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Title Leekdux (Leekducks X-Antibody, although he thinks he's Leekduck)
Gender Male
Race X-Duck
Faction Leekdux is a genius like Leekduck; however, he's also dangerously insane. Leekdux has some actual power. He uses his wand to make his victims instantly insane.
Health Somewhat strong
Level Above Average
Status Somewhere in Antarctica
Location In Antarctica

Leekdux is Leekduck Ducktor's X-antibody. He is a genius like Leekduck but is also dangerously insane. He is under the delusion that he is Leekduck and there is no Leekdux. He also has no grip on the outer world. Reality is different in his mind and he lives in one big hallucination. He can, however, just about barely make out other living things and can use his wand to make his victims as mad as he is. Leekdux can´t fly and has no feet nor tail since he leviatates and has no need for them.

His wand is the only case in which the X-Virus copied an object (other than clothes). This is probably because Leekduck's leek has cells. These were copied by the X-Virus into painted wood (Leekdux's wand).


When Leekduck first got The X-Virus he mistook it for a case of the Duck Flu (he gets Duck Flu nearly every year). He took the usual medication a Duck takes when they get Duck Flu. He decided to just sleep for a couple of weeks.

After one week Leekduck woke up in the middle of the night. He was feeling much better but at the same time he felt strange. Then he began coughing violently and spat out some black goo. He wiped the goo up and put it into a nearby trash can, unaware of what would happen next.

The next day, reports of a strange, floating Navy coloured creature terrorising a nearby town, were made. The creature was calling itself Leekduck. Puzzled, Leekduck tried to stop it but only faced it briefly. Leekdux could not see Leekduck, so Leekduck could not hypnotise it. For no apparent reason, Leekdux fled the town at random.

Leekdux's current location is unknown but he really could be anywhere. Reports of Leekduck are often mistaken as reports of Leekdux and vice versa. This has been making penguins more scared of ducks then ever. Leekdux has also been held responsible for the increase of penguins going missing and/or going mad. He may also be the reason for the increase of Mwa Mwa Penguins.

Leekdux avoided the Nightmare Epic by somehow convincing Xplorer that he was Leekduck, making a bunch of lucky guesses when Xplorer started asking him trivia questions about Leekduck. (This is the prime reason why Xplorer lost against KwikXilver in a competition to catch the most Antibodies.)

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