Leetle Penguinpuff

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Let's draw!
— Leetle Penguinpuff
Leetle Penguinpuff

Leetle Penguinpuff trying hard to be cute.
Born August 8, 2008 (2008-08-08) (age 11)
Gender Female
Nationality Puffish-Antarctican
Ethnicity Penguin
Citizenship Antarctica
Years active Since 2012
Known for Drawing
Title Drawer of the Group
Relatives Rockthemic
Popcorn 3000

Liettlé Penguinpuffdude Penguinlinsky (usually written as Liettle Penguinpuffdude because not many remember which direction the accent goes, more commonly nicknamed as Leetle Penguinpuff) is Penguinpuffdude's youngest cousin, is part Antarcticanian and lives in Club Penguin. She has a passion for drawing, and is hoping to become an artist or cartoonist as a career in the future. She has two older brothers (Rockthemic, 6 years older & Popcorn 3000, 4 years older), and one older sister (Bellarocker, 2 years older), who all still live with her.


Early Life[edit]

Liettlé Penguinpuffdude hatched in August 8, 2008 in Antarctica, to Phenguinus Phoom and Marié ďFrancterre (a weird name because she is actually Antarctican), with a 6-year old brother named Rockthemic, another brother (at the age of 4-years) named Popcorn 3000 and a 2-year old sister named Bellarocker. Liettlé Penguinpuffdude soon began to be nicknamed "Leetle Penguinpuff" by her older siblings and new friends, due to the fact that Liettlé Penguinpuffdude herself couldn't remember how to pronounce the small accent on the "e", and that it was easier to say than her birth (and real) name. By the time she was 2 (Rockthemic being 8, Popcorn being 6 and Bellarocker being 4 at the time), she was more commonly named and known as "Leetle Penguinpuff", also because she was smaller in her chick years and that she was the youngest of her 3 other siblings.

At the age of 4, she finally properly got her flippers on a pencil (the previous attempts being trying to eat it) and was given a piece of paper by her oldest sibling to draw with them. Mariè gave each of her 4 chicks a different picture to draw, and because of her young age Lettle was given a very simple picture of a butterfly, while Rockthemic got a slightly complex boat, Popcorn a green bear and Bellarocker an easy-to-draw flower. Leetle drew the butterfly with great ease, and in one minute she had finished, while Rockthemic was in the process of drawing the hull, Popcorn the process of the bear's face and Bellarocker the plant pot. Leetle was then given some colouring pencils, and not only colouring the entire wings she had also used a green pencil to colour the background, and used a dark green pencil to indicate tufts of grass. When her siblings had finished, Rockthemic and Popcorn were assuming either a roughly drawn butterfly, or a few scribbles, but amazed at how well Leetle could colour and draw compared with the amateur flower that Bellarocker drew. Over the weeks, she would improve her drawing style and soon included the symbol "∞", just because it was fun to write and would spend ¾ of the day drawing with Bellarocker. This actually became a bonus for the education of both Bellarocker and Leetle Penguinpuff, as they could both be easily taught how to read and write letters of the alphabet.

Nothing very important happened, until the day when Leetle was 6 (and Bellarocker 8, Popcorn 10 and Rockthemic 12), when Phenguinus Phoom lost his job, and happened to win the lottery and a one-way family ticket to Club Penguin (which he entered "for the lulz") at the same time, and because he lost his job and had each of his chicks (including his wife and himself) a one-way ticket, he decided that they should quickly buy a house on their computer before setting off on their areoplane journey the next day.

Current Life[edit]

They bought a semi-expensive house with 3 storeys, and moved in after the areoplane journey. They soon adopted a dog puffle to guard the house, too. She, her parents and her siblings still live with her, playing with toy trucks, areoplanes, with toy houses, dolls, puffle, paper and pencils and even the occasional plant. In her room, there are drawings everywhere and her cradle can hardly be seen in the pile of pages. On top of a small cabinet with her clothes, there are many spare colouring pencils.


Apart from being Penguinpuffdude's cousin and meeting her a few times per year, her involvement isn't very official and is usually confined to being the penguin who draws a correct picture that helps solve a mystery, and is just a younger and sometimes meddling sibling.

Powers and Weaknesses[edit]


  • Talented - Leetle has a good talent at whatever she tries - especially when it comes to drawing something.


  • Immature - Naturally for her age, she's quite immature compared to her siblings Rockthemic, Popcorn 3000 and Bellarocker. This is why she doesn't do much, apart from drawing naïve little pictures.


  • "Whee!"
  • "Let's draw!"
  • "Can I have that piece of paper, please?"
  • "When can I draw?"
  • "Is that by <insert artist's name here>?"


Guest: Hey there! I've got you some really, really lovely candies in this little bag! Pick!

(Leetle Penguinpuff chooses the most awkward one, and waddles to her piece of paper.)

Leetle Penguinpuff: Thank you for the nice model to draw with!


  • Unknown to her, her elder sister Bellarocker is on a secret mission to get her addicted on classical music. Her elder sister has no full success so far, but Leetle is gradually taking an interest.
  • Nobody is sure how her memory is so good.