Konsunchrayshin Kamp

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Konsunchrashin Kamp
Konsunchrayshin Kamp image.jpg

The walls are so high up, you can't even see when it ends.
Background information
Location Unknown
Other names KK
Status Operational
Security class Maximum security
Capacity 10,000
Population 4,598 (as of 2009)
Opened 2009
Managed by Darktan's Army
Director Pigma55
Notable prisoners
Mwa Mwa Penguins, Twiguins, Petguins, ect.

Konsunchrayshin Kamp is an evil place off the coast of USA. It is a strange place where lots go in, but hardly any come out.


Konsunchrayshin Kamp was found in 2009 by a small group of Penguins no one knows about. What they found interesting was that the ground was so hard, titanium drills would break trying to burrow through. They didn't care, and set up some houses and posts. Barely a month later, Darktan's Army arrived and kicked them off. Along with the army was OVER 9000 Mwa Mwa prisoners who were crying for their "wammy". Losers. When said army saw how barren the ground was, they set up some tents, told them "get in", and built a huge fence. The rest is history.


Konsunchrayshin Kamp.jpg

Konsunchrayshin Kamp is one of the most boring places in the universe. when you get up on shore, all you can see for miles is a giant wooden fence about 100 feet at it's highest.


HOWEVER, at one point, there is a building where visitors can stay. Occasionally, visitors are given tomatoes and allowed out into the camp to throw at prisoners. If you are a Mwa Mwa activist or try to pick a Mwa Mwa Penguin, Petguin, or Twiguin that's locked up there, you get locked in one of the camps. Around there is another building where you can buy a shirt that says "I ♥ Konsunchrayshin Kamp".


Really, the only people there are Mwa Mwas, Petguins, Twiguins, and other noobs and menaces to society. They are given rotten food and are forced to sleep either in cheap/old tents or on the ground. The only way to get out is if your either a visitor to the island, or guards lead you into a small chamber where they set Nummy Cakes on fire and shove them down your gullet.


A lot of villains live on Konsunchrayshin Kamp. Mostly Members of Darktan's Army that have been sent to neglect the noobs housed there. Darktan once went there to check on everything. The only problem was that members of the PSA were following Darktan and then attempted to free ALL the prisoners. They were all captured and are currently being housed there. No word of their dissapearance has reached the PSA in any way. Someone deleted all of their records.


Really, the only edible resource visitors can find there is Nummy Cakes.

List of Employees[edit]

  • Pigma55 is "the incharge person".
  • Stompfighter is a guard there and is training to become a full fledge soldier.

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