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Lemon (left) and his best friend Icer (right).
Title Lemon.
Gender Male
Race Puffle
Faction ?
Health 110%
Level ?
Status Planning pranks to play on his master
Location Hat Pop's igloo

Lemon is a mischievous yellow puffle who enjoys planning and playing jokes on his master, which she doesn't enjoy too much. For a puffle who plays many weird pranks, he has a superior intellect, and a mind for politics and business.


Lemon was first discovered down by the Wilderness of Club Penguin, while Hat Pop was rounding up puffles that were to return to the Pet Shop. As soon as he locked eyes on her, he had found something he liked more than pranking fellow puffles. Just as she was leaving, he sneakily jumped in her sweatshirt pocket, and was found snoring loudly later that day. Hat Pop and Lemon both share many similarities, as they both like to be creative and simply make a mess.

Lemon also has a new interest in Card-Jitsu. At random moments of the day, he pulls a power card on his master, thinking it will somehow irritate her. Little does he know, however, that his owner is practically a master at the game, so he usually ends up getting knocked down by a sled or trapped in a snow globe.


He is often mentioned in many stories and articles written by Hat Pop, and is one of the most famous yellow puffles known so far.



A photo of Lemon playing "Golf" with Tails 6000
  • He loves to play pranks on his master, and sometimes even his master's best friend, Snowman 1001 or even his puffle Icer.
  • He can dig really deep holes.
  • Known as "The Troublemaker" among his puffle family.
  • He is often swung with a golf club driver by Tails6000, which he actually enjoys.
  • Lemon once fell for Master Carlo's real-estate scam.
  • Lemon, to get some laughs, and to get into the holiday spirit, decorated his master like a Christmas Tree.
  • Lemon claims his fur is fireproof because of a prank he pulled with a fire extinguisher.
    • Explorer has repeatedly pointed out that this doesn't make a difference because all puffle fur is fireproof, but Lemon doesn't care.
  • Corai is terrified of him...
  • He has other friend, Smallie, Childpengu1's white puffle.

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