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James Erasmus Kwiksilver

Kwiksilver as drawn by the famous Speeddasher around April 2011.
Born August 20, 1995 (1995-08-20) (age 23)
South Pole City/Shiverpool
Died September 15, 2020, Age 25
Wikia Control Room
Cause of death Deletion
Gender Male
Nationality Antarctican
Occupation Journalist, Time Agent, Courier, Soldier, Astronaut
Known for Saving the entire Wikia, reforming the Time Agency
Successor Willy the Penguin
Not to be confused with the User?

James Erasmus Kwiksilver, known to many as Kwiksilver (1995-2020) is a backpacker that travels through the USA, space and time with only a laptop and a video camera. He was hailed by High Penguins as the successor of the "Ancient Warrior", Marcus Kwiksilver, and known by everybody else as "That Guy With The Sunglasses". One of the three mentioned in The Prophecy, he assisted in the defeat of Darktan during the Great Darktonian Pie War, was instrumental in the Nightmare Epic, worked behind the scenes during the Power4U Affair and finally faced off his insane alternate self at the Wikia Catastrophe. It was there that his journeying ended.

During his life, he was part of the Time Agency and was one of the major leaders during the schism, helped Doctor Hickory Dickory Dock while traveling with him, worked as a freelance Bureau of Fiction employee, saved a future city from destruction at the hands of a tyrant, acted as an extra in many stories, among much more.

After his deletion, he was hushed up to stop time travelers from changing his history and classified as a "conspiracy theory". Due to an error by Mayor McFlapp, he was survived by a "son", Christopher Kwiksilver, who was raised by his best friend and protege, Willy the Penguin. As a result, his existence is known to a select few.


Speaker.png Click here to listen to Kwiksilver's theme!

Early Years

The site of Kwiksilver's birth has and always will be unknown due to a blackout at the Bureau of Fiction. This blackout scrambled the records so the "location" section said Shiverpool/South Pole City. With this blackout, the future plans for Kwiksilver's character were lost in the bowels of the massive BoF Hard Drive. But, unknown to Billybob, they were set in motion...

Born to Clicksilver and Congettina Muzino, Kwiksilver was named "James" after looking carefullly through a book of baby names, and "Erasmus" after his grandfather. Kwiksilver's speech developed early and at 3 he could already read, and read the names of shops as he passed them by. He always played make-believe games that included exploring and traveling through time. In school he was an attentive student, getting top marks in everything but Maths. At age 10, he was quoted by a reporter who came to film the school parade:

"It's not like we need to know how to multiply and divide and square root and all that stuff, I mean when will we need it in everyday life? There's calculators everywhere, as long as you know how to add and subtract you're right."

Magma Puffle Attack

Only two months after that interview, Darktan, hearing The Prophecy for the first time, sent a Magma Puffle to be rid of Kwiksilver. His family was eating breakfast at the time, and the Magma Pufle rubbed against their log cabin, lighting it on fire. The dining room wall collapsed in flames, revealing the roaring Magma Puffle. Kwiksilver's father grabbed a fire extinguisher and held the puffle off, giving Kwiksilver's mother time to send Kwiksilver down a hill on a sled. The young Kwiksilver watched from the snow as his house burst into flames. Taking his parents for dead, he gathered what was left of his belongings and ventured out into the world.

He ventured out into the world for a year, investigating different towns and secret places, becoming a backpacker.

For Kwiksilver's year of travels, see Travels and Kwiksilver's Journal

Ninja Training and the Great Darktonian Pie War

On Kwiksilver's travels he made many new friends, some famous, some legendary, and some plain old average. He also obtained a traveling companion, the red puffle Sprocket of Rockhopper Island. Around November 2008, Kwiksilver and Sprocket discovered a secret entrance to the Ninja volcano, Diamond Falls, while playing Cart Surfer. They were brought before Sensei who said that if they could become a ninja in four months he would give them a map to Diamond Falls for future reference. Kwiksilver and Sprocket agreed to these terms.

Sprocket was a natural Ninja and a fast learner, mastering the art of Card-Jitsu in three months. Kwiksilver, due to his unusually large flippers and clumsiness, was a terrible ninja and failed almost every test. With some help from Sprocket and a lot of determination, Kwiksilver finally received his Ninja mask one week before the deadline. Sprocket was offered a position in Sensei's Ninja Squad, but he turned it down in favor of his master. They parted with one hundred Ninja workshop coupons which Sprocket took advantage of later.

Kwiksilver and Sprocket had not heard the news about Darktan or his army during the four months they spent at Diamond Falls. In an alternate timeline, they never heard until it was too late, and a Doomed Kwiksilver was created that lived through a dystopia where Darktan ruled. However, he went back in time and changed the story so that Kwiksilver did hear of it, and the Alpha timeline was restored, and Kwiksilver and Sprocket departed for South Pole City.

When they arrived back at South Pole City, everyone had left for the Pie War. Rushing over to Club Penguin, he bought Herbert's old drill machine and tunelled to the battlefield, arriving seven chapters late. Thanks to a strategy he developed, Kwiksilver disabled the Magma Puffle with the power of Potassium. It was there he coined the now famous term, "I like bananas, bananas are good!". Afterwards, he met Luce in the Kernel's cellar and summoned the ghost of Saint Finwe who commanded Luce to find the last vial of HP Swimming Pool Water (The dew from the Two Trees) to transform into the dragon of light, the Brilliance.

Due to Kwiksilver's clumsiness, the vial spilled over him, The Kernel and Luce who formed to create a Super Brilliance. They defeated the Maledict, Kwiksilver almost dying in the process. In the aftermath of the war, Kwiksilver got the reformed Magma Puffle a job in a milkshake bar and landed a job as a freelance journalist.

The Time Agency

See also: Time Agency#Background

On his first Journo job, Kwiksilver went to do an article at the Eastshield Hope Hospital, where unknown to him an alien fugitive was hiding. An alien race of police, the Judoon abducted the hospital and took it to the moon. They searched the hospital while Kwiksilver, Doctor Hickory Dickory Dock and a nurse from the Lichenblossom Isles, Excess Consumption tried to find the fugitive. Kwiksilver contacted the PASA who sent shuttles to tow the hospital back to earth, which in turn alerted the Time Agency. The Time Agency returned the Judoon to their proper dimension and offered Kwiksilver a job. Kwiksilver accepted happily.

Kwiksilver showed great skill with the Vortex Manipulator, if a little clumsy, and rose quickly through the ranks. Unlike the other Time Agents, he hesitated to touch things while traveling for fear of changing the future while the other agents moved freely. Kwiksilver was liked by everyone, but the Director regarded him as an usurper. In late 2009, Kwiksilver took a week off. Nobody knew where he went or what he did, but the Director suspected he had been training with Doctor Hickory, who the agency was keeping tabs on. Kwiksilver seemed more confident and stronger in both mind and body. He stood up for the young recruits and helped them. The Director became furious that he was more popular.

Finally, the last straw arrived. Kwiksilver had an argument with the Director of the Time Agency. The Director wanted to turn the Time Agency into a private betting agency while Kwiksilver said it wasn't right to change time. The Director classed Kwiksilver as the Time Agency's No.1 most wanted penguin and tried to capture him numerous times. Thankfully though, Kwiksilver evaded capture many times and started recruiting rogue Time Agents.

Schism of the Time Agency

On July 21st, 2010, the Time Agency split down the middle. A group of Time Agents led by Kwiksilver, calling themselves the Rogue Agents, raided the Time Agency and deleted all records on Kwiksilver, Doctor Hickory, and themselves. They blew up part of the HQ and escaped. The Director commanded the few agents faithful to him to recruit more agents. Penguins were plucked off the streets by the Time Agency and trained to use a Deletion Rifle and a Vortex Manipulator. The Government (save five creatures) had no idea what was happening.

And the First Time War began. Rogue Agents fought their former partners in a battle of time and space. Many were deleted, but the remainder of the Rogue Agents fought on. They were fighting an uphill battle and were starting to lose morale, when help appeared. Doctor Hickory, Excess Consumption and one hundred Bureau of Fiction employees stormed the Time Agency HQ in different times, and made a rip in time and space. Everything was sucked into the rip, save the Director and a few of his faithful agents. The insane Director was carted off to Owcatraz with the Agents faithful to him, and Roofus Scribblydor, the second-in-command of the Rogue Agents, became the new Director. The golden age of the Time Agency had begun.

Nightmare Epic

This section is to be written when the plot of the Nightmare Epic is decided.

Dimension Hopping

Kwiksilver discovered the secret to interdimensional travel after the Nightmare Epic in early 2011. His friend, Tails6000, taught him about making portal boxes and Kwiksilver adapted this technology as an attachment for his Vortex Manipulator. Using his PDA and his Vortex, he traveled through dimensions and universes, discovering the network of worlds called Wikia. The numerous Bureaus of Fiction he encountered always gave the penguin some odd job to do. From picking snozzberries to saving whole cities, Kwiksilver completed his tasks, learning much about the culture of universes. He learned various battle moves in Avatar World, shrunk his oversized flippers to the right size, mastered seventeen different martial arts, accidentally created a black hole in the Doctor Who Universe and, among other things, learnt how to make chocolate cake.

Kwiksilver made occasional visits to the Club Penguin Fanon Universe, but was not seen generally by most of the populace, leading to him being thought missing.

Power4U Affair

Kwiksilver was called back to Club Penguin Fanon in 2016 to help out during the Power4U Affair. He was a key part in unraveling the mystery of Also, during the Affair he discovered his old nemesis the Director had been reinstated as Director of the Time Agency. The Director tried to capture Kwiksilver, with Kwik always escaping at the last moment. Finally, Kwiksilver was cornered in Doctor Hickory's TARDIS. The Director opened the Heart of the TARDIS, hoping to become a powerful being so he could defeat Kwiksilver, but the Director was turned into dust as his already fragile mind could not handle the complexity of Time.

Kwiksilver gave the BoF team cover as they tried to deactivate Mr Smith, the evil computer behind Power4U. Stopwatch, a Super Penguin, directed a fatal Time Blast of pure energy at Kwiksilver, which would age him to the point of death. However, Sprocket jumped in front of Kwiksilver at the last second, and absorbed the beam. Sprocket then died in Kwiksilver's arms.

Kwiksilver's anger and rage overcame him, and he froze Stopwatch in time, never to move again. Afterwards, Kwiksilver buried Sprocket on Rockhopper Island and disappeared, not telling anybody where he was going.

Self-Imposed Exile

Before he left, Kwiksilver sneaked into the Bureau of Fiction and into the Department of Research, where he stole an experimental "Universal Fling" device that would catapult the user into a far-off dimension that was in the far reaches of Wikia, an untouched world. Afterwards, he withdrew all his money from his accounts and gathered up what possessions he had, then used the Universal Fling.

Instantly, he found himself in a new world. There was no Bureau of Fiction there yet, as Wikia had not yet moulded the universe for a specific purpose. He accquianted himself with the local town, then built a shack near the coast. He never entered town and had everything delivered. He was known to the town as the "mysterious young man on the beach" and the town generally ignored him.

Sprocket still haunted his memories, but the therapeutic sensation of the beach helped slightly. In his spare time he practiced fighting styles, ran a few experiments and studied criminology. He had no intention of going back to Club Penguin Fanon, however fate had other plans for him...

Wikia Catastrophe and Death

In 2020, Kwiksilver's insane alternate self, Virus, began his conquest of Wikia. A storm was created that rolled through Wikia, weakening the barriers between the worlds and causing all sorts of catastrophes and crises. The Bureau of Fiction realised they couldn't do this alone, and so they called for Kwiksilver. Mayor McFlapp's message was accepted by his PDA, but there was no acknowledgement Kwiksilver had read it. In reality, he had just let it ring and left it alone.

McFlapp suspected Kwiksilver would act in this way, so he sent Willy the Penguin to find him. Will used a new Universal Fling device to search the far areas of the multiverse, asking at local bars. Eventually he got lucky and was lead to Kwiksilver's front door.

At first Kwiksilver resisted. He was convinced that people kept dying for him, but Willy set him straight and convinced him to come back. They fought valiantly in the Wikia Catastophe before meeting up back at the Holy Wikia.

The team sacrificed themselves getting into the Wikia Control Room, from where Virus was using the Deletion Cannon to destroy every universe. By the time Kwiksilver reached the Control Room, the wave had destroyed everything but Wikia and swamped him. Willy the Penguin, in a moment of bravery, went through extreme pain and swam through the Deletion Wave to revive Kwiksilver. They shared a tearful farewell before Willy was deleted and Kwiksilver went to die.

Kwiksilver and Virus fought in the control room, but since they were of equal skill and strength they could not beat one another. Eventually, Kwiksilver managed to hotwire the Deletion Cannon so it would delete all existing articles and undelete all unexisting articles, but that meant they would both be deleted. Virus tempted Kwiksilver with the promise of bringing back his loved ones, but in the end Kwiksilver decided to save his friends and pressed the button. He was erased from existence and the whole multiverse sprang back exactly how it was.


Kwiksilver, being a Backpacker, always gets itchy feet if he stays in one place for too long. As a result, he has rarely kept a job for more than one month. Here's a list of jobs he kept for two months or more, not including freelance, where he's been a reporter, astronaut, Bureau of Fiction worker, actor, and more.

  • Delegate: Kwiksilver was the delegate for Weddell on the South Pole Council, where he was an active member until after the Nightmare Epic, when he resigned to go Universe Hopping.
  • Time Agent: He is in one of the branches. He is good friends with The Doctor, which was one of the reasons he got the job. As he's never resigned, he still receives paychecks from them even though he rarely comes in to work.


In his life, Kwiksilver has developed many friends, enemies and loves. Here are just a few of them.


  • Sprocket - Kwiksilver's first and best friend, Sprocket met Kwiksilver on Rockhopper Island and they became instant friends. Since then, they have developed one of the closest puffle-penguin bonds in existence.
  • Willy the Penguin - Willy attended elementary school with Kwiksilver but did not meet him again until the Great Darktonian Pie War. Since then, they have become "Blood Brothers" and defend each other fiercely. After Kwiksilver's death in 2020, Willy takes on his role as the saviour of Antarctica and the multiverse and brings up Kwik's "son", Christopher Kwiksilver.
  • Tails6000 - Kwiksilver met Tails during the Pie War and the two have become friendly competitors, and good friends.
  • Speeddasher - Kwik met the moody ninja through Tails and they are friends, even though Kwik gets on Speed's nerves sometimes. (who doesn't?)
  • Ninjinian - One of Ninjinian's policemen arrested Kwiksilver for unauthorised entry into UnitedTerra. Once Kwiksilver had explained the death of his parents and his reason for traveling, they became good friends. Later Kwiksilver became UnitedTerra's represenative in the SPC when Ninj was absent.
  • Professor Bentoling - Mentor, good friend and master of technology, Alice G. Bentoling met Kwiksilver during his horrible holiday and has since become his go-to person for all things science.
  • Roller Chain- one of Sprocket's older brothers, and carpenter. He is close to Sprocket and enjoys listening about his adventures with Kwiksilver. Roller Chain thinks Kwiksilver is cool and Kwik likes him back.


  • Daniel Specter - After Daniel and Kwiksilver accidentally attacked each other during Kwik's horrible holiday, each refuses to forgive the other due to their stubborn natures. They generally avoid each other. Daniel is the main reason Kwiksilver doesn't use the Ghost Dimension much.
  • Nightmare - Sure, Nightmare's the enemy of everybody, but he especially hates Kwiksilver. The reason for this is due to his defeat 1000 years ago at the hands of Kwiksilver and his ancestor Marcus.


In this order.

  • Shiverpool, Antarctica- He wanted to visit the site of his supposed birth.
  • Darktonian Realm- He wanted to investigate Darktan, but was chased off by Lava Puffles and some Doom Knights. He was happy it wasn't a Magma Puffle... becuase they killed his parents
  • Club Penguin Island- He received his Banana Blaster from G, then took a spin in the Hydro Hopper Boat. A storm came and blew him out to sea.
  • Rockhopper Island-Famished and weak, he drifted onto Rockhopper Island, where he found Sprocket and stocked up on food before setting out again.
  • Gentoo Island- He went to Gentoo Island and volunteered for the PASA space project. Discovered Puffle Tribe of the North
  • 90-150 Ice Shelf- A fierce storm destroyed the boat and he took refuge from the storm on the Ice Shelf with Sprocket.Kwiksilver and Sprocket trekked through here to get back to civilization.
  • GourdZoid-Kwiksilver and Sprocket were found collapsed on the side of the mountain. They were brought here and fed. Kwiksilver was given a new boat which he sailed down the mountains with.
  • South Pole City- Were fished out of the river when the boat crashed AGAIN.
  • Ban Island- Using the Club Penguin Fanon Wiki, he discovered the location of Ban Island. He went there with Sprocket and came back feeling sick with fever. Nobody knows why.
  • Diamond Falls- Accidently discovered while playing Cart Surfer. Stayed for four months training as a ninja.
  • The Moon Mission- Went to the moon with Explorer. Sprocket did not come.
  • The Great Darktonian Pie War- Combined with Luce and The Kernel to form a Super Brilliance and helped defeat the Magma Puffle, giving the side of good a huge advantage.
Kwiksilver's travels until South Pole City. (orange line)

Ghost Dimension

Kwiksilver, as an illegal time traveller not affliated with the Government, takes great benefits out of the Ghost Dimension. He can enter with his Vortex Manipulator, travel around with various tools, and exit through a portal to another time or place. Kwiksilver does this frequently, and is trying to develop a Map of the Ghost Dimension for even easier time travel.

For more, please see Kwiksilver's Horrible Holiday.


These are items Kwiksilver uses or owns.

Currently not in possession

  • Banana Blaster - Originally Kwiksilver's weapon of choice. It was eventually duplicated to become one of the main weapons used for Antarctica's military.
  • Psychic Paper - Often used to fool others into thinking Kwiksilver is somebody of a high-ranking position. Used to enter areas.
  • Kwiksilver's Journal - Kwiksilver used to write a journal, but he got lazy. Journal fragments are sometimes found in random places through antartica.

In Posession



  • Early in life, his weapon of choice was the Banana Blaster. However, after meeting Doctor Hickory, he was influenced by the good Doctor's hate for guns, so he left it in the TARDIS. He now uses High Penguin fighting styles or a diplomatic solution to get out of a tricky situation.
    • An exception to Kwiksilver's anti-gunness is when he absolutely has to use a weapon.
  • When exposed to very well drawn grass Kwiksilver goes into a Phreaker Mode not unlike Explorer's. This usually lasts for about three minutes.
  • He had a Journal, but during his travels it kept falling apart. It was abandoned after the Great Darktonian Pie War and now sits in Mayor McFlapp's office.
  • He has a X Antibody, KwikXilver.
  • Kwiksilver likes bananas. Bananas are good.
  • He was born on August 20, making him a candidate for defeating Darktan. In fact, he was part of the Brilliance dragon that defeated the Maledict in the last day of the Great Darktonian Pie War.
  • He had very slow reflexes. During his Dimension Hopping, Kwiksilver improved his coordination massively.
  • Kwiksilver never, EVER takes off his beanie, unless on a solemn occasion, such as Billy Mays' Funeral.
    • He keeps his beanie on because in fact he has real hair, uncommon among penguins.
  • Although Kwiksilver once worked as a freelance researcher for the Bureau of Fiction, he cannot break the Fourth Wall. He is aware of it, though.
  • Kwiksilver has a protege, Willy the Penguin, and they are traveling partners. Willy often helps or aids Kwiksilver, almost always getting him out of some tricky situation.
  • Later in his life Kwiksilver's short temper erupted often. He was known to act on impulse, and lose himself in his anger. He managed to tame this before the Wikia Catastrophe began.
    • Kwiksilver's short temper was inherited by his son, although it was rarely seen. In the year 3000, a descendant of Kwiksilver has become a terrible tyrant due to his temper.

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