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Lm34gt45: The nuttiest donut lover to ever shake the earth!
Let the crumbs fly!
Title Donut Dood
Gender Male
Race Excessive Donut Eater
Faction The Fatties
Health Way overweight
Level 300000000 (0 without his stomach)
Status Too fat
Location Dessert Zone

LMGT (AKA Donut Dood) is an obese, fun-loving, and kind penguin. He is a glutton. His love of cars and food is inexplicable. He is usually found at his home thinking up new recipes, but half of them just don't work out, and taste abseloutely disgusting. It is thought that if LMGT jumps, the Richter Scale will break. Thus, penguins try not to get LMGT excited.

He's also Commander-In-Chief and founder + officiator of the SIA and the WAB. He created the agency after he got hassled out of all his donuts, and with support of one of his friends, Chill57181, he created the agency and it took off.

His life[edit]


2nd Governor of Southern Shops
In office
April 6, 2012 – August 20, 2012
President Chill57181
Vice President Mario Rk
Preceded by Penquino von Cp kid
Succeeded by Penquino von Cp kid

1st Director of the Shops Intelligence Agency
In office
April 2012 – incumbent
President Chill57181 (until September 2012)
Bro (Sept.-Nov. 2012)
Mario Rk (Nov. 2012-Feb. 2013)
Lavender (starting February 2013)
Vice President Mario Rk (until November 2012)
Chill57181 (starting February 2013)
Preceded by None

1st Director of the Weapons and Artillery Bureau
In office
March 2013 – incumbent
President Lavender
Vice President Chill57181
Preceded by None

He was born on 19 May, 1990, to his parents KMGT and PMGT. KMGT used to run his own 'Eating School', and LMGT was fascinated by his father's job. Of course, this wasn't teaching birds how to eat. It was a culinary school! One fine day, he peeked into his father's school and found a stacks of food and cookware, so he rushed inside to find out what was going on. His dad wasn't very pleased by the sudden entrance, so he sent LMGT away. LMGT was so angry that he left home. He went with his cousin in his cousin's Snowborghini, and was fascinated by the looks and speed of the car. LMGT found and lived in the Dessert Zone from that day on.

Years later, his parents, in an emotional event, finally found LMGT. PMGT and KMGT burst into tears. LMGT said it was fine if he stayed with them, but he said that it had to be in the Candy Dimension. He now lives with his parents in the Candy Dimension.

Relationships with seemingly inanimate objects, but aren't[edit]

The things mentioned here only appear in LMGT's dreams.

  • Hero - LMGT's best friend. He's a jam filled donut and can whack LMGT hard if LMGT tries to eat him. LMGT saved him from getting eaten in a donut shop. LMGT also taught him how to save himself from getting eaten (which he now regrets).
  • Icey - Another best friend of LMGT. She has a couple of attacking tricks up her sleeve, and they usually come into use when LMGT tries to eat her. He found her in the Candy Dimension.

Penguin friends[edit]

Best friends[edit]

He has many "best" friends, but 3 of his best friends are:

  • Chicken Fry - He was born on 13 April, 1985. He hid in the Snowborghini and went to the Candy Dimension. He loves chicken nuggets. His older name was RantnRave but he renamed himself after permission from his parents.
  • Flaver - He was born on 24 February 1989. This nutty friend found where LMGT was by clicking on the "find" button of LMGT's penguin card. He is VERY particular about the food he eats, unlike LMGT.
  • Paganee - She was born on 12 December 1986. She also went to the Candy Dimension with LMGT and Chicken Fry by hiding somewhere in the Snowborghini. She and her parents are car fanatics, thus her name is Paganee, a play on the car manufacturer's name, Pagani.
  • Chill57181 - He's LMGT's best and closest friend.

Other friends[edit]

These are LMGT's other penguin friends, mostly from Shops Island.

  • Mario Rk- An awesome friend!
  • Penquino- Another awesome friend of his, who happens to be an eggnog glutton.
  • Bro- He often gives LMGT poison donuts, in an attempt to help him loose weight.


  • One thing's for sure, he hasn't gotten fat because of eating Fat Weed. It's just the mountain of donuts he eats everyday. Although, he'd be glad to eat Fat Weed.
  • LMGT's name comes from the names of cars. LM comes from the LM in McLaren F1 LM and the GT from the GT in Mustang GT and GTs in so many other cars.
  • He owns a second home, and a mall on Shops Island, which he visits for the restaraunts, and parties that involve food.
  • His biggest fear is spam lamb. If he smells even a bit of it, he can run away from his place forever.

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