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Lance as he currently is today.
Born Lanchester Xavier Penguin
May 15, 4973
Penguin Spacecraft
Gender Male
Nationality UK Flag 2.png Puffish
Other names N/A
Ethnicity Emperor Penguin
Education Unknown
Alma mater N/A
Occupation Time Traveler
Years active 4973-present
Notable works Saving the space-time continuum on a few occasions.
Home town None
Height 3' 5.5" (42.6")
Weight 40kg
Known for Time traveling
Title Illustrious Time Traveler of The 50th Century
Opponent(s) Dr. Chrono
Spouse(s) None
Children None
Parents Unknown
Relatives Unknown, possible Willy the Penguin

Lanchester Xavier Penguin or simply known to most people as just "Lance" is a penguin time-traveller and dimension hopper from the distant future, a former agent of the Time Agency, and a member of the Bureau of Time.


Early Life[edit]

Not too much is known about Lance's past, as the Time Agency struggles to collect information about him, and Lance is quite unwilling to share his early experiences and life. What is known is that he was hatched in a large Space Station orbiting the Moon where he was raised by his parents who were astronauts and scientists who made monthly trips to Antarctica. Lance never visited the Earth until he was 3, which was a very exciting experience for him. Joshua, an artificial intelligence that his father succeeded in creating was used to guide Lance through most things. Lance was home-schooled by his mother along with the help of Joshua. Lance as a chick loved experimenting, taking things apart and putting things together. He read a lot of books as a chick, many of which were science books, from his parent's office. Lance's parents took him on trips to Earth, as well as journeys through space to other planets which fascinated Lance and made him eager to learn more.

Becoming a Time Traveler[edit]

At some point during his late teenage years, Lance had discovered how to use his family's spacecraft and made regular trips to Earth where he poked around in old warehouses and abandoned scientific bases. Lance obtained the Time Trekker 30000 which he found in an old warehouse, fixed and managed to make it work, and installed Joshua into the computing system and taught himself how to pilot it without knowing much of it's main use. At some point probably when he was 20, his parents passed away after being fatally injured in an accident leaving Lance quite sad but able to take care of himself.

Lance learned how to use the Time Trekker 300000's dimension hopping function when he accidentally discovered it and crash landed in an alternate universe. With the Trekker barely having any more energy to travel back, Lance had to explore and use his newfound Laser Gun (which he'd also found in another scientific base which he fixed, upgraded and tweaked) to try and survive. After letting the Trekker fully recharge, he managed to travel back, but ended up in the wrong time and was sent back to the days of Khanzem. Hardly resisting the urge to explore, he travelled around the continent discovering and recording down his findings and encounters. Lance decided to continue this new hobby and travelled around time noting down his encounters and journeys and his knowledge of time expanded.

Arriving at Club Penguin[edit]

After a year of learning and travelling through time, Lance first came to first Club Penguin on October 8, 2012 when his Time Trekker 30000 crash-landed in the Mountains while he was on a journey to the Prehistoric Times while the Time Trekker malfunctioned due to damage during the time he used it to get a good view of the events during the Spitfire. The Time Agency was aware of this time breach and found him along with some EPF Agents with Wikipenguino45 and Falco among them. For around a year, he lived in Club Penguin until his Time Trekker 30000 could finish auto-repairing and he could travel back to his time. Though he was asked many times whether or not the future was changed, his only answer was "We'll see".

Changing the Timeline[edit]

Lance continued to make trips to Club Penguin, every once in a while to visit his new friends and share his adventures. Lance went on a mission to stop an unknown criminal from corrupting time itself, but made a huge mistake when he left behind his vortex manipulator which the villain picked up. Shortly after returning to the 50th century, Lance discovered a massive change. His spacecraft had disappeared and Antarctica was in ruins. Lance discovered from the records that the continent had been destroyed millennia before when the same criminal had gone back in time, and prevented the USA from forming and letting Puffle'and win the Colonial War creating a whole series of wars resulting in nobody winning and nations left to fall apart. Lance himself was slowly starting to disappear and forget so he sent a distress message to April 5th, 2013, warning the EPF and Time Agency that a criminal would be stealing a vortex manipulator to travel back in time in a matter of seconds.

The team of time agents managed to travel back and locate the culprit, and he was put in a cell. Lance stopped disappearing, and the timeline was restored. When the CP Fannon Wiki Universe was shutting down in the year 5000, he said one last goodbye to Doomed Kwiksilver and decided to leave the multiverse.

The Future Has Changed[edit]

Something is wrong. Something is very, very wrong...
— Lance X. Penguin

Lance's latest appearance was in late 2017, in which he visited Club Penguin once last time before departing in a rush claiming that "something was very wrong". The exact reason why remains unknown, with Lance's friends describing his current status as "radio silent" and his whereabouts unknown.


Over the many years, he worked as a time-traveller, cropping under different identities and appearances that he used to travel through time and collect information from the past, possibly to map the Space-Time Continuum, but he claims he was just interested and wanted to know what happened in the past. He studied the many penguins that history recorded and used it to meet many different penguins including the Hochstadt Gang, Darktan, Explorer 767 and much, much, more other penguins. He also (still using false identities) time-travelled and witnessed the deaths of Flywish, Sensei, Kwiksilver and many others. He went on several adventures and has changed many different timelines as they all resort in total destruction. Currently, he has saved the timeline when the Multiverse Collision 5 occured and many didn't know about it.

He has not only visited different time periods, but he's also visited other universes in the multiverse as he is a dimension hopper.


Lance usually and currently wears a purple t-shirt, the colour red and a pair of shiny golden goggles. If needed to, Lance wears different clothes, especially to match those of whatever time period he's in and to blend in with the crowd. Lance was originally pale red when he was hatched, however his feathers slowly adjusted and it was revealed that Lance was a red penguin. Lance rarely uses his goggles for anything except for shielding his eyes from the bright lights of the Trekker while traveling but just keeps them on his head, anyways. He is about average height for a regular Emperor Penguin but is slightly skinny. He has a faded scar on his upper left flipper.


Lance dearly misses his parents and can't bear to hear them mentioned. Whenever he sees anything about his parents (pictures, recordings, videos), it can distract him and cause him to feel very sad. He can get immensely angry whenever someone evil or someone he doesn't like mentions their name. It also causes him to slow down and can take long periods of time for him to recover. Lance also has some sort of allergic reaction to Doom Weed, and catching similar dark substances like the X-Virus can make him very ill.


Lance is kind, peaceful, and compassionate. He's quite mature, and hates it when pranks are played on him. He may not be optimistic all the time, but resists whining and complaining, and does his best to remain calm, especially when the timeline is at stake. Rarely, his temper can get the better of him, but usually only when someone insults his parents or a plan goes terribly wrong. Lance takes responsibility and blame for anything he puts his friends in danger for whenever he asks them to come with him to help save the timeline.


Lance can speak English, German, Spanish, French, Latin, Penguinese and can understand l33t quite well. He knows how to fire guns, punch, time-travel using a Vortex Manipulator, pilot the Time Trekker 30000 and knows how to use computers though he's never been taught how to code.

Relations with others[edit]


Lance counts Wikipenguino as a good friend, and thanks him and trusts him not to tell anybody about the secrets of the future, and to keep anyone from knowing to avoid changes in the timeline. Though Lance finds it hard to live in Club Penguin without the usual conveniences of the future, Wikipenguino helps to guide him and be as helpful as possible whenever Lance arrives.


  • Laser Gun Mark LXVIII (non-lethal gun, stings and burns but doesn't kill on contact)
  • Dart Pistol
    • KO Darts (Knock out and removes memory of recent encounter)
    • Deletion Darts (This one really doesn't need to be explained, does it?)
  • Vortex Manipulator Mark III
  • Amnesia Camera (The flash removes their memory)
  • Trekker Car Key (Summons Trekker. Only used as an alternative to Joshua)
  • Lighter
  • Earpiece (Gives him direct contact with Joshua)


  • His Time Trekker 30000 seems to be a Time Trekker except much more futuristic and even more developed. It appears to have been developed over the many centuries to get to this advanced stage.
  • Lance hopes to move to 2016 to live a life in Club Penguin.
    • Director Benny still seems uneasy about this.
      • This may probably be due to the fact that Benny dislikes Lance's unwillingness to inform them about anything that could harm the past. Lance absolutely refuses to tell Benny what happens to him in the future and if he ever gets what he wants.
  • His parents knew descendants of the Top Five Families and other famous and important families.
  • He's excellent at chess.
  • He has a Puffish accent.
  • It is unknown whether or not he's a distant relative of Willy the Penguin.
  • He has met Kwiksilver, Willy the Penguin, Abdul54 and several other time travellers on a few occasions.


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