Leia Haping

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Leia Haping
Born Leia Alana Tie
September 29, 1976 (1976-09-29) (age 43)
UnitedTerra Hospital
Gender Female
Nationality Antarctican
Other names Mrs Haping, Ms Haping, Ms Tie, Mrs Tie, Princess Leia
Education UnitedTerra Elementary School, UnitedTerra High School
Alma mater UnitedTerra University
Occupation Kindergarten teacher (1999-2001), South Pole Elementary School fifth grade teacher (2001-2005), UnitedTerra Elementry School third grade teacher (2005-2008), Club Penguin University Algebra teacher (2008-present)
Years active 1999-present
Home town UnitedTerra
Known for Number and algebra Teacher at Club Penguin University
Spouse(s) Dan Haping (m.2005-present)
Children 2 (Ivy Haping and Luke Haping)
Parents Jimmey Tie (father) and Helena Tie née Hayton (mother)
Relatives Tay Tay (cousin), Julian Tie (brother)

Leia Alana Tie otherwise known as Mrs. Haping or Leia Haping is a schoolteacher at the Club Penguin University ever since 2008. She currently teaches number and algebra because first, to try a different thing and second to teach students about it. She went to the UnitedTerra University to start her teaching career after she graduated high school, she wanted to help students grow up to be smart enough and she graduated when she was 22. She is very smart at almost every subject which caused her to get straight A's and got bullied in Elementary School.


Early Life[edit]

Leia Alana Tie was born on September 29 1976 in the suburbs of UnitedTerra in Antarctica. At a young age, she began solving square roots and Decimals. Her parents were first shocked that their daughter was solving difficult maths problems. Later, the doctor said that the reason why Leia was so smart is because that she got her intelligence from her grandma on her Dad's side. When she went into UnitedTerra Elementary School, she was constantly bullied due to her nerdy image. Leia felt stressed that she felt like she had enough with bullying. One day at school, the bullies were mocking her intelligence. Luckily, Leia stopped them by telling them to stop bullying her and waddled away. Since then, she avoids being bullied which was good for her but she didn't have any friends. She tried making friends at school everywhere. The three girls who jumprope but Leia was prone to accidents back then so she tripped on the rope. She "joined" the group of girls and boys who always feels cool. Leia knew that quiet penguins aren't welcome. The final place she made true friends was a group of 2 girls who got bullied because of their nerdy image like Leia. Soon, she became best friends with them. She wasn't bullied anymore like before and she was grateful for her life.

Teen Years[edit]

When she hit high school, she felt like a loser. In sports team she got picked last and lost. She felt overwhelmed all over again. She didn't fit in any of the high school groups like the preps, jocks, goths, popular girls and the couples. She didn't fit into those groups because when she first tried to get into the prep group, the preppies criticised her clothes. The jocks made fun of her, the popular girls bullied Leia and the couples kicked her out of the group because she was single. Leia felt her life changed when it was career day in tenth grade, she made friends with other teens who wanted to be a teacher one day. Once again, Leia felt happy and didn't care about being bullied. After she graduated high school, her parents insisted her to go to university for her teaching career. Luckily, she got accepted and moved to her new home in UnitedTerra. She knew that she made the right choice of learning how to teach in the UnitedTerra University where penguin learn to become a teacher.


1995-2001: University and teacher at UnitedTerra Kindergarten[edit]

At UnitedTerra University, she loved it here because there are so many advanced studies of teaching and she befriended her roommate was Dan Haping, the love of her life. 3 years later, she graduated university with honours and completed her degrees. Her first place to teach was the UnitedTerra Kindergarten to get started and luckily she got accepted as a teacher. In 1998 September where its the first day for the chicks, Leia was lucky to have them even though there are a few ups and downs for 3 more years. One of her students were Peyton Pash (Angie Hills' cousin) and Tyler Fergonson. In 2001 after the chicks weren't in Kindergarten anymore, she earned 3,0000 coins in total for teaching there.

2001-2005: Fifth grade teacher at South Pole Elementary School and motherhood[edit]

Now she was formerly a Kindergarten teacher, she taught fifth grade students to take her teaching ways a bit harder. She moved to the South Pole City suburbs near the school so it would be a 5 minute waddle to school. She loved it here a bit much then Kindergarten, she loved the technology which was useful for learning but not all of the time. One of her students were Angie Hills, Kai Hills and Bree Holbrock in 2002. There are many other students in her class but those were the known students in her class across Antarctica. There were different students each year until 2005. She left the school because she had a chick named Ivy after she got married to Dan Haping changing Leia's last name from Tie to Haping.

2005-2013: Family, career as an Agent[edit]

She quit her job as a teacher in 2005 after her daughter Ivy hatched. Leia knew that she hadn't got a job so she was accepted as a PSA Agent becoming one of the first agents in Club Penguin Island. In 2007, Leia had another chick named Luke hatched on April 1 which made her family excited. That was a busy year for Leia because she had to look after her infant, solve PSA missions and her other job as a housewife. In 2008, something very shocking happened on her mission: the PSA was bombed. Since then, she lost her job as an agent and had to find another job. Her temporally job was a coffee shop barista, she hated their but that was the only job she could find. She was a barista until May 2010 where she was back as an agent. She wasn't an PSA Agent anymore, she was a EPF Agent. Her perfect job was finally back and she became one of the top agents of the EPF. In Operation: Blackout, she was sad that the lead agents were missing but that didn't stopped her. She successfully completed the mission with safe agents and awards. In the EPF Awards 2013, she won EPF Agent of the Year. She was continuing doing her job until July 2013.

2013-present: Teacher at Club Penguin University[edit]

When the University opened, she was accepted as a Number and Algebra teacher. She taught students about that subject and made many friends with the other teachers. This time, it was a perfect balance in her life. She started teaching in September 2013 when school was back and she teaches every single grade. There were a few ups and downs like a few students "passing" notes, interruption and misbehaving students. Later in December, she became well known for being a Number and Algebra teacher at the University. Currently, she cannot wait to start the new year in September 2014.

Physical Appearance[edit]

  • Hair: Straight brown hair tied in a high bun with a few bangs.
  • Colour: Pink.
  • Jacket: Short black jacket.
  • Undershirt: White business shirt.
  • Bottom: Black mini skirt underneath is black tights.
  • Shoes: Pink and purple plumps.

Reactions to other penguins[edit]

  • Gary: "He invents gadgets for the island and he is so cool!"
  • Aunt Arctic: "Not only that I know her as the chief-in-editor but she is the principal of the university I'm teaching,"
  • Rockhopper: "I met him at a few parties, he's really friendly,"
  • Rookie: "I know him as one of my students, he is one of the most smartest penguins in my class,"
  • Jet Pack Guy: "He's ok I guess..."
  • Cadence: "I love music from the 80s and 90s but I also like her modern songs,"
  • Mabel: "I heard of her before but I don't know when,"





  • Really Smart
  • Assertive
  • Caring
  • Reading
  • Solve Math Problems in 1 minute
  • Attentive
  • Responsibility
  • Loving Mother


  • Necrophobia (fear of dead things)
  • Tetraphobia (fear of the number 4)
  • Galephobia (fear of sharks)
  • Wimpy when being bullied
  • Doesn't know what to do when being bullied
  • Easily bruised