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This is Kligerman. His favorite number is 75.
Born Patrick Wilson Sauter Kligerman
July 24, 1994 (1994-07-24) (age 25)
Broken Shield, Antarctic Peninsula
Gender Male
Nationality Antarctican
Other names Kliger, Kliger Boy, Patrick the Kliger-Man
Ethnicity Emperor Penguin
Citizenship USA flag.PNG Antarctican
Education Club Penguin University
Alma mater Club Penguin University
  • Deadly Alliance member, good guy (good side)
Years active 2011-present
Employer Ice Dragon
Notable works Helping the homeless, donate charities (his good side), being a bounty hunter, a cook for his allies (bad side)
Home town Broken Shield, Antarctic Peninsula
Salary 120,000 CP Coins
Height 4.02 (Four feet, two inches)
Weight 47kg
Known for Being an anti-villain
Title Kligerman the Cook
Opponent(s) Good Guys and Bad Guys
Awards None

Patrick Kligerman, also known by many as Kligerman, is a red Emperor Penguin, who works for the Deadly Alliance, who is usually the technician man of the group. He is a hacker who usually will hack government plans, but will also hack websites. He usually travels around Antarctica, who, in which reality, is more of an anti-villain. He secret helps the homeless, and gives away charity. But as a result of these thing, he is usually punished by his leader, in violent ways, made by the most violent members of the gang, but will still respected afterward. He has a Chitter account under the name of @75kligerman.

Background Biography[edit]

Early years[edit]

Kligerman was born as Patrick Wilson Sauter Kligerman as he hatched in the local hospital. He was born in good health and condition. He was a curious chick who would usually get into trouble (an example would be the fact that one time he spilled an entire bottle of cooking oil in his kitchen floor, even himself being covered in oil). In school, he would often be a bully, and be in a group of bullies as his main friends. In the 7th grade, he slowly started to become more of an anti-bully, sometimes with his bullies of friends, but sometimes helping others. In the 7th grade, he played an instrument in band class which would make him his favorite: The Flute.

Teenage Years[edit]

Kligerman was browsing on the internet for some video-sharing websites back in 2009, when he was 15, looking at videos and playing flash-games online, when he was 19, and was in Club Penguin University at the time. Still a young lad, he was also taking Judo lessons to be a better skilled fighter. One occasion using his skills is when four street thugs jumped on him, but was able to defeat them with his Judo skills. He was able to take them in to the police. One of his main weapons in combat are the Nunchucks, otherwise in martial arts as Nunchaku. Around 2011, at age 17, he enrolled in the Deadly Alliance's young fighters program, as he liked to fight good guys, as he slowly was becoming a bit corrupted as he said.

Deadly Alliance[edit]

One of the youngest members (most are older such as 150, 49, but that are the age rules of the Deadly Alliance), then like one of his friends Derek Krauster, he is skilled, often fighting good guys in their "suicide-missions" and often survives in most of them. But, there is one job he is a master at: The Cook! Whenever his leader, Ice Dragon calls everyone to "dinner", Kligerman does his job immediately, fast and in good condition. He even cooks his own food last, since all members come to there so-called dinner. But if he is caught doing something good, he is punished in harsh ways, like being hit with a strong and long belt, and being stoned (sharps rock thrown at him). He is often grabbed by the Deadly Alliance's "pet" and being tortured by being thrown around and stomped on, if he gets near the pen too close.


He is involved in most of the Deadly Alliance's many missions, and being the personal cook. Kligerman is also the said the technician, and also operates as the hacker of the group. Occasionally, he is part of their raids and robberies. In their "orchestra" group, he plays the Flute.



  • Kligerman's favorite number is 75.
  • He supports homeless penguins