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Knockhopper, circa 1920, painted during the Snowman Empire.
Title Pirate Captain of the Clam Waters
Gender Male
Race Penguin
Faction Pirate
Health Deceased
Level 0
Status Deceased
Birth date January 1, 1891
Place of birth Chinstrap

Knockhopper is the father of Lockhopper. Knockhopper lived during a chaotic time, since he lived during the transitions of the High Penguin Confederacy, Khanzem, the Snowman Empire, and Olde Antarctica.


Knockhopper was born on an unknown date in 1891, although he always said his birthday was January 1. He was raised by his father, Clockhopper, and became the Pirate Captain of the Clam Waters but then gave his Pirate Territory to Captain George. This was not a big deal to him at first. It was just water and a place for his boat, when he learned of a giant clam that lived at the bottom. He went to search for Soda Seas, which had a nice supply of Puffer Fish and crystal.

After finally finding it, he smiled. He got his crew and they brought the cream soda on deck for a party. Suddenly, a Puffer Fish smashed into the bottom of the boat, making it shake.

Many, many gallons of Cream Soda spilled into the water. Some barrels cracked open and became soda geysers. Knockhopper fished up some Puffer Fish before it was to late, but alas, most fled to where it was clean. The Amethyst shattered from Cream Soda pressure, leaving only the crystal on the bottom to be safe.

Cream Soda Clean Up Act[edit]

Do to the fact Cream Soda was worthless after being all washed up, it could not be drunk. Knockhopper sailed off to Club Penguin. Several penguins were happy to help. Each one helped build an early version of the Aqua Grabber with the help of G's grandfather and retrieved several broken cream soda bottles. Knockhopper sold the sea to Club Penguin as a thanks, and had his son Lockhopper before departing 5 years later.

The Last Voyage[edit]

His ship went near dangerous waters and got sucked in. Knockhopper seeing his ship flood, called to his pet albatross. He gave his albatross a small letter and told it to fly to Lockhopper and his mother to say that he would not be coming back for a long time. The ship hit a large rock and sunk under the waves, and took a life raft to an island, which he named Rockhopper Island.

Returning Home[edit]

During his time in Rockhopper Island, he built a small boat and headed to Penguin Island to tell his family. First, only Lockhopper and Knockhopper's wife came, but soon, many other Hopper family members came, and they founded a town called Hopper Town, which later grew and became an important port.

In 1981, Knockhopper died at the age of 91. By now, almost all Hoppers lived Rockhopper Island, and many other penguins lived there too, and the population was 1,000. He had also lived to see his great grandson Rockhopper.


Knockhopper is Rockhopper's and Landhopper's grandfather and inspiration to explore. He discovered several seas for the game Aqua Grabber before having to live at Rockhopper Island for a long time. He also discovered Rockhopper Island, and populated it. Also, he expanded the Pirate Territory that his father, Clockhopper, created.

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