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The Tropicalian Territory of Lao
Flag of
MottoWe live in the land of sunny skies!
AnthemUnited Under the Palm
Location of
A map of Lao (click to enlarge).
(and largest town)
Official languages English, Spanish, Latin
Species  Emperor Penguins, Galapagos Penguins, Crabs
Demonym Laoan (Lao-an)
 -  President Penguino Lagois IV
 -  Vice President Daniel Sanchos
 -  Governor Kevin Guinhaven
Overseas Territory
 -  2016 census 95,000 
Currency Club Penguin Gold Coin (C)
Republic of Tropicalis
Tropicalis Flag.png
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Tropicalian History
Tropicalis map new2.png
Provinces, Islands and Territories
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Provinces: Pengstado • Beakily • Arbos Islands • Centro de Tropicalia • Southern Tropicalis • Adelia

Colonies: GernomiaMacarooni

Territories: Tropicalian Extraterrestrial ColoniesTropicalian Ocean TerritoriesLaoPica Tropica
Notable Locations
Wars and Conflicts
Notable People
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Lao is a Tropicalian overseas territory located roughly a thousand kilometers away from the tip of South America. It is a warm, ice-free island with palm trees and sunnier skies. It is one of Tropicalis' most popular destinations and resorts, hotels and spas can be found commonly throughout the island. Red puffles are also known to live within the island's forests and jungles after being introduced to the island sometime after its colonization.



It is presumed that the very first penguins who ever visited the island first came to Lao in the year 10 BC and set up small camps in caves, where they left behind tools and artefacts made of wood, clay and stone from the island's local resources. The island was mostly left alone for many, many years only to be visited by pirates in the mid 1700's who used the island as a hiding spot and a place to store stolen goods.


Puffish ships looking to conquer and claim land stumbled upon the main island's shores in the mid 1800's where they engaged in a deadly battle with the pirates who insisted on keeping the island to themselves. A couple brutal battles later, the Puffish were triumphant in claiming the island which they named "Shore Island". The island was barely used for anything other than being a docking port for Puffish ships and an outpost until Colonial Antarctica. Looking to clear a few things off of their plate, the Puffish deliberately ceded control of the island and vacated it.


Around a couple years later, Tropicalians came to the island and decided to take control of the deserted islands and re-named it "Lao" from which it still retains it's name today. The island attracted many Galapagos Penguins because of it's warm climate and closer proximity to the equator. The penguins had discovered the pirates' hiding spots and hidden loot, and because of that decided to name the small and growing establishment "Doubloon".


The island relies heavily on tourism and fishing, which is also a very popular hobby as well as a common thing for islanders to do and fish from Lao is often imported back to the mainland and to elsewhere around Antarctica. Lao has a large supply of fish, which usually swim in schools making lone fish less common. Lao's lack of skyscrapers and tall buildings gives tourists a good view of the island and the ocean as well as the sky, which is mostly clear.


  • Most of the islanders haven't seen snow before.

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