Kur Rising

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Kur Rising
This is Kur Rising an evil penguin... (Before Membership... for now)
Title A Kur Key
Gender Male
Race Penguin
Faction Faction
Health Health
Level 90000
Status Status
Location Kur Land
X-Antibody Kur RisingX

Kur Rising is a believed to be evil penguin because it leads to Kur. There are few penguins who dare defy it. You wouldn't want to be one.


Kur Rising was born in a small area in Kur Land. He was always evil, both in the egg and outside of it. His mother was afraid of him. He hated anything nice.


Kur Rising waddles around Club Penguin searching for Kur. It is unknown how Kur came into Club Penguin. It is theorized he came the same way Mister Fisk did -- by wormhole.


Ex-Dictator TurtleShroom (penguin) cowering in fear of KR. He's inside the box, with Explorer.
  • Kur Rising's favorite room is the Dock.
  • Kur Rising's puffles are Kur (Red) and an Orange Puffle. ON July 11, 2009, he adopted Zak, a fun loving blue puffle. However, Zak ran away after Kur Rising gave all of his attention to the new Orange Puffle.
Zak, Kur's former blue puffle.
  • Kur Rising is known to change his looks after returning from logging off.
  • Kur Rising changes server every hour (Eastern Standard Time!).
  • During parties Kur Rising is seen in the party room most.
  • Kur Rising rarely visits The Stage.
  • Kur Rising extremely dislikes dancing and coffee.
  • Kur Rising has some sort of connection with Mister Fisk.
  • Once Kur Rising was scared because a penguin called Gamgee chased him with the coffee emote.
  • Kur Rising used to steal bunny ears, until he got walloped by Hat Pop.
  • Kur Rising eats betas... that might be the last photo of Coco...
  • Kur Rising disappears at certain times in the day. Where could he have gone?
  • Kur Rising likes to attack the PSA HQ.
  • Kur Rising's membership expired on August 16th, 2009
  • Kur Rising owns the server Snowcap.
  • Snowman 1001, Turtleshroom (penguin) (the ex-Dictator), and Explorer were scared during an encounter on Thermal's dock.
  • In March of 2011, Kur Rising decided to move to Principauté de Mylou, he lives in the Parier Ward.
  • He has a group of loyal follwers known as The Kurians, who do his bidding and hate Mister Fisk.
  • He has an X-Antibody named Kur RisingX, that mostly bothers Mister Fisk now since he failed to bother Kur Rusing. Kur RisingX wears a comic book sweatshirt, night vision goggles, firestriker, and black shoes. He is usually the color red.
Kur RisingX meeting Gary during the Halloween Party 2010.

Kur Rising Tracker[edit]

  • Kur Rising was seen somewhere on Tundra (July 11, 2009) (2:23 PM EST)
  • Kur Rising was seen somewhere on Icebound (July 11, 2009) (3:00 PM EST)
    • Unknown missing time period from 4:00 PM EST to 8:00 PM EST Kur Rising disappeared...
  • Kur Rising was seen somewhere on Thermal (July 11, 2009) (8:00 PM EST)
    • Kur Rising disappeared after 8:30...
  • Kur Rising was seen somewhere on Sleet (July 12, 2009) (10:00 AM EST)
    • Kur Rising disappeared after 11:00...
    • Kur Rising appeared for a brief time at 12:54 PM (EST) on Thermal, the CP Dock. He almost kidnapped TurtleShroom (penguin).
Kur Rising as spotted by Akbaboy on Mukluk at the Stadium at about 7:00PM EST.
  • Kur Rising has been seen at at about 7:00 and 6:55 PM EST at the Snow Forts and Stadium on Mukluk by Akbaboy.
  • Kur Rising was seen at an undetermined time on October 2nd, 2010... he was on for the new catalog, and he was seen in his unlocked Rad Scientist Outfit.
  • Kur Rising was seen at about 9:30 PM EST finding Gary on Cabin.

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