L'île de la Puissance

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L'île de la Puissance
Their Flag
National name L'île de la Puissance
The Island of the Power
Country ShopsIslandFlag2013.png Shops Island
Bar Crabin flag.png Bar Crab City
Capital city N/A
Largest city N/A
Formation 2013
Inhabitants Penguins, Crabs
Other info
Population 500
Leader Lavender
Location South of Bar Crab City
Alliances Other Shopper territories
Neighbours Bar Crab City

We fart in your general direction!
— The island's motto.

L'île de la Puissance, or The Island of the Power in English, is a Shopper military base located south of Bar Crab City. It was constructed in Bar Crabian waters after a treaty was signed between the two countries, allowing Shops to do so.


Plans were first laid out for L'île de la Pusissance in late November 2013, amid growing tensions with Shops' former ally, Snowiny. Shops had become intent on pressuring Snowiny out of going to war with Ed Island over their independence. Another island in the Yowien Sea, much closer to Snowiny, would mean that Shops would have the Snowinians surrounded from all corners.

The Shoppers signed a deal with Bar Crab City, allowing Shops to build a military base in Bar Crabian waters. By early December, an island had risen out of the water and was under development for suitable military use. The inclusion of L'île de la Puissance was a very controversial move for Shops Island, and it weakened Shopper-Snowinian relations even further.


The small and artificial island serves as a popular naval and aerial SIA base for operations in the southern Yowien Sea and areas around Club Penguin and Snowiny. To intimidate the Snowinians, the Shoppers have gone as far as placing anti-aircraft missile launchers on the island. Bar Crab City also has some control over the island, in accordance with the treaty. The island has accommodations for around five hundred soldiers, most of which are only stationed there for short periods of time.

As L'Île de la Pusissance is one of Shops' only two realms in the Yowien Sea, and also considering that it is a fairly small and isolated base, it has often come under "attack" and has been repeatedly threatened by many villains, including pirates and Yowien nationalists. However, instead of attacking in likewise fashion as is normal Shopper tradition, the Shoppers and Bar Crabians rather have lots of fun taunting and teasing whichever foreign enemies arrive at the doorstep. This taunting (especially due to Francterran influence) can be so harsh and soul-crushing that most opponents leave before a single shot is fired. If diplomatic talks fail, the Shoppers and Bar Crabians tend to dump their waste and garbage on their stubborn enemies.


L'île de la Puissance has a very creole culture to it. Their main language is French, though both the Shoppers and Bar Crabians speak English. The French language became common on the island due to Frankterran influence in the Yowien Sea. Crab culture is also quite common on the island. The Bar Crabians, as part of the agreement with Shops, have made seafood illegal in respect to their inhabitants, making the island's residents eat a diet usually consisting of sea plants (such as seaweed) and baked products (bread, pizza, etc.).


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