Kyle Wish

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Kyle Wish
Title Mr.
Gender Male
Race High Penguin
Faction Flywish's Army
Health Deceased
Level N\A
Status Deceased
Location Wish Graveyard

Kyle Wish (1983-2010) was Flywish's younger brother. He was in Flywish's Army until his assassination in 2010.


Kyle was born many years after Flywish. He always saw what Flywish was doing. He helped Flywish with the whole Mwa Mwa Penguin thing. He once followed Flywish's steps every time. He sees Flywish as a role model for him. He once wrote a report about how great his brother was too. Flywish always babysat Kyle as a chick. After Flywish moved out of his house Kyle went along with him. When Flywish bought his mansion, Kyle moved in with him too. He was assassinated in 2010 by Ivan Williams


His is a catalyst for Flywish's violent rage. He was planning to be a businessman before his untimely death and was thinking about buying Jeff Xinston's bar from him.


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