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Weng-Lei Alicia Yuan
Gender Female
Race Penguin with Sasquatch descent
Faction EPF
Health So-So
Level 22
Status Patrolling Club Penguin
Location Club Penguin
Fourth Wall The Dimensional Laptop can bypass it
Birth date September 2nd, 1994
Place of birth Zhou
Occupation Non-Member, EPF Agent, Ninja
Employer Dot (EPF), Sensei (Ninja)
Eye color Black
Feather color Pink
Primary residence Club Penguin, Cottage Way
Childhood home Ben-Wen-Shou, an apartment complex in a Zhou-like town in South Pole City
Interests Exploring, defending others, playing games, reading...anything
Strengths Encouraging, kind, serious, logical
Weaknesses Easily hungry, anger problems, impatient, stubborn, easily falls sick
Abilities Quick-thinking and movement, stealth
Family Mother (Zhouese)
Father (Half Sasquatch)
Allergies Dust
Fears The destruction of Club Penguin
Friends Dot, Jet Pack Guy, Rookie, Sam the Sasquatch
Enemies Herbert, Klutzy, Test-Bots, Ultimate Protobot 10,000
Archetype Neutral-Good
Codename Agent K
Weapon of choice Dimensional Laptop

Weng-Lei Alicia Yuan, or Kittysweet9 (Kitty for short) as she's usually called, later FelineWithin, is a Zhouese-born penguin with sasquatch as descent, but she didn't know until in 2016. She was one of the agents of the PSA, having deactivated the rouge Test Bots and taken down their creation, Ultimate Protobot 10,000. She is one of the few known users of the Dimensional Laptop, a device that can pull anything from any dimension.


Birth and Childhood[edit]

Kitty was hatched in one of Pecking, Zhou's hospitals (she forgot about) to Yu-Mei Yuan and Oakley Zi. Nearly a year after her birth, the family moved to South Pole City to escape from their Communist ways (and the dirt. Mei is a clean freak, and Kitty inherited her father's allergy.) At an young age, she

First Travel to CP and becoming a Ninja[edit]

In 2007,

Back Home[edit]

A few weeks later after becoming a ninja, Kitty left the island to finish her education and graduate,

Elite Penguin Force[edit]

In April 16, 2009, after the Pie War, Kitty was sent a letter from Dot,

Second Travel to CP[edit]

In 2010,

Back Home...Again[edit]

Third Travel and Becoming a Resident of CP[edit]

In 2011,

Conflict Involvement[edit]

Test Bot Incident[edit]

One of the

Becoming an Elite Agent[edit]

Operation: Herbert's Revenge[edit]

Operation: Blackout[edit]

Operation: Hot Sauce[edit]

Operation: Puffle[edit]

Kitty and Speedy had

Fanon Characters Special FINALE![edit]

In 2017, she got a distress call from Peng Guin, warning her that Club Penguin was going to be destroyed and replaced by another Island.




A very old red puffle and the first one that Kitty met, yet still the perky pirate like the usual red puffle. She died in 2009. Kitty wasn't even by her side upon her death, but she passed away knowing that her owner would visit her grave.


Starlight's granddaughter, another red puffle. Released in 2011.


A cynical yellow puffle


Spiritia's daughter, she is currently Walking by her side.

Cosmo-Lime Green Alien[edit]

Guards the house.

Paradox-Yellow Unicorn[edit]

Used during the final battle for Club Penguin Island.


  • "Whatever you do, don't put your flippers behind your back!"