Kyle X

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Kyle X
Title Kyle's X antibody
Gender Male
Race X Antibodies
Faction Flywish's Army
Health Good!
Level 45
Status Helping Flywish and Kyle
Location Flywish's Base

Kyle X is the X Antibody of Kyle. He is luckily not evil.


One day Agent X bit Kyle. Then Flywish injured Agent X and he almost got paralyzed for 20 years. When they got to the hospital Kyle woke up and coughed Kyle X out. Then Kyle X asked to help them destroy their enemies. He can't be hurt because of how fast he is, just 1 mile slower then Speeddasher. Later he met Xorai helping Corai (SHOCK SHOCK SHOCK) figure out how to make a wrench to stop rusting, Kyle X (Unkowlingy that xorai was being GOOD for once) attacked Xorai and Corai (Thinking Corai is evil as well). Flywish stopped him. Now Kyle X knows that Corai is a ally. He also is really good at weaponry. He is a deletion hitman for Flywish. Whenever Flywish is hunting someone for any reason, he calls Kyle X to try and fire a deletion missile at them secretly. He rarely fails at this.


He is very powerful and is an Elite Minion of Flywish's Army.

Kyle X used his deletion missiles to evade being captured during the Nightmare Epic. The X-Antibody after him was unfortunately not Xplorer or KwikXilver, however, so not much harm was done to Nightmare's Army.


  • He despises WishFlyX and Agent X.
  • Director Zenny is friends with him.
  • He wishes he had met some deceased characters.
  • He and Kyle work well together on many levels. Pretty much like Radal and Radal X
  • He earned the nickname "Hitman" due to his deletion sniper technique

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