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Let the crumbs fly!
Alias Donut Dood
Born Lm34gt45
May 19, 1997 (1997-05-19) (age 22)
ColonialAntarcticaFlag.png South Pole City, Colonial Antarctica
Species Penguin
Gender Male
Weight Too fat
Residence Dessert Zone
ShopsIslandFlag2013.png Shops Island
Citizenship ShopsIslandFlag2013.png Shops Island
Parents KMGT
Political Career
Governor of Southern Shops
April 6, 2012 – August 20, 2012
President Chill57181
Vice President Mario Arkay
Director of the Shopper Intelligence Agency
April 2012 – Present
President Chill57181 (April 2012-September 7, 2012)
Bro (September 8, 2012-November 30, 2012)
Mario Arkay (December 1, 2012-February 1, 2013)
Lavender (February 2, 2013-present)
Vice President Mario Arkay (April 2012-November 30, 2012)
Chill57181 (December 1, 2013-present)
Director of the Weapons and Artillery Bureau
March 2013 – Present
President Lavender
Vice President Chill57181
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LMGT, also known by his nickname Donut Dood, is a gluttonous, obese, fun-loving, and kind penguin. His love of cars and food is inexplicable. He is usually found at his home thinking up new recipes, but half of them just don't work out, and taste absolutely disgusting. It is thought that if LMGT jumps, the Richter Scale will break. Thus, penguins try not to get him too excited.


Early life[edit]

LMGT hatched on May 19, 1997, to his parents KMGT and PMGT in South Pole City. At the time, his father KMGT ran his own "Eating School", a concept that always fascinated LMGT. LMGT went on to go to an average school, where he would become friends with Chill and Penquino, who remain his best friends to this day.

One day in 2007, LMGT decided to visit his father's school, and realized it wasn't for teaching birds how to eat, but it was a culinary school! He peeked inside and found stacks of food and cookware, so he rushed in to find out what was going on. His dad wasn't very pleased by the sudden entrance, so he sent LMGT away. LMGT was so angry that he left home. He went with his cousin in his cousin's Snowborghini, and was fascinated by the looks and speed of the car.

Life on Club Penguin[edit]

He was later contacted by his old friends Chill and Penquino, who had both moved to Club Penguin Island in 2008, and he decided to move there to start a new life for himself. During the April Fools' Day Party in 2009, access to the Box Dimension was opened to the public for the first time. While exploring it, he stumbled off the edge and fell into a box that lead to the Dessert Zone. At first he thought he died and went to heaven, but then realized he was in a dimension made entirely out of desserts! LMGT later discovered a portal back to Club Penguin, and moved all of his things out of his igloo and into the Dessert Zone. He also managed to find another box portal leading to the Dessert Zone, so he could go back and forth between Club Penguin and the Dessert Zone whenever he wanted.

LMGT later ventured deeper into the Dessert Zone to find out just what was out there. One of the things he discovered were the giant Cheesecracker Puffles.

In late May, LMGT went with Chill and Penquino on an expedition out of boredom, sailing aimlessly hoping to find something interesting. Shortly after, they landed on a small desolate island, which Chill decided to claim for himself and named Freezonia. The three began building settlements, but eventually got bored and decided to return to Club Penguin.

Shops Island and SIA career[edit]

In March 2011, LMGT visited Chill on Shops Island with Penquino. In July, he sold his igloo on Club Penguin and bought a small home on Shops Island to store his Dessert Zone portal in. He also decided to start his own mall, simply called LMGT's Mall.

In March 2012, LMGT created the Shopper Intelligence Agency after being hassled out of his donuts, with support from Chill, although the "official" reason was for protection against Herbert P. Bear, and began serving as director of the agency.

Later that year, his parents, in an emotional event, finally found LMGT in the Dessert Zone. PMGT and KMGT burst into tears. LMGT said it was fine if he stayed with them, but he said that it had to be in the Dessert Zone.

LMGT was briefly appointed acting president of Shops Island in December 2018 following an assassination attempt on Lavender, after Chill refused because he had been acting president a few weeks earlier.


LMGT continued to serve as the Director of the SIA until 2025, when the United States of Shops Island, lead by Chill and Penquino, seceded from Shops Island following Djf's seizure of power and execution of Bro. LMGT supported the secession, though he knew the SIA would most likely side with Djf. Fearing death if he resigned, LMGT instead decided to fake his death, and met up with Chill and Penquino in Vonkouver to join them. Throughout the Shops Civil War, LMGT served as one of the USSI's leaders, and also received keysaber training from Penquino.

After the war ended, LMGT moved to Chill Island, although he spent the majority of his time in the Dessert Zone, traveling between the two using his box portal.


  • Secret Agent - Since its inception, LMGT has served as the Director of the Shopper Intelligence Agency.
  • Musical Artist - LMGT was an early member of The KD Band, but left after they made the decision to go professional to devote more time to other things.


Personal life[edit]


In his free time, LMGT enjoys exploring Shops Island, visiting the many restaurants and participating in food-related parties.


LMGT will eat nearly anything edible he can find. His favorite food by far is donuts, which he is often seen either eating or with donut crumbs on his beak. He also loves pie, cake, cookies, ice cream, Pop-Tarts, and basically any other dessert. The only food LMGT won't eat is spam lamb, his biggest fear. If he smells even the slightest scent of it, he will immediately flee.


LMGT's dreams always involve food, with no exceptions. Even if food isn't the subject of LMGT's dream, random objects will often be replaced with food. There are also recurring characters who appear in LMGT's dreams that he has befriended; Hero, a jam-filled donut who is LMGT's best friend in his dreams. LMGT met him in a dream where he saved Hero from getting eaten in a donut shop, and taught him how to save himself from being eaten, which he later came to regret as Hero now uses these strategies to avoid being eaten by LMGT. His other friend is Icey, an iced donut who has a couple of attacking tricks up her sleeve, which she uses when LMGT tries to eat her. LMGT and Icey originally met in a dream involving the Dessert Zone.


Best friends[edit]

He has many "best" friends, but 4 of his best friends are:

  • Chicken Fry - He was born on April 13, 1992. He hid in the Snowborghini and went to the Candy Dimension. He loves chicken nuggets. His older name was RantnRave but he renamed himself after permission from his parents.
  • Flaver - He was born on February 24, 1996. This nutty friend found where LMGT was by clicking on the "find" button of LMGT's penguin card. He is VERY particular about the food he eats, unlike LMGT.
  • Paganee - She was born on December 12, 1993. She also went to the Candy Dimension with LMGT and Chicken Fry by hiding somewhere in the Snowborghini. She and her parents are car fanatics, thus her name is Paganee, a play on the car manufacturer's name, Pagani.
  • Chill57181 - He's LMGT's best and closest friend.

Other friends[edit]

These are LMGT's other penguin friends, mostly from Shops Island.

  • Mario Arkay- An awesome friend!
  • Penquino- Another awesome friend of his, who happens to be an eggnog glutton.
  • Bro- He often gives LMGT weight-loss donuts, in an attempt to help him lose weight.




  • One thing's for sure, he hasn't gotten fat because of eating Fat Weed. It's just the mountain of donuts he eats everyday. Although, he'd be glad to eat Fat Weed.
  • LMGT's name comes from the names of cars. LM comes from the LM in McLaren F1 LM and the GT from the GT in Mustang GT and GTs in so many other cars.
  • He owns a second home, and a mall on Shops Island, which he visits for the restaurants, and parties that involve food.
  • LMGT is forbidden from coming anywhere within 100 miles away from Doughnut Island, because the government is afraid he'll try to eat it (the island itself).

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