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We will never surrender, yield or give up,for as long as we are a team, we will rise to the occasion. For we are a team.
— Coool31, reciting the LSP oath
League of Super Penguins
The logo for the League of Super Penguins. It was redone professionally.
Name League of Super Penguins
Type Super hero Team
Location USA
Head Elemento!
Job Fight evil
Members Team list
Headquarters Super Penguins HQ

The LSP (League of Super Penguins) is the best (good) Super Penguin team in the USA. The goverment calls them the Variable Threat Response Battle Squad Class 1. It is also called Progect Ultimates.

Member list[edit]


Character Powers Notes Code Job
Elemento Elemento can manipulate the classic four elements. Leader E Makes Sure the others do their jobs
Miss Appear Miss Appear can appear and disappear, make force force fields, and has a black belt in Card Jitsu. Coool's sister. M Shield maker
Iceguin Cryokinesis A superhero but with great potential, but wise cracks too much I Ice breaker
Doompool Regenerative healing factor

Superpenguin strength, stamina, agility, and reflexes Expert marksman, swordsman and martial artist.

Makes wise cracks, but can hold down on his own D Canon opp
Quikstar Quickstar has super sonic speed. Very experienced member, world's fastest penguin Q Matenence
The Elastic Penguin DNA mixed with a rubber band. The rookie. T.E.P. Emergency repairs
Nautilus Can breathe underwater and fish very well (sharks, fish, pirana, ect.) VERY SHARP TEETH N Emergency repairs
Carlisle Healing, telekinesis Doctor C Medic
Professor C Telepathy IQ of over 300. P Tracker
Nightwaker Teleportation,

enhanced night vision, superpenguin acrobat/gymnast, prehensile tail, Ability to stick to walls, Blend into shadows, Skilled in martial arts, hand to hand combat and fencing training

He has a hollow watch to disguise himself. NW Scout
Arachnid Girl Superpenguin strength, speed, stamina, agility, reflexes, senses, and durability

Flight Ability to shoot beams of bio-electric energy from her flippers

She has a crush on Arachnid Boy. AG Scout
Sand Penguin Superpenguin strength, durability and endurance

Mass manipulation Density control Shapeshifting into sand or sand form Completely organic sand within body Size manipulation Earth manipulation Flight (in sandstorm form)

Hates water sp Repairs

Last Resort team[edit]

This team is used if there is a big fight.

  • Elementa manipulate the classic four elements
  • Nightwing has no super powers but has 2 black belts
  • Dot (Powers: None)
  • Eseme (Powers: black belt)
  • Rosalie (Powers: black belt )
  • Joshp406
  • Tails6000 (Powers:super speed,gems of power )
  • Pablodepablo (Powers: Ultra Pablodepablo, IQ of 1,000)


  • X-Penguins: The X Penguins were one of the League's first allies.
  • Penguin Secret Agency: It's where Coool got his start and are now his allies.
  • The EPF is another place where Coool got his start and are now his allies.


If Coool puts this letter in your mailbox he wants you to join.

"The LSP or League of Super Penguins and Your Puffles may join as well

You can choose Penguin (and Tern) Team or Last Resort team

We could use your (insert power here)


  • You get a dagngometer
  • A jet pack 4000
  • Access to The Super Penguins HQ, the offical League of Super Penguins HQ

--beCoool talk with the cooolmister add date (UTC)



                        P M
                  V    I   N
                      C ZW  T.E.P.
                     Q       D
                    N         AG
                   S           NW

           _____  E,P,M,I,N,C,T.E.P.

                     |   E


The Puffle Platoon is mostly composed of elite puffles on break and the normal penguin's puffles.

Owned by LSP members[edit]
  • Hydrogen, Nautilus' pink puffle. She is capable of also breathing underwater.
  • Snowball is Coool31's purple puffle that has super strength
  • Pikachu is Coool31's yellow puffle can generate thunder.
  • Ice is Iceguin's White puffle Can turn anything to ice with one breath
  • BART Coool31's green puffle has a suit of armor and is dubbed Iron puffle
  • Lash The Elastic Penguin's Blue puffle has the power of elasticity
  • Speed Quikstar's red puffle can run at very high Velocities ( Probably around lightspeed)
  • yarr is Coool31's red puffle that can shoot Optic energy beams
Owned by EPF[edit]
  • Flare is one of the Elite Puffles from the game, Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force. He can blow a blue fire from his mouth .
  • Pop is a purple puffle who blows bubbles capable of holding up heavy objects.
  • Blast He shoots himself out of a cannon while wearing a helmet.
  • Bouncer He can throw snowballs to hit objects
  • Chirp She can play the flute so loudly and high-pitched that it can break through objects, such as large ice cubes, without damaging the object inside.
  • Loop is a pink Elite Puffle that appears in Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force. She has been trained to lasso moving objects .
  • Flit is a green elite puffle. He has the ability to fly and retrieve objects that penguins usually can't reach.

Your Puffle may join as well.


  • Dangermeter: ID's baddies 1-10
  • Coool31's Ice Glinder: A bike that runs on snow
  • Jet Pack 4000: A jet pack that uses 75% less gas
  • Cerebral: A device that is used for tracking super penguins, with tracking super gene or S-gene is the 2nd most powerful computer
  • S-Jet: A plane made by Zapwire, Coool31 and Gary.
  • S Copter: A helicopter made by Zapwire, Coool31 and Gary
  • anti-world portal


Danger levels[edit]

Recently, the team has found danger levels an effective way of communicating danger. 10 is the highest rank.


  • Mathster is the math support for missions involving mathematics.
  • Jerry
  • ZapWire is just the IT guy and fixes stuff
  • Tails6000 usually aides in fights against Metal Explorer.



(Legion Of Doom)

  • Buggernaut: has the ability to become virtually unstoppable while in motion and he is the is the leader of the group.
  • Player: has the ability to charge matter with explosive bio-kinetic energy
  • Mercury: has a body composed of a non-toxic form of mercury, which she can reshape and stretch at will.
  • Diamond: can turn into a diamond form granting her superpenguin strength and durability
  • Scarlet Warlock: Reality warping, mental bolts and is Quikstar's twin sister
  • The Butcher: Renerative healing factor, Superpenguin senses, strength, stamina, agility, and reflexes, Resistance to telepathic assault and control, Retractable claws, Fangs
  • Agent 0.5:Super pengin stamina, agility, and reflexes, Expert marksman, swordsman


  • Darktan
  • Mephisto is an evil being of the highest order has superpenguin strength, stamina, durability, agility, reflexes and Telekinesis.
  • Coool41 has 2 claws in each of his flippers, and also his bones are iron coated.


  • Some of these are parodies of Marvel and DC comics.
    • But can you guess who? (Tip: ZapWire is original.) Put your guesses on the talk page here or the talk page of Coool.
  • They used to work with the PSA. Now, they work with the EPF.