Land Transport Ministry of Antarctica

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Their logo
Type Government Department
Location South Pole City
Head Nicktang10
Job To plan out transportation needs for the USA and its Free Republics
Headquarters South Pole City

The Land Transport Ministry of Antarctica, or the LTMA, is a government department which writes out traffic rules and plans out all land-based transportation measures, including airports, trains, highways, etc. It operates in the USA, Freezeland, Polaris and East Pengolia. It also has partnerships with the transport ministries of Margate, Shops Island, Castilla, Liguria, Rusca, Warmslates, Calada, Acadia, and Culldrome, and runs the Antarctic Highway Network.


Cars were brought to Antarctica in the early 1900's. As the modern car became more affordable as a means of transport, the number of cars increased. By 2000, there were many cars, so the Land Transport Ministry of Antarctica was founded to manage the building of freeways and improving old ones. Currently, there are six ongoing projects, although there are about 20 other smaller projects managed by the Ministry.

Former Projects[edit]

Current Projects[edit]

  • Installation of Toll Fee Plazas on Highway 1 and 2.
  • Building of Collector and Express Lanes on Club Penguin highways.
  • Widening of lanes on congested freeways.
  • Paving of West Pengolian roads.
  • Building of a divided highway through tunnels to reach Gourdzoid.

Project Subject to Approval[edit]

List of Employees[edit]