Land of Lord Guin

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Dictatorship of Lord Guin
Land of Lord Guin

900 BC–500 BC

Capital Guinia
Government Autocratic Totalitarian Dictatorship
Historical era Antiquity
Currency Fish
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History of Antarctica
The Early Years
Settlement of Antarctica/Birth of Regular Penguins
High Penguin occupation of the Mainland
Land of Lord Guin
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Snowman Empire
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Olde Antarctica
Colonial Antarctica
Present Day
United States of Antarctica
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Ninja Archipelago
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One Last Hope
The Spitfire

The Dictactorship of Lord Guin, the Land of Antarctica or just the Land of Lord Guin, was a dictacorship government led by Lord Guin, who claimed to have power to control the fish. Many Penguins believed him, because otherwise, the fish would all have vanished. Very little was known about them until several archeologists found what remains of a very old nation. The remains also told the story of the High Penguins and there long history to survive against these tyrants. All followed Guin's rule. A High Penguin called Guin was at the time the most infuencial Penguin at the time, and the chiefs and Guin made a deal- everyone will bow down to him and obey him in return him do what we say. The choice was writen in a unknown language, today called Guinic.


After the invasion of the High Penguins in Year Zero, Antarctica was thrown into chaos; the Land of Lord Guin began to form. The Cult was formed by a High Penguin known as Lord Guin. Lord Guin was born in Valnor to a powerful clan, and he had major plans to unify Antarctica under his rule. At a young age, Guin was facinated with magic, and he eventually learned to become a sorcerer after obtaining the Elemental Amulet of water (allegedly). Lord Guin was an intellectual, unlike most other penguins and puffles of his time, therefore he never believed in any superstitions. While creating a huge and powerful army of trained soldiers, Lord Guin began his campaign claiming that he could control Antarctica's fish population. In many cases, penguins believed him and were subject to his takeover. However, others were skeptical, and they were often subject to brutal invasions and food shortages due to Lord Guin's "powers". In many cases, scientists believe that Lord Guin tricked his opponents by dumping large quantities of cyanide and mercury into the water to kill off or drive away the fish population. Eventually, the Vikings of Asgard realized the folly of Antarctica, and they attempted a military reconquest campaign. However by then, Lord Guin had become too powerful and unstoppable. He had driven back the Vikings until they reached the Valley of Asgard. The Guinians did not invade Asgard Valley due to a terrible snow storms and the intense amount of resistance that Sigurd and his elite Viking warriors would produce.


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