation and usage[edit]

Over the years, the Kingfish Complex has served many different purposes. Many of these ceased after the Harborfront Center came to pass, but the building is still used heavilly and still serves some governmental functions.


Since the beginning of the Complex's usage, the base has served as a simple lobby, waiting room, and just a decorational/eye candy thing. The entire base is open and has majestic forty foot ceilings with the original crystal chandaliers still intact. In the summer, when the sun is out, the windows ensure that there is so much natural lighting that the chandaliers are not needed. (They are, however, required in the dark, cold nights in between.)

Even today, the base (also called the Lobby) retains the secretaries, receptionists, clerks, etc. that it always had. The original furniture (from 1915) is still intact, which also has the unintended consequence of having the Khanzem "K" ornately engraved into the desks. Despite being Naughtzee, one has to admit that the wood carving is magnificently carved. No detail is spared when it comes to Whoot's obbsession with glorifying Khanzem, himself, and Lesser penguins.

Secretaries usually just direct the penguin to where they need to go, send them to the directory, or point to the bathrooms. (Four bathrooms, two for males and two for females, were installed in 1950, sort of damaging the symmetry but providing an obvious need.)

Central Tower[edit]

The Central Tower, back when the Complex was also the Capitol, housed the most important government fixtures. The penthouse (which might be more luxurious and posh than any Snoss equivalent) was home to Kingfish. It had everything, including a real toilet with running water! (In the 1910s, toilets were only for kings and the super-mega rich, and not TSP rich, no, BRENDAN STARS RICH. As in, money to burn, far too much to own...) Kingfish's penthouse occupied the final top two floors of the building and had a full bedroom (with silken sleeping chambers), a bathroom (DID YA SEE THE TOILET), and everything else a penguin of that era would drool over.

The rest of the floors varied. After 1945, Polaris' government swapped from the Naughtzee consolidation doctrines to a more democratic one, ushered on by a zealous, freshly elected Polaris Democrat Party. The early years were turmultous, since they had to scrap the 1915 Kingfish Charter and literally build a new government for themselves. The first Polaris City Council to come out of this had twice as many members of the present Council. The tenth floor was the lower chamber's meeting hall, and the eleventh floor was for the upper chamber. The Mayor resided exactly one floor below the Penthouse, in a room that, while nice, wasn't anything like what was right above him. (The Penthouse was closed off because a private owner- probably Kingfish even after his deposition -had the only access to it.)

All of the other floors were staffed with aides, clerks, secretaries, and bureaucrats for the legislature. Any floor that didn't contain legislative bureaucrats/aides contained the small offices of each Council-penguin. Even after the Council was shrunken in size, the vacant offices remained, simply filled with elite/senior bureaucrats.

Afer the Capitol was moved elsewhere in 1949, the Kingfish Tower's office and aide floors were, for a while, unused and vacant. When the federal government forced the absolute transparency of Polaris' healthcare and educational systems, a handful of the floors were handed the the BORNE and HOLINESS, but has since moved out.

The ACMA temporarily was headquartered in the Kingfish Complex after a fire on the 18th floor of the Flint Tower in Downtown Polaris, but has since moved back to the Flint Tower.

To this day, no one knows who lives in the Penthouse, or what goes on in there.

Left Tower[edit]

Right Tower[edit]