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Lasaralyn's player card
Title Queen of Freezeland
Gender Female
Race High Penguin
Faction Freezelandians
Health Young, healthy, beautiful
Level 25
Status Unknown
Location Frostborough

Lasaralyn is a High Penguin living in Frostborough, wife of King Triskelle, making her Queen of Freezeland.


Not much is known about Lasaralyn's early life. Lasaralyn was born on Auust 11, 1848. She was the only child of the owners of the largest coffee company of the High Penguin Confederacy. They were quite ordinary and a bit bemused by their odd daughter but quite proud of her all the same. They didn't use magic much but she couldn't hold it in. They lived in Fogvale, which is now called Shiverpool, where she attended a school where she learned magic. She met Triskelle there in her secondary school years, and evntually moved out of the house.

Lasaralyn moved to Southton, and because of her skills, she became the keeper of the fire amulet. She didn't fight in the Khanzem, because women couln't fight in the army, so she posed for recruiting posters and became the host of a radio programme.

Lasaralyn lived with her parents again during Olde and Colonial Antarctica, but moved to Freezeland in 1998 when she learned Triskelle had become the King. They grow close; and in 2008, on Christmas day, got married. She fled with Triskelle during Twilight and Shadow, and afterwards had two chicks, Triskaralyn and Asdarian. She is a caring and nurturing mother.



Lasaralyn's parents were High Penguins who owned a large, profitible cofee company, based in Fogvale. Her parents didn't use magic, but they were proud that she did and even sent her to a school to learn to control her magic in Southton. They appeared to be accepting of her life, but after she left the house they didn't communicate with her much. She moved back in with them during Olde Antarctica, and stayed with them until the 90's, when she moved to Freezeland.


Although their relationship would have many ups and downs, Lasaralyn and Triskelle were good friends for most of their years. They tended to bicker frequently, though neither seemed particularly bothered by this, often not understanding why others found it strange. They also had a habit of making each other blush, though both tried to hide this.

Hints of romantic feelings between the two could be seen throughout most of their lives, as Triskelle was particularly protective of Lasaralyn and disgusted by her crush on Theangol Anator. After the victory of the Khanzem, there was a party. Lasaralyn was affronted by Triskelle's clumsy attempt to ask her to go with him, and Triskelle was jealous of her attendance with Cormac McGrattan, a soldier; this jealousy would persist for years. In turn, Lasaralyn was jealous of Triskelle's former crush on Luce, though expressed it in a subtler way.

They lost contact with each other for years; but finally found each other again in 1998, after Lasaralyn heard he had became King of Freezeland. Some people had expected them to become more than friends much sooner. By the summer of 1999, the two were closer than ever and "sort of" together. They married in 2008, and eventually had two chicks, Triskaralyn and Asdarian, in 2011.

During Twilight and Shadow, Lasaralyn was extremely upset when Triskelle temporarily left her to stay in Club Penguin while he went to fight Malcur, crying often, and she was absolutely furious with him when he returned. They made up by the time of Amdir's coronation, although Triskelle still didn't quite understand why she was mad at him. She was even more upset when he was couped and she had to flee Freezeland, and was absolutely overjoyed when he escaped.


Lasaralyn met Luce during the Khanzem, and almost immediately grew to dislike her, as the beautiful apprentice to Finwe had a tendency to complain frequently and loudly about most aspects of anything. She almost never talked to her. She found her to be arrogant and self-obsessed, an opinion shared by many. The fact that Triskele had a very obvious crush on Luce also didn't do much to improve her standing in Lasaralyn's eyes.


Lasaralyn is short, taking after most of her family in stature. She has bright brown eyes, and naturally her feather colour is orange. She has natural hair, which is blonde, which she sometimes wears up and sometimes down past her shoulders. She is considered to be very attractive, and garnered a lot of attention from boys during her life.

Lasaralyn can alter her hair and feather colours at will, not only as a phenomenal gift in the art of disguise but for the lighter purposes of experimenting with her appearance and entertainment. Lasaralyn is fond of colours like pink, red, orange, and yellow.


Lasaralyn is intilligent, witty, and feisty. She is brave, loving, and smart. She also was quite vain; Lasaralyn often changes her hairstyles and is concerned about what she is wearing. She is extremely loyal to her friends, fiercely defending them if they are insulted and willing to risk her life to help them. Lasaralyn demonstrates her bravery many times during her adventures, though she initially showed a tendency toward mild panic in the face of sudden danger, which she eventually overcame.

Lasaralyn also tends to be rather argumentative, a trait most evident in her interactions with Triskelle. Despite their quarellings, they both love each other very much. Although she is generally not as short-tempered as her husband, she has displayed a formidable one on several occasions. She has a bossy voice, and speaks with a British accent.

Magical Abilities[edit]

Lasaralyn is a talented High Penguin, who had been trained in the use of both defensive and offensive magic. Lasaralyn was a proficient duellist who's balance of skills gave her an advantage in battle. Her speciality has always been in fire magic, and she keeps the fire amulet. It is often said that it reflects her personality.

She is not good at household spells and is also notoriously clumsy.


  • She kept the Fire amulet from the time she was twenty one, to the end of the Khanzem. She then was given it again in 1997.
  • She hates being called Lasaralyn. She usually just goes by Las or Lyn.

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