Klondike Island

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Klondike Island
Klondike Island Flag
Country Seal Islands
Capital city Azulon
Inhabitants 92,421
Other info
Leader Christina van Guilera
Location North of Maps Island
Alliances Seal Islands
Neighbours Maps Island

The Federal Republic of the Seal Islands
Flag of the Seal Islands.svg
Seal Islands
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Sealien Dark Thursday
Seal Islands presidential election, 2013
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Klondike Island
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Christina van Guilera

Klondike Island is a beautiful island 50 miles north of Maps Island. It is a popular tourist attraction. It was conquered by Sealien forces in April 2012.


Klondike Island was first inhabited by Viking Penguins in 300 B.C. The Penguins who settled there founded the city of Alkaloone. After a couple centuries of self rule, The Penguin Empire besieged Alkaloone in 80 B.C., and burned the city to the ground. The Penguin Empire renamed the city to Azulon and rebuilt the city in Ligurian way. None of the inhabitants of Alkaloone survived the seige, and penguins from the Mainland Antarctic from the Penguin Empire resettled the area. Klondike Island later became part of the HPC as the Penguin Empire fell. During this time in history, ninjas and Card Jitsu became to come into existance, and Klondike island welcomed it heartily into their culture. Klondike became an island of Ninjas, inviting them to live on the island. Soon, Azulon was overcrowding, and the town of Catale was formed to hold more inhabitants. In 1999, a couple of Penguin Explorers came to visit the island. They discovered the beauty and nature of Klondike island, and it soon became a popular tourist hub. Since the island didn't have any proper government from the year 1367, Seal Islands took the island under its control in April of 2012. Today, Klondike island is well known for its nature, beautiful beaches, peaceful lakes, and calm communities.


The island is governed by a Sealien government official.


The island posesses no municipalities, other than the cities and the mainland.


  • It is a great source of income for the Seal Islands.

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