Lagois Mansion

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Lagois Mansion
Lagois Mansion.png
The Residence of the long line Tropicalian presidents for years and years.
General information
Other name(s) Lagois Mansión
Lagois Manor
Location Tropicalis Flag.png Tropicapolis, Tropicalis
Type Residential building
Address 126 Palmera Avenue, Tropicapolis
Owner(s) Tropicalian government
Started April 14, 1901
Completed January 6, 1904
Architect Salvador de Pingüino
Status Complete, In-use

The Lagois Mansion is home to the Lagois Family in Tropicapolis, Tropicalis. It was built by Penguino Lagois I during his early days as President who named it "Lagois Mansion" in the first place. Ever since, it has been home to the Lagois Family and currently Penguino Lagois IV and a miniscule number of others including his son, Wikipenguino45 and the caretaker and butler, Dennis Kappa. It has around 20 rooms and is three stories high. It went under a grand renovation around 1984. The perimeter of the Lagois Mansion's large yard is regularly patrolled and protected.


The idea of the Lagois Mansion was envisioned by Tomás V who wanted a bigger and better residence than the smaller palace built by his predecessors. After searching for and seeking the help of some builders and the architect Salvador de Pingüino, he requested the construction of the Lagois Mansion in the year 1901. After several months of building the interiors and exteriors, the Lagois Mansion finished construction in the year 1904. Ever since it's completion, several members of the Lagois Family has been using it as a home for the past century.


Ground Floor[edit]

The ground floor contains a kitchen and a sitting area which takes up most of the floor. There is also a toilet and store room and three guest rooms. It also has a large hallway where you enter the building through the main door which is large.

First Floor[edit]

The first floor also contains another toilet, another guest room, and a computer room which is where Wikipenguino keeps his computer (not his Club Penguin one, the computer here is a different one) which is used when he stays here. Wikipenguino's bedroom is also here as well as Penguino Lagois IV's bedroom. A large library is located here, and contains dozens of books both old and new including journals, story books and much more. The room also has a table, sofa, a few armchairs, a grandfather clock and some lamps for lighting.


Generations of Lagoises have lived in the mansion from the day it was constructed. Though most of the members have moved out and are living elsewhere in Antarctica shortening the number of residents over time, it is still inhabited by the most recent generations, more specifically the president of Tropicalis, Penguino Lagois IV, his son Wikipenguino and adopted daughter Wikipengal. Denis Kappa, the butler and caretaker, is also a resident of the mansion, and is responsible for keeping the residence in good condition and often helps with keeping the place tidy.


"Digit", a robot constructed by Dr. Infinity also inhabits the mansion and often cleans the rooms and takes orders from the rest of the residents.


  • Penguino Lagois IV always warns everyone (especially his son, Wikipenguino45) NOT to slam the front door as he thinks it's a bit fragile.


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