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Born March 7 1992
Gender Female
Education Crab Academy
Occupation Sidekick
Known for Being the girlfriend of Klutzy and sidekick of Herbette.

Klutzette is the girlfriend of Klutzy and sidekick of Herbette. She is 21 and just graduated from Crab Academy, located deep in Snowpoint City. She was the one who flooded the pool during the Water Party, as she admitted it when Jet Pack Guy questioned her when she robbed the Bank.

Early Life[edit]

She was born on a sunny day, her parents were poor so they lived in the wild. Her parents were the good guys much to her disgust, so she ran away when she was 5 leaving a note in the snow about the reason why she ran away. One windy night, she was determined to find a home and get money, suddenly a wind blew her all the way to the beach. The next morning, she woke up finding herself out that she's on the beach and she lived there for years until she was 13. When she was 13, she wanted to get a 'career' to being a villain so she started robbing banks and she was soon on a mugshot photo. With that money, she soon bought herself a cuddly teddy bear. She kept it for years until she was 15. She walked to the forest finding a place where she can live, little did she know that her new home was where Herbette lived. When Herbette came back home, she spotted a lonely Klutzette. She felt bad for Klutzette so she looked after her and Klutzette became her sidekick. She also went to Crab Academy because she was sick of being called 'dumb' by Herbette. She soon graduated and now lives with Klutzy.


  • She thinks that 1+1=11.
  • Klutzy calls her "clueless but cute".
  • She was the one who flooded the Pool in the Water Party.
  • She and Herbette were once stuck with community service after the Great Darktonian Pie War, whereas Jobert got a medal.

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