Label von Injoface

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Label von Injoface
Title The older sister of Rick.
Gender Female
Race White Puffle
Faction von Injoface
Health High
Level Medium
Status Alive
Location Wherever Mabel is, so she can make fun of her.

Label von Injoface is the sister of Rick von Injoface. She hates her brother's pranks and is very vain. She enjoys flirting with younger male puffles, and is called a "cougar" because of this. She is basically a female version of Disco Puffle minus the 70's look and bad grammar.


Label was born thirty years before Mabel XVII died, 5 years before her sister Mandy von Injoface, and 22 years before her brother Rick. She always wanted to be pretty, so she wore lots of makeup to get the attention of boys.

Her parents loved her very much and gave her makeup and clothes she asked for. However, when she was 22, her parents had another child. They couldn't spend as much time with her as they could before. To make matters worse, the child started to prank the family when he grew older, which drove them crazy. When he hid her makeup on a very important date, she finally snapped. She furiously left her home and family and was adopted by a penguin who dresses weirdly.


Label von Injoface is the older sister in of Rick. She wears contact lenses and a lot of makeup (which she buys from Emily). She claims to be Emily's friend, but Emily doesn't particularly like her. Emily is disgusted by Label, because even though they both try to be popular, Label only uses her looks while Emily uses talent, wealth, and wits as well. The only reason Emily keeps her close is because Label buys lots of makeup from her, which ironically is another reason Emily detests Label (she thinks Label uses too much makeup).

One thing she does have in common with Emily is that they both enjoy aggravating Mabel.

She currently has a career in making record labels for music bands, including the Furry Flats and the Awesome Drama Orchestra.

She enjoys flirting with younger puffles and sometimes older puffles, like Disco Puffle, although he usually flirts with girls around his own age. Label is more successful in getting dates. Many puffles consider her attractive.


  • She is very aggressive, especially to Mabel.
  • She belongs to Katie Finn
  • When she's mad, she shouts: Œ„‰ÂÊÁËÈØ∏ÅÍÎÏÌÓÔÔÓÌÏÌÓÔÒ…Æ«‘≠–ºª•¶§∞¢#“‘«Æ…÷`ÛÙÇ◊ıˆ˜≤≥<math>I HATE YOU!!</math>!!!!
  • Her brother pranks her. A lot.
  • She starred in many commercials as a child.
  • Slendar is scared of her because of her huge, magnified eyes.
  • her father is proud of her, mainly because she was in commercials.

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