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Laua "Lauren" Auza
Born Laua Auza
August 9, 1980
Sherby City, Sherby Hoodwounds
Residence 45th Floor, Dorkugal
Gender Female
Nationality Dorkugese
Ethnicity Dorkugese/Emperor
Citizenship Dorkugese
Education College (Ph.D in Literature)
Alma mater Penguin University
Occupation Author
Years active 2001 -
Employer Auza Editions
Notable works Why would 1994 be my worst year?
Home town Sherbian City
Salary Wage
Net worth 5,000,000 pebbles per year
Height 1.5m
Weight 44 kg
Known for Bestseller
Title Mrs.
Board member of Writing Board of Dorkugal
Partner Noua Auza
Parents Harold Auza and Marian Kristie
Relatives Noua Auza, Harold Auza
Awards Writing Board of Dorkugal's Highest Honours (2008)
Writing Board of Dorkugal, Extraordinary Efforts (2009)
Writing Board of Dorkugal Highest Honours (2010)
Board of Literature, USA - Bestselling Author (21st) (2010)

Laua Auza (9 August 1980-) is a famous female writer living in Dorkugal. She is the author of Why would 1994 be my worst year?. Her husband is Noua Auza. She is also the founder of Auza Editions.


Laua Auza was born to Harold Auza and Marian Z. Kristie on the 9th of August in Sherby Hoodwounds. She recieved potty training at the age of three and went to Evett Primary when she was six. At the age of seven, she wrote an essay describing her parents. The essay was submited to the local newspaper and was reviewed to be simple yet touching. From then on, she went to write short stories for the newspaper.

At the age of eight, she sprained her right flipper and was thus unable to write stories manually. However, she told her stories to the teacher verbally, who would pen it down and submit it to the local newspaper. When her brother migrated to MAI in 1990, she wrote a fifteen-page book describing his life, her thoughts and emotions.

At the age of 12, as she was about to leave school, she wrote "Life in Evett" and was her first book to be comercially sold. The book was 10 coins and a thousand copies were sold, raising the equivalent of 10,000 coins for the school. The book would later be placed on display at a museum in Dorkugal.

Due to her achievements at such an early age, she was accepted into Sherby Secondary, a prestigious school located north of Sherbian City.

In January of 1994 she was told that her third brother died due to leukamania. Also, the death of her fourteen-year-old puffle, Nancy, made it even more heartbraking. These events made Laua Auza write the Why would 1994 be my worst year? book a decade later. The year after, she was given a the position of columnist at the Tabloid newspaper by Cospe Alexkan Devote. She started writing a story that went by chapters each Sunday. In all, thirty chapters were completed and sent for compliation and publishing. It was also the first time she had a book that reached the mainland Antarctica. Profits were submitted to the school as well.

She went to college at the age of sixteen, completing college at twenty with a PHd in Literature and several others.

In 2002, she married Noua Aike, who voluntarily changed his surname to continue the Auza family line. They moved to Dorkugal later that year.

In 2004, she wrote her first big hit, Why would 1994 be my worst year?. Instantly, the book reached a record 50 million books sold as of 2007. She also included extra chapters in three limited edition books, which are in the flippers of herself, the late Ford Car and former villain Link. The next year, she formed Auza Editions, her own publishing company.

In 2006, the couple was spotted travelling through Evil Lake, where they were captured by Jerks, only to reappear the nexty year, bruised and tattered. Her eyesight deteriorated as well.


Here are the list of books she written, even when she was young.

Year Written Novel Copies Sold Brief description
1992 Life In Evett 1000 Her life in Evett Elementary/Primary School.
1995 Chapters 5,000,000 Fiction
1997 Revolution 400,000 Fiction/Romance about ongoing Colonial Antarctica revolution
1998 Forever, Before and Afterwards 3,000,000 Dark humor, apocalypse, grimdark novel
2000 Epileptic 5,000,000 Romantic, grimdark fiction
2002 Terror's Reign 6,000,000 Grimdark, apocalypse novel
2004 Why would 1994 be my worst year?
Nineteen Ninety-Four
90,000,000 (as of 2011) Autobiography
2005 Whoot 11,000,000 Romance, horror, war (based on Khanzem)
2007 Endangered 22,000,000 Discussing Evil Lake incidents
2008 Methinks 23,000,000 Philosophical thinking, co-written with Abraham Onvard
2009 Honest Lives 25,000,000 Romantic fiction
2009 Tragedy 10,000,000 Romantic horror fiction
2010 Keyser 12,000,000 24Keyser biography
2010 Mayor Monroe 32,000,000 Fiction, mock biography
2011 High Up in Googol 40,000,000 Biography
2011 Alma mater 4,000,000 Opinion, political views on education in Antarctica

Personal Life and Family[edit]

Involvement in the Media Industry[edit]


  • She teaches launguage arts at Antarctic Academy.
  • She was a cook at the age of 27, for one day, as part of the "Writers-Cooks Convention"


She owns five puffles, two more than Aunt Arctic. They were:

  • Mua Auza - her most disclipined and filal puffle. She is very kind and loves to play with others.
  • Stacy - a puffle which is sister of Casey, is a pop star.
  • Cleany - her puffle which is the cleanest among all. Squeaky Clean!
  • Happy - her most cheerful puffle, he would usually be seen with a smile.
  • Gravy - One word: whodat?

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