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The Low Altitude Troop Transport Unit
LAATTU Closed.png
The LATTU with its side doors closed and landing gears up.
Vital statistics
Full name LATTU
Role Military Transport, Assault Unit
National origin Snowzerland
Manufacturer RDA
First flight 2010
Introduced 2010
Status Active Military Transport, Assault Unit
Primary users RDA Trooper, Snoss Army
Number built Unknown
Program cost Unknown
Unit cost 10,000 Coins
Developed from MEAP
Developed into

The Low Altitude Troop Transport Unit, or more commonly called the LATTU for short, is a small military transport airship. It can hold a capacity of 20 Soldiers for the biggest models, plus three Pilots. (One to navigate and two to man the two side turrets) They're Slightly smaller than a MEAP and can go at a maximum of 110 Miles per hour.


The LATTU was introduced the same time the RDA Trooper was in 2010. Kaiser Swiss Ninja was the one who came up with the idea and design of the aircraft, and mass production for the new clone army began.


The LATTU's Basic function is to transport Troops and Supplies to their destination. It can also be an assault unit since it has two side cannons that where originally made for Self Defense. It has two large moving doors on both sides that can be raised up by the pilot, and make boarding and leaving the aircraft more efficient. For Landing, most of them use landing gears, but some can use hovercraft technology. It also can have a minimum crew of 1 Penguin, and the Maximum of 3 for manning the side cannons. The Transport can carry a capacity of about 20 Soldiers, with Five in each row. In the Cabin, there is no seats since they are also used for cargo and soldiers must usually stand, and the only support could be from cargo crates or from the handles on the giant moving side doors. The back of the cabin also has a large Snoss-issued radio that is used for communication with other RDA troops and Snoss regular troops; the radio in the cockpit area only uses air traffic frequencies.

Pros and Cons[edit]


  • Is very silent and does not make any loud sounds.
  • It is small and is about 50 Feet long. It can easily land just about anywhere.
  • It can act as a mobile military command post if necessary.


  • It is rather slow for its size since it can only go 110 mph as it's maximum speed.
  • It has no cannons in the back so its back end is defenseless.
  • It can only fly at a maximum altitude of 2,800 feet.



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