La Tierra

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La Tierra
La Tierra Title.png
The Logo.
Type Newspaper
Effects Informs readers on current events locally and internationally.
Source Newspaper Stands, Stores, Printing Press
Location Found all over the Castillan Mainland and all of it's colonies
Cost to buy 5 coins.
Cost to sell 5 coins.

La Tierra, which is translated as The Land in Spanish, is the national newspaper of Castilla and it's colonies. The newspaper used to be government owned, but it is now a joint-stock company, with the government owning 35% of its shares. The Castillan constitution has forbidden the newspaper from showing partisan or governmental bias unless both sides of the issue are addressed.


La Tierra was founded in the year of 1754 by the mayor to be the city of Metido's official newspaper. At first, it was just a small pamphlet that had a couple columns of local stories, some ads, and had a list of events that were to occur. In 1812, the King of Castilla decided that the giant Castillan Empire needed a national newspaper that would be used by all the colonies, and La Tierra was chosen to be the empire's national newspaper. Until 1913, La Tierra only displayed domestic news. International News was not introduced until the Khanzem War began. However, right after the war ended in 1918, the Dictator of Castilla known as Franco banned La Tierra from being published. It was not until several years after he died and the constitutional monarchy was re-established that La Tierra was re-established in 1975. Ever since, the newspaper has prospered and is still doing well today. La Tierra has been voted the number one newspaper for all Spanish speaking Penguins and Puffles for many decades and for decades to come. La Tierra is praised for it's trustworthy and informing articles.


A typical printing of La Tierra has several sections that cover ceartain topics. Here they are:

El País[edit]

El Pais translates into "The Country (or Nation)" in Spanish. This section of the newspaper covers national news that deals with the home nation and it's colonies.

El Continente[edit]

El Continente, which is Spanish for "The Continent", is the International News section of the newspaper and covers what is happening in the rest of the Ninja Archipelago and Antarctica.

La Economía[edit]

La Economia translates into "The Economy". This shows the latest status of the National and International economy, it's stocks, and the status on other companies.

Los Artes[edit]

Los Artes translates into "The Arts" and informs readers on new art that is being premiered in museums, or concerts or plays that are being held. Sometimes there are articles about famous artists and musicians and such.

Los Deportes[edit]

Los Deportes, which translates into "The Sports" covers all national and international sports activities currently going on.

Las Películas[edit]

Las Peliculas translates into "The Movies", which gives discriptions and reviews of the newest movies being currently shown in theaters.

La Comida[edit]

La Comida translates into "The Food", which is a well known section that displays hot new cooking recipies, and most of all, this is where many restaurants are rated and criticized.

Las Tiras Comicas (sólo Los Domingos)[edit]

Las Tiras Comicas, translated as "The Funny Strips", are the Comic Strips of the Newspaper that are only printed on Sundays.


  • This is the parody of the Spanish newspaper, El País, which is Spanish for "The Country".
  • La Tierra is the best selling Spanish-language Newspaper in all of Antarctica.
  • La Tierra offers some English language publications only on its website.

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