Lapooh Family

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Lapooh Family
"Not THEM again!"
Name Lapooh Family
Type Family
Location Wherever there is a family member
Head Fudd (Oh noez!)
Job Whatever the motives of it's members are
Members See below
Headquarters Johnathan Wolfhunter's house

The Lapooh Family is an infamous family of puffles.

List of Lapoohs[edit]

  • Ludd Lapooh- the father of the family, Ludd likes adventure and digging for gold.
  • Agatha Lapooh- the mother of the family, Agetha likes quilting and telling stories.
  • Fudd Lapooh- the most famous of them all, Fudd is a extremely good prankster (he has pranked NIGHTMARE) who loves Mabel.
  • Lian Lapooh- the sister of Fudd, Lian hates Mabel and is in the AIA.
  • Dudd Lapooh- the brother of Fudd, Dudd has a eerie blue glow around him and can go through walls. He uses this to prank people.
  • Bludd Lapooh- the other brother of Fudd, Bludd hates everyone and is looking for his squeeze toy.
  • Mudd Lapooh- the other other brother of Fudd, Mudd hates Flywish's Army and is in Arctic Wolves.
  • Trud Lapooh- the long lost brother of Fudd, Trud is still on his journey to find his family.
  • Carol Lapooh- the cousin of Fudd, she has a horrible look, but tries to help anyone she sees... with predictable results.
  • Gudd Lapooh- the brains and brawn of the family, Gudd works at a small programming company in Dorkugal and was the first brown puffle ever to be adopted.


  • For some reason most of them are partially orange due to a genetic defect.
  • Lian is blue because of an error in the BoF's mainframe computer that led Illustrator Keith to believe that she was to be blue. Director Benny did not approve.
  • Fudd's birthday was on the same day as The Prophecy, which leads MMK to believe that Fudd is the chosen one. However McFlapp admitted that XTUX changed Fudd's birthdate and the he is still trying to rollback XTUX's edits.


  • XTUX: I wrote them (don't ask what that means) but I dislike them.
  • Maniac OOC Extremists: We hate Bludd for OWNING a LOL Cat and asking Ben Hun if he could help him find it! Though the rest are OK...
  • Corai: Fudd, being a Neo Naughtzee, I despise him. The others are epic. Namely Bludd.
  • Slendar: They have funny last names! No offence intended.
  • Flywish: Fudd is the biggest nuisance to Antarctica since Troublesome Trio (who I don't really hate but find them annoying) At least they didn't shove me into a box of bronze and throw me into a toilet.
  • Mickeybb1: I owned Trud, I think his story really stands out!