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KwikXilver X
Kwiksilver X.png
KwikXilver demonstrating his powers.
Title The clone of Nightmare's worst enemy.
Gender Male
Race X-Antibody
Faction Evil
Health Excellent
Status Nightmare's top assassin.
Location Nightmare Crater
Occupation Assassin
Interests Helping Nightmare, trying to destroy Kwiksilver
Friends Nightmare, Speeddasher X, Tails X
Enemies Kwiksilver, anyone else against Nightmare
Archetype Evil

KwikXilver, or Kwiksilver X as some penguins call him, is the X-Antibody of James Erasmus Kwiksilver and one of the most powerful antibodies, having almost took over his host's body (and would've succeeded had Sprocket not stopped him). He has the special ability to turn his entire body into dust allowing him to sneak up on penguins and even make a clean getaway if nessecary. Because of his ability he's a trained assassin and is usually sent in to dispose of those who find out to much about Nightmare's plan. He was the second antibody made with REM Sleep after Gargantuan.


Kwiksilver, as were many other penguins, was affected with the X-Virus. It had lay dormant in his family's DNA for centuries, but after his attempt to face off Darktan (See Kwiksilver's Journal), he was severely injured.

Kwiksilver was laying in the hospital bed, asleep. Suddenly, the cuts and bruises lighted up in the dark. A large growing X appeared on his forehead. He sat bolt upright. His eyes started glowing. He started to speak in a weird voice.

I am free. Finally. After this whole cycle, I have taken form.

Sprocket, who was in the hospital bed across the room, woke up suddenly. He saw the freaky Kwiksilver and screamed. He dived under the covers.

Kwiksilver started jerking backwards and forwards, and made shaking movements.

Do not try to fight me, Kwiksilver.

Kwiksilver stopped glowing for a second, and looked normal.

"Stop it! Get out outta my hea-"

Do not try to struggle, there is no escape.


A sound erupted around the room. A well aimed shot of banana goop flew out of Sprocket's Banana Blaster and hit the X on Kwiksilver's forehead. Black goo flew out of Kwik's mouth and hit the floor somewhere.

It formed into another penguin, one with glowing flippers and an X on it's forehead. Kwiksilver's unusual shining cuts and the X disappeared. He went back to normal and slumped back into bed, asleep. The strange X creature donned a large cloak and said a few parting words to Kwiksilver and Sprocket.

You may have won this time, but I'll be back.

Then it simply turned to dust and swept away in the wind.

Days later KwikXilver had ended up having to stay with a small penguin with the same X mark as him in a dumpster. The penguin told him that they were both antibodies and that for some reason not many penguins liked them. He told him that he really didn't care what they thought of him and that he was fine just living in the dumpster. Just then however something happened to KwikXilver. The wraith Nightmare had entered his dream and had begun to speak to him. She told him that he was her child and that he was to come to Nightmare Crater imediatley. He replied yes imediatley (Micro X didn't have REM Sleep due to being an older antibody so he just figured KwikXilver had let his brain cords snap). KwikXilver said farwell to Micro X and imediatley left for Nightmare Crater.

As soon as he arrived at Nightmare Crater he was greeted by four rather strange warriors, and two other Antibodies. Then at the head of the room was Nightmare herself. She told KwikXilver about how his ability was special and that penguins didn't realise that. She told him to join her in an attempt to wipe them out. The antibody agreed and since then he's been Nightmare's top assassin.


During the Nightmare Epic, KwikXilver and Xplorer raced to capture the most X-Antibodies for the REM Sleep. At a score of 499 to 469 and the capture of Shroomsky X, LollipopX, PengijoXer, 12yz12ab X, The X Leader, and various others, KwikXilver won.

Thanks to FredX's special hats, KwikXilver avoided the REM Sleep but tagged along with the controlled X-Antibodies and DTA anyway and faced Kwiksilver and Sentinel in the final battle before retreating.


As allready stated, KwikXilver has the ability to turn his body into dust that appears nearly invisible when floating in the air. He normally uses this to sneak up on penguins he's attempting to get rid of.


Unfortunatley his main power can also be a weakness. As shown in the Nightmare Epic, Tails6000 was able to defeat him by sucking him up with a vacuum while in his dust form (like the Spectre Smashers or Poltergeistsmashers would do).


  • May it be noted that KwikXilver was a rare case of the X-Virus, in which the Virus itself attempted to possess Kwiksilver. Had it not been for Sprocket firing at the X in the early stages, Kwiksilver would be possessed forever!

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