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Knicicle Pic.png
A high quality Knicicle.
Type Weapon
Effects Can hurt penguins very badly
Source Local weapon stores
Location Sold at local weapon stores, and Flywish's Mansion
Cost to buy 1000 coins
Cost to sell 800 coins

A Knicicle, (pronounced nis-ickle) is a weapon invented by Flywish. It is very similar to a standard knife or sword, and is much cheaper to make.


The first knicicle was when a very sharp Icicle fell down. Flywish was walking by and he picked it up, and slashed a post in half with it. He tried to hit something else with it, but it fragmented into a billion pieces. And, so he tried to sharpen Icicles and stabilize them. He took the project to G, who worked on it. G added a cold hilt that would keep the ice cold, and he reinforced it with iron in the center. Knicicles were then given Ditto A fringed edges to stun their enemies. Fredsworth saw the design though, and sold the prototype to many companies. It is a reliable weapon, but if it gets too heated, it will melt. One problem with the hilt is that it needs to be charged up to keep the knicicle intact.

There is no way for a penguin to completely duplicate a Knicicle, due to the advanced handle and iron reinforcement. However, you can make a weaker version by finding a large icicle, and shaving it down into the proper shape. It will work alright, but if it's used too much it will break.

All the types of Knicicles other than their star form.

After Knicicles became a common weapon, Fire Sensei was annoyed.

"What is this here? Ice is prevailing, darn. I do not like it."

Therefore, he asked X to make a prototype sword for him. X, being mildly evil, built him a Fire Sword that burnt. Fire Sensei was happy and distributed these. However, there is no water sword. A knicicle can be countered by a amount of Ditto B thrown on it, because it will become Ditto C and mess the Knicicle up. It can also be broken or deleted. Wielders of the Knicicle are normally very skilled in a duel and are not recommended fighting partners.

One day for fun, someone put Chespanyr in a Knicicle. Then Flywish tried it and it mind controlled a penguin but the effect was longer than a usual Chespanyr effect.

Fleur de lis design[edit]

When Frankterre was liberated from Snowzerland in 2010, they celebrated by inventing a new style of Knicicle- the Fleur de lis Knicicle, which was based on the fleur de lis emblem, which was based on the native Frankterran growing plant known as the iris. The Fleur de lis Knicicle is very popular especially in the Ninja Archipelago.

Materials needed to make them[edit]

  • A bundle of icicles
  • A cold hilt.
  • A sharp object or something to sharpen the icicles


Reactions with other weapons[edit]

  • Missiles: Most have effect
  • Fire Sword: Melts
  • Ice Blade: Nothing


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Effects of a Knicicle attack[edit]

  1. You can't move (because the ditto stuns you)
  2. Someone will have to call the hospital
  3. It will take weeks to heal you.

Criticism and legality[edit]

Knicicles have the same legal status as knives and swords in most places. However, there are a few places with special treatment for the weapon.

  • Dorkugal- Knicicles are illegal to own and/or use.
  • Geek Empire- Knicicles are illegal to own and/or use.
  • Weddell- Knicicles are illegal to own or use in the US state of Weddell. The exception is the USA's military, who are allowed to own the weapon (in the state of Weddell). The rest of the USA allows Knicicles.


  • Radclaw1 is scared of these things.
  • Jim Nospurm has found out a way to make knicicles, which are much larger than the ones penguins make.
  • Flywish uses knicicles to make a Knicicle Slash as one of his powers. It is impossible for others to do. Flywish teaches it.
  • Icarius juggles knicicles as well as knives. They have been legalized since they aren't used as weapons.
  • They have a star version.

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