Lago di Lario

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Lago di Lario
File-Lago di Lario.png
The Town of Bellegione in the distance.
Lago di Lario Map.png
The Detailed Map of the Lake and it's cities.
Key details
Type Lake and Region
Level Lake.
Location Northern Liguria
Inhabitants Penguins, Puffles, and Tourists.

Lago di Lario, or Lake Lario in English, is a very famous lake in Northern Liguria in the province of Lumberdy. It is home to many historic old towns and villas owned by famous penguins like Swiss Ninja and Gaston.


Lake Lario was first inhabited during the Penguin Empire by Ligurian Vikings in 100 BC. It's first town was Bellegione, which was located on the lake's Penninsula. Decades later, the cities of Lario and Lecco where founded on both sides of the lake, and then several other villages where formed. The region's beauty attracted the construction of villas for Penguin Empire noblemen and acted as their secluded retreat. However, the fall of the Penguin Empire led to the decline of visiting noblemen, and the region became forgotten. For many Centuries, Lago di Lario was only home to little fishing towns that provided much of Liguria's catch of freshwater fish. However, in 1509, the King of Liguria fell in love with the beautiful scenery and built a Summer Villa along the lake. Soon, many other famous penguins also bought villas along the lake, and the whole area became a famous attraction because of it's famous Ligurian Villas and it's colorful towns and cities.

Location and Geography[edit]

Lake Lario is located in the northern part of Liguria. It is several Miles away from Milano and is tucked away in the mountains. It has mild summers and cold winters as well. There are also plenty of other lakes surrounding Lake Lario as well.

Flora and Fauna[edit]

Inside Lake Lario itself is a flourishing wildlife metropolis. It's waters are home to several species of Fish, the most notable species being Fluffy and Gray fish. Surprisingly enough, Lake Lario is also home to some Freshwater Octopus and Squid. The rest of the lake just contains some seaweed and algae. Outside the lake doesn't have much though. There are some forests of Deciduous trees around, and a couple of wild puffles roaming them. There isn't a lot of land wildlife since there are many towns and cities along the lake.


Lake Lario has many small Municipalities and cities along the lake, but here are some notable ones:

Lario City[edit]

Lario City is located in the western side of the lake and was named after the lake as well. It is the largest city along the lake.


Lecco is the second largest city on Lake Lario and is located on the Eastern side of the Lake's Shore.


Lago di Lario Clovis.png

Bellegione is Lake Lario's Oldest and most beautiful city in all of Lake Lario. It pridefully is home to many villas, and is located on the lake's Penninsula. Although not known too well by Mainland Antarcticans, the name has become famous because the city was able to get it's own Casino in Los Puffles. Bellegione was and is still famous for producing world class silk ever since the silk worm was introduced to Liguria.


Villa Grotta.png

The town of Tremezzo is about a mile south from the town of Griante, and is the hometown and possesion of the di Tremezzo Family. Notable residents, past and present, of the town are Papa Tremezzo (The current mayor) and his son, Leonardo di Tremezzo. In fact, the town of Tremezzo was founded by their ancestor, Formosus, who came from the Snowprusian City of Paphos in 92 BC. The name, Tremezzo, is an old Italian word that means, "Middle Land". The municipality of Tremezzo is famous for Lago di Lario's mos famous buildings, Villa Grotta. Villa Grotta was built in 1745 by a wealthy Banker from Milano for the princess of Alemania. She grew close to the Tremezzo family back then, who lived in the town hall. Nevertheless, the Princess never married nor had any children and she gave her wealth, her Villa, and all it's possessions to the Tremezzo Family, who she dearly befriended and trusted. Because of the Princess's generous gift, the Tremezzo family continues to live in the Villa Grotta as a wealthy family that runs a Mafia. Villa Grotta is open to the public and the most famous icons of Lago di Lario.


Town of Griante.png

Griante is a small town located in the central western shore of the lake. The city is known for being nearby famous cities on the lake, which is why it has a ferry service that stops at the town. Griante is known for it's numerous luxury hotels that line across the coast. For the spend thrifty, the inner parts of the town contain affordable and cheap bed and breakfasts. Swiss Ninja also named his son after this town. Griante contains the small community of Cadennabia, and it is only about a mile away from the Municipality of Tremezzo.


Town of Menaggio.png

Menaggio is another pretty town just north of Griante and Tremezzo, and was formerly a walled city when it was built during the Penguin Empire; some remnants of these walls still exist today. Menaggio is also home to a small Telenacle that was originally built during the late Penguin Empire as a meeting hall, and is still used as one.


Town of Varenna.png Castle Vezio Distance.png

Varrena is a beautiful small fishing Municipality home to the Vezio Castle, which happens to be Gottfried Hochstadt's vacation home. When he doesn't reside there, the Castle is a tourist spot, where penguins and puffles can go up to the tower keep and see a magnificent bird's eye view of the whole Lago di Lario. The small vicinity of Vezio, on the top of the mountain with the castle of the same name, is also considered part of the Varenna Municipality.


Here are ways to get to and to travel around Lake Lario.


There aren't any local airports near Lake Lario, but the closest is the Milano International Airport in Milano, which is several Miles south. You will have to take a Car or Transit to make it to the Lake.


The Roads to Lake Lario are narrow and windy because of the mountainious terrain, and are sometimes difficult to go through. It is the main way of reaching the place, though. However, in recent years, tunnels have been made through some of the mountains for easier access to the coastal towns since some mountains tend to divide the coast.


There are some Buses that go to Lario City or Lecco from Milano, and they use the regular roads to reach it. There is no train that currently runs to the area.


Lario Ferry.png

Lake Lario is inaccesable from the ocean since it is landlocked, but travel along the lake is very common. There is a very famous Ferry system that takes passengers to the other sides of the lake. The Main Stops are Griante, Varenna, Bellegione, Mennagio, and Lario City. Some Ferries, like the one here, can carry cars across the lake.


  • Gaston has a villa on the western shore of the lake.

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