Lair of Evilosity

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Lair of Evilosity
The Lair of Evilosity. OOOH! SPOOKY!!!
Key details
Type Evil lair
Location On a hill outside the Darktonian Realm
Inhabitants Evil Pengy, Dr. Warp, Chibi Pengu, Parf

The Lair of Evilosity is a small castle on a hill outside the Darktonian Realm where Evil Pengy resides. It is also used as the headquarters of the Evilositian Army. In an attempt to scare away unwanted visitors, it was built with a haunted house aesthetic in mind, resulting in lots of strange shapes and angles, although this was partially done to avoid Evil Pengy being bad at construction and geometry. This has caused the lair to need repairs many times thanks to the poor construction, mostly made by Dr. Warp, resulting in the lair being a mix and match of competent construction and areas that'll probably need to be fixed next week.

The location of the Lair of Evilosity is kept a secret by the Bureau of Entropy, and those who do find it often discover that they mysteriously can't remember its location. Evil Pengy and his allies are the only ones who are able to remember where it is. This is how Evil Pengy has been able to get away with making enemies of practically everyone in Antarctica. Despite this, Santa Claus manages to find it every year to give coal to Evil Pengy.


The front door of the lair leads into the evil foyer. From there, there is a path straight ahead to the evil kitchen, which has a sliding door leading into the evil backyard. On the right is the evil living room, which has several couches, most of which were added after the formation of the Evilositian Army to accommodate all of its members, a TV along with Evil Pengy's gaming consoles, and a table. It is also used as Parf's room. On the left is the evil staircase which provides access to the other evil floors.

Going down the evil staircase leads into the evil basement which is composed solely of the evil laboratory, where Dr. Warp lives, does his work, and stores his inventions. The evil laboratory is kept fully stocked at all times with two fire extinguishers and an unknown quantity of rolls of paper towels in case Warp's inventing goes awry. Chibi Pengu lives in the evil laboratory as well.

Going up the evil staircase leads to Evil Pengy's evil room, the only proper bedroom in the lair, which also has Evil Pengy's evil bathroom. Evil Pengy refuses to let anyone in his room, and the door is usually locked.

Continuing to the top of the evil staircase provides access to the evil roof, where Evil Pengy keeps the Evil Blimp parked.


Evil Pengy built the Lair of Evilosity in 2004 in preparation for his life of crime. Following the completion of its evil laboratory, he hired Dr. Warp, who moved in and was forced to use the lab as his room since Evil Pengy had neglected to build extra rooms. After the creation of the Evilositian Army in 2013, the Lair of Evilosity began functioning as its official headquarters. Evil Pengy's cellmate Parf moved in and began living on the couch.


  • Evil Pengy added "evil" to the name of every room and insists everyone refer to them by their proper names.
  • Warp sometimes comments on how "Evilosity" isn't a word, which usually gets him smacked in the head by Evil Pengy.
  • Every Halloween, the Evilositian Army goes all out decorating the lair inside and out at Count Candula's insistence. Much to the chagrin of Evil Pengy, this has caused many trick or treaters to visit the lair.

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