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Leonardo di Tremezzo
Leonardo Painter.png
Leonardo di Tremezzo is a big art fan.
Title Leonardo di Tremezzo
Gender Male
Race Puffle
Faction Member of the Hochstadt Gang, secondhand EPF Puffle, Artist
Health Excellent
Level 200
Status Helping the Hochstadt Gang
Location His humble home in Toledo, Castilla. Probably in the kitchen or on the balcony where he paints.
Occupation Artist, Chef, Elite Puffle.
Interests Traveling, Helping, Painting, Sculpting, Scetching, Singing, Cooking, DJing.
Friends Fuut Ga, Clovis, Fisch, Jock Hochstadt, Piper, Dave Hochstadt
Enemies Swiss Ninja, XTUX Hun, Austin8310, Herbert, Klutzy, Darktan, Bugzy, UPM
Archetype Good Guy.

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Leonardo Osorno di Tremezzo is a yellow puffle who is a well known painter, EPF Puffle, and Hochstadt Gang member. He was the former puffle of Fuut Ga and before, Swiss Ninja.


Leonardo was born on February 12, 1997 in the municipality of Tremezzo, located on the shores of Lago di Lario in Liguria. He was born to a native Ligurian father and a native Castillan mother, who gave Leonardo dual citizenship for both countries. Leonardo di Tremezzo lived and went to school in his family's hometown. He pretty much learned how to paint, cook, and play music. This peaceful life ended until one day he was kidnapped by two gangster Penguins from the UPM, who eventually sold him to the Pet Shop in Club Penguin. Kaiser Swiss Ninja adopted Leonardo on August 1, 2009. SN pampered him, giving him anything that he desired. For sure, living with Swiss Ninja was like heaven for the artist. Leonardo was able to create and expirament with the endless supplies that he had. He also took extended lessons on how to draw and paint better from professional artists. He also did a lot of DJing with his master at times as well. Leonardo even held, or still holds the art class in Zurich University. Sometimes, SN also let him make dinner, since he loved the arts. At the beginning also, he left the castle to accompany Fisch on some of his adventures. However, Leonardo eventually felt like there was something missing in his life. Eventually, Swiss Ninja seemed so caught up with himself that he seemed to forget about Leonardo and his puffle companions. Leonardo soon was unhappy about this, so he ran away. He now vowed that Swiss Ninja was a no good egotistical monster, and that he would finally side with the Hochstadt Gang. He then finally joined the Gang officially, and became the lonely Fuut Ga's pet puffle. Leonardo is a big help around his new home, the Ninja Chateau, and does many of the chores there with the help of Fuut Ga. He also keeps Fuut Ga company, yet he always has found time to cook and paint. The beautiful chateau and it's scenic Eastshieldian forest has been an inspiration for him, which he has painted many pictures of. However, all this changed when Fuut Ga got married to a puffle hater wife, so Leonardo moved to Toledo, Castilla. Today, Leonardo helps the Hochstadt Gang and Fuut Ga doing what he can to stop Swiss Ninja.


Leonardo first came involved when he accompanied Fisch in The Journey of Fisch and the adventure, Fisch Hochstadt and the Jade Puffle, which was before he became the pet of Fuut Ga. He soon accompanied the two Hochstadt travelers Clovis and Piper in Traveling All of Antarctica. Leonardo became an EPF Puffle and starred in EPF Agents Dave and Clovis, as well as The Adventures of Piper and Leonardo, where Leonardo and Piper went on various adventures in Antarctica. Leonardo also played a role in the Snoss-Castillan War, where he especially helped lead the government reforms of Liguria, where he helped Flywish overthrow the old Ligurian government so that he could ascend the throne. Leonardo also participaded in fighting several battles during the war as well.


  • Leonardo is fond of music.
  • Leonardo isn't afraid to fight enemies if he has to, but rather would fight only in last resort or in War. A notable opponent would be XTUX Hun, whom Leonardo attacked when XTUX tried to destroy the Hochstadt Gang in Waffleland.
  • Leonardo hates Director Benny because of his perfectionism, and claims him to be the disgrace of the Puffle Race.
  • Leonardo is Piper J. Cub's Cousin.
  • Leonardo was friends of Fisch even after he was banished from the Castle. Leonardo accompanied him on The Quest for the Jade Puffle.
  • Because of the unpleasant encounter with XTUX Hun, Leonardo hates robots and can't seem to stand them, which also means that he doesn't get along with brown puffles very well.
  • Leonardo is one of the unlucky puffles who took interest in Director Penny and see her eat an OxiPie, only to have her break wind...Leonardo felt sick for a week afterwards.
  • His father is Papa Tremezzo, the infamous puffle mafia leader who wishes that his son inherit his buisness when he dies. However, Leonardo isn't interested in inheriting a mafia leader position.
  • He's afraid of heights, as shown in The Rogue State.


— from the scene in the story, Travelling All of Antarctica, when Leonardo and Clovis were flying on XTUX Hun to go to Sicilia
I personally hate robots. Absolutely horrible creatures they are.
— Leonardo's opinion on robots during the story, The Adventures of Piper and Leonardo


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