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The licence disguised as a normal coin.
Type Special licence
Effects Allows you to keep an OxiPie Flamethrower, anything in the Copier Gang equipment.
Source Copier Guy's Igloo
Location In the igloos of the Copier Gang
Cost to buy Free if joining, 900000 coins if buying second-hand.
Cost to sell Free if being returned.

The LICENSE TO BE ANNOYING is a license allowing you to keep anything in the Copier Gang. It was invented by Copier Guy in the year he invented the Copier Gang. If you give up the gang, you have multiple choices - one can decide to keep it and try to break it in half return it to Copier Guy; or sell it at a large price to an unsuspecting penguin, as a supposedly "rare coin" that comes from Rockhopper Island. It is part of the Copier Gang logo, due to its iconic-ness and (to Copier Guy) awesomeness. It is mostly used for identification by Copier Guy, to check if the penguin wielding the coin is a fraud or a genuine member of the Copier Gang.


When Copier Guy invented the idea of the Copier Gang, he wanted something that could prove a penguin was a member from the gang. He first thought of a badge, but if somebody joined that didn't want to wear clothes, then that would be useless. He thought this over for many days and nights, when he then had an idea to manufacture plastic toys that look exactly like coins.(Copier Gang, toys copying coins, get the joke?) On the final day of March that year, he somehow got the rights to get a toy company to manufacture the coins for him (rumour has it that he very successfully pretended the manager of the toy company).

Manufacturing began immediately, and by the time the workers went home, over 5,000 coins had been made. However, on the very next day, it was April 1st and it was soon revealed that Copier Guy had broke in during the night and had stolen the machine to make the toy coins, and the recipe to create the type of plastic. Copier Guy had tricked them all along. The real manager then fired the guards for not noticing Copier Guy sneaking in and out, and the factory closed down for a month to try and regain profits. Soon, over fifty million licenses more were created, before Copier Guy got the creating machine demolished in a building site, and the recipe hidden away in a demolished car that ended up being crushed, never to be retrieved again.


The coin looks genuine, and can fool anybody but the members of the gang themselves. These are the ways of itdentifying it, but nobody has yet put it into practice. The coin is made of plastic with injected metal, making it -

  • 40% Plastic
    This lucky penguin has cracked open his license, and reveals a picture of a squid.
  • 50% Metal
  • 9% Paper and Ink
  • 0.50% Copy
  • 0.25% Annoying
  • 0.25% Glue.

Basically, this is just a fake coin, made of half-metal (to make it feel genuine) half-plastic (for reasons of money) and has a touch of annoyingness about it. If viewed with a very powerful microscope, a penguin can just see the letters MANUFACTURED BY COPIER GUY. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED on the sides.

However, even though it is part metal, it is not durable. When it is (rarely) cracked open, it strangely either reveals a picture of a king, or a penguin in a squid costume, along with a bunch of nonsensical numbers below it. This has confused the wielders who have cracked open their license, and have never got a proper answer from Copier Guy.


Even though it is actually not durable, it has many uses. Here are three of the many uses -

  • Gain an OxiPie Flamethrower: Due to its danger and scarcity (after all, the Copier Gang manufactures them for its members!), the flamethrower cannot be given to any penguin you see on the highway - they must first prove they are an ally to Copier Guy.
  • Be a member of the Copier Gang: To get a licence, you need to join the Copier Gang. Simple!
  • Show your loyalty to Copier Guy: To find a penguin who may be pretending to be a member, this can prove that (s)he is a member of his gang - and Copier Guy is fierce to traitors and copycats!

Other than this, there are actually...not many other things to do with this coin, except for attempting to split it in half or as toys.


  • Old Long Sign
  • Ald Lang Roccian
  • The Subtractor
  • Add more!


  • Although it looks like a genuine coin, this can be easily created at home, with the right ingredients and equipment.
  • Secretly, Cap'n Imitate thinks this is pointless and believes a secret code given when somebody joins would be better.
  • The above fact is proof that this is, in fact, useless.