Knights of the Broken Blade

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Knights of the Broken Blade
Headquarters Numerous locations around Antarctica
Languages English
Membership Select few from Munijoch
- leader Peyor Maximus
- members Unknown
Establishment Unknown
- early times Unknown
- official start Unknown
Website None.

The Knights of the Broken Blade is an organization founded sometime before the official recorded and/or manuscript history of Munijoch and Antarctica, based upon the belief of totalitarianism and a monarchy to continue it. No one knows when and/or where it was originally founded, and their exact origin and purpose is a secret. Membership is extremely hard to maintain, as you must be a close, multi-generational family friend or member to gain access to the order. Due to their secrecy and growing fanaticism, they are classified as a terrorist organization.



It is presumed that the Knights were founded prior to the creation of the WhiteBloods, yet little information exists to clarify this position. Old documents recovered from hidden walls reveal that the Knights had secret meetings, often with little to no transcript of the occurrences within them. What does exist, however, is details of a rigorous meeting process, riddled with hidden language and indecipherable shape related language. Members each carried a shard of what is known as the Obsidian Blade, which they piece together to commence the meeting.


The Knights have experienced a resurgence in numbers following the mistrust and election of The Globalist, said to be the antithesis of the Knights' operations. Those against the President join them, which has resulted in a sizable number of members now in the order. Similarly, the Gold Bug Society has experienced a surge of both membership requests and investigations as people begin to discover and explore the hidden world of organizations within Munijoch.


The ranking system is not known, but it is purported that a monarch ranking system is used, compared to the WhiteBlood's method (Omnipotent, Alpha, etc.) of ranking.