Kwiksilver's PDA

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The Mystical PDA
Kwiksilver's PDA image.jpg
The PDA in all its glory. This is an outdated version of the OS it is running.
Type PDA
Effects Narration, Organizing.
Source ZapWire
Location Kwiksilver's Pocket
Cost to buy One of a kind
Cost to sell Are you kidding?

Kwiksilver's PDA is Kwiksilver's main electrical device. He writes all his articles on it, organizes his life, and writes stories which instantly come true.

It replaces his laptop, which was crushed by Winston after a large hug.


After the accidental destroying of his laptop, Kwiksilver needed another device on which to write his articles. He found an old PDA in a rubbish bin and gave it to ZapWire to fix. ZapWire added several new features, including a wireless connection to the Narrator's Organ, which Kwiksilver frequently uses to the dismay of Mayor McFlapp. The PDA runs ZapWire's favourite OS, Penguin OS, but with a mobile-friendly UI which the Sapie Brothers say looks like Palm OS.

It is white and rectangular, with four buttons on the bottom.

Its many features include an Electronic Thumb, an unreliable Vortex Manipulator, a sonic emitter and cupholders.



  • Director Benny does not approve of it.
  • Kwiksilver is unaware that the PDA is linked to the Narrator's Organ, which makes things all the worse.
  • Mayor McFlapp had this to say:
  • After this, ZapWire was followed by a hail of shoes for thirty-six hours. However, he brought organ-proof umbrellas.
  • There is a lock on the PDA, so despite their many attempts, neither Mayor McFlapp or Director Benny cannot delete it.