Leon el Messiah

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Leon el Messiah
Leon el Messiah.PNG
Gender Male
Race Little/Emperor penguin
Faction FC Varcelono
Level 999 (When it comes to football)
Status Scoring goals
Location New Field
Birth date July 17th, 1987
Place of birth Hermosa, Parhentina
Occupation Forward in FC Varcelona
Height 3.5 feet
Interests Scoring goals, being awesome, making other people jealous of his awesomeness.
Friends The whole soccer team, Namaroda (Parhentiña head coach), Joe Banco (his coach in FC Varcelona)
Enemies The whole Real Metido team, Moveriño, Don Christopher Odlanor
Archetype Soccer

Leon el Messiah is a Parhentinian soccer player in FC Varcelono, playing normally as a left winger. He is best known for beating almost every record in football's history.


Early life[edit]

Leon el Messiah was born in Hermosa, Parhentina, as a Little/Emperor penguin hybrid, which verifies his short stature. El Messiah started playing football at age 1, and as foretold, Messiah was an excellent player, enough to beat the whole pro Parhentina team single-handed. After being seen by FC Varcelono then manager, Charles Rechazado, when he was 15, he was offered a one-year contract on FC Varcelono, which he accepted. He and his family moved to Varcelono, Castilla.


Leon el Messiah played for he Varcelona Youth Team, and advanced to the pro teams, until he was in the main. He debuted in a match agaisnt RC Castillan, in which, thanks to El Messiah's goal at the last minute, Varcelona was victorious 5-6 (note that all previous goals we're scored by El Messiah). But El Messiah's shine was quickly over when the team recruited Dorkuguese player Ñoradlimo, who, strangely for a Dorkuguese, was not a nerdy or a dork and actually was good in football. Messiah decided to end that player's glory by taking him to a party at the Darktonian Realm, and left him there partying, while he ditched him. And Ñoradlimo never came back (no, he is not dead, he's probably still partying without end. Probably...). El Messiah went back to glory, becoming a regular team player. After Joe Banco became the new manager of the team, El Messiah started to break all records: Most goals scored in a season (111), most goals scored in a championship (84), most Golden Balls earned in consecutive years (5), and much much more! Also, he has developed a rivalry with Real Metido player Christopher Odlanor, a player with good looks and muscles. He is also a target for foul-committers, and has also broken another record: Most sport injuries on a player in history.


  • He is a player in FC Varcelono.
  • He is awesome in football.

Rivalry with Christopher Odlanor[edit]

During his time in FC Varcelono, Leon el Messiah has developed a rivalry with Real Metido player Christopher Odlanor. Christopher Odlanor believes himself better than Leon el Messiah, because he has good looks (he thinks that), but what does El Messiah has? Awesomeness, awesome football skills, and almost every football record in history. Actually, Christopher Odlanor is jealous of El Messiah, but won't admit it.


  • Christopher Odlanor- Hey Leon, do you have this? (shows awesome muscles)
  • El Messiah- No, but do you have this? (shows awesome trophy collection)
  • Christopher Odlanor- No... =(

  • I am short. SO WHAT?!
  • (To Ñoradlimo)- Yeah, you stay here partying, I'll go get a drink... PARTEEEEYY! (runs away). Phew that's over.


  • El Messiah is one of the shortest penguins in history who has played football.
  • He hates people who take away his spotlight, for instance Ñoradlimo. Luckily for him, he is gone... Forever.
  • Did I ever mention before he is AWESOME in football?

-Yes. Like three or four times before.

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