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Keep away--she's armed!
Title Leader of Hipengy's Evil Fangirl Legions
Gender Female
Race Penguin
Faction Hipengy's Ex-Fangirls
Health Good
Level 1
Status Crying in a corner
Location Club Penguin
Occupation Stalker
Interests Stalking Hipengy, Making Diabolical Plans, Hanging out with her Sister
Friends Fugemonkeys, Pinkwie, Other Fangirls
Enemies Hipengy
Archetype Evil

Lelee is the most well-known of Hipengy's many fangirls. She is a selfish, simple black penguin that wears an ice crown everywhere she goes. She is extremely skilled at stalking the poor player penguin, and even more skilled at creating diabolical plans. She even invented a taser so that she could put her plan for revenge into action.


Lelee and Hipengy first met in the town of Club Penguin. They had their first date in the Pizza Parlor, but it wasn't long before Hipengy dropped Lelee due to her anger management. Lelee, who was smarter than she had let on, found solace in Hipengy's best friend Rhutter. She tried to make Hipengy jealous, but ended up scaring off Rhutter.

After this, Lelee acquired other boyfriends, but she would always go crawling back to Hipengy in the end. A love triangle formed between her, Hipengy, and her sister, Fugemonkeys. This caused a lot of chaos, and the trio ended up going separate ways for a long while, but Lelee's corrupted mind soon came up with an idea that would spark a whole uprising. She made herself leader of a group of girls that promised to exact revenge on Hipengy, and so far, their plan has been successful.


Lelee had no problem clawing her way to power in order to silence her ex boyfriend once and for all. She gained many followers including Pinkwie, Urty, Cute Kitty, and even her own sister. She is a villain that should not be taken lightly, because of her many followers along with her hidden genius.


  • She hates Hipengy with a passion, but secretly hopes that he would give her another shot at being his girlfriend
  • She has two puffles, a red one and a purple one. After Lelee ran angrily from her own home to escape Hipengy, he dubbed the red one, "Hitangy" and the purple one "Gutter."
  • Lelee regards herself as the most popular girl in Club Penguin.
  • Many girls have had issues with spelling Hipengy's name right, but Lelee surpasses all of them.

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