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New Delphis
Motto: "One for All, All for One"
Anthem: Song of the Dolphins (state)
Never Give Up (federal)
New Delphis' alternate flag, which is still preferred by citizens.
New Delphis' alternate flag, which is still preferred by citizens.
CapitalSunset City
Official languages English, French, Italian
Demonym Shopper, Delphian
 -  President of Shops Island Lavender
 -  Governor Phillip Johnson Ricci
Legislature Common Legislature
 -  Upper house Bureaucracy
 -  Lower house Administration
 -  Independence from the USA 2012 
 -  Shopper Purchase 2013 
 -  Shopper Statehood 2015 
 -  2019 estimate 11,506,000
Currency WB$
Map of New Delphis

New Delphis is a Shopper state located on the southeast coast of the Federal Republic of Polaris. The state is relatively small in size compared to the other countries on the Antarctic mainland. However, it is still Shops' largest state in terms of population, and is second largest in terms of size. It has strong economic ties with Polaris and the USA, and sustains great influence from both countries. Its hard-nosed population has some civil rights and freedoms, but not too many, enjoy the freedom to spend their money on whatever they wish, to a certain extent, and take part in free and open Shopper elections, although not too often.


New Delphis used to be part of Polaris, when it was still part of the USA. However, when Polaris gained independence, New Delphis remained part of the USA. In 2012, however, New Delphis was granted independence as it was costing the USA more money than it was making.

In June 2013, a bank crisis hit. Influenced by bankers from Shops, the economy started to crumble and stockholders were put into a panic. As the economy collapsed, all Delphian stockholders sold their now worthless stocks. At this time, almost 2/3rds of New Delphis' population moved to the USA, Polaris, or another country. The Shoppers loomed over, and bought New Delphis for almost nothing when the economy was at its lowest point. Ever since, New Delphis has kept its Polarian influence, along with Shopper influence as well.

A battle during the Frosian War which took place in New Delphis.

New Delphis was a major battlefield during the Frosian War, and many of the war's most brutal battles occurred in New Delphis. After the war, the territory laid in ruins, but it was quickly repaired. Throughout the rest of 2014 and into 2015, New Delphis saw a new period of prosperity as more and more industry was pumped into the territory. Some had remarked that New Delphis had become Shops' second Industrial Division.

With this great growth came a greater feeling of unity with Shops Island within the government and the Delphian society. In June 2015 at a session of the Common Legislature, New Delphis officially petitioned for statehood, becoming the first territory to do so. Frosian Islands soon followed New Delphis' footstep and petitioned for statehood as well. A referendum was held on the 1st October 2015 to confirm the Delphians' wish for statehood, with 71.91% of the population voting in favor.

Government and Politics[edit]

As a state of Shops Island, New Delphis is governed by the Shopper federal government and the Common Legislature. Like all other states and territories, the president serves as head of state and official leader on a state level, although New Delphis' governor is also granted significant constitutional power. New Delphis is well-represented in the Common Legislature by a number of administrators and lower representatives, who were elected following New Delphis' ascension to statehood in 2015.

When the country of New Delphis was purchased by Shops Island, its then-president Phillip Johnson Ricci was given favorable terms, and was appointed as the state's first (and still incumbent) governor. Ricci holds a seat on the Shops Island Council as part of the purchase agreement, and is considered by many to be a very influential Shopper politician.


New Delphis' economy is designed to make money for Shops. New Delphis is often used as a "transfer state", and many trading hubs have been established there to increase Shopper exports to the USA and Polaris. New Delphis is also scattered with iron ore mines which produce steel, and offshore oil rigs which produce oil for Shops Island. Most citizens of New Delphis work in industrial, trucking, flying, or office jobs.

As of now, the state GDP sits at around 1.5 trillion WB$, which makes New Delphis as a state more wealthy than plenty of sovereign countries. Its economy is considered extremely strong on a state level, and it is one of Shops Island's richest states both on a gross and per-capita level.


The currency of New Delphis at foundation was the Fish, the USA's current currency. When Polaris gained independence, they switched over to the Polarian dollar despite still being part of the USA. When Shops bought New Delphis, they began using WB$. The WB$ have been manipulated from Shops, however, so the value of WB$ in New Delphis stays on par with the Polarian dollar for trading simplicity.


Trade is New Delphis' main source of income, due to money coming from trade of items with the USA and Polaris. New Delphis is now known as "the vault", due to the large amount of money that stays there after being paid to from Polaris and the USA, before going to Shops Island and its central bank system.


Unlike its border states, all banks in New Delphis are directly controlled by the Shopper government, to avoid corruption from big businesses like what sometimes happened in the USA and Polaris. In spite of this, some shady businesses such as Holyberden and the Red Shield Bank have still managed to make inroads into New Delphis. Ever since its ascension to statehood, Shops Island has put much emphasis on the importance of New Delphis' banking industry due to its proximity to major trading partners.


A map of the distribution of the 3 main languages of New Delphis.

Delphian culture is heavily influenced by Frankterran and Ligurian cultures, not to mention the influence the USA, Polaris, and Shops have left on the island. Ligurian influence is most prominent in Mercannias. Frankterran culture is most prominent in Leopold and Delfino.


New Delphis is split into 3 districts: Leopold, Delfino, and Mercannias.


Leopold is the main trading post, and the "gate" to Polaris. Most trade from Shops is filtered through here and sent to Polaris. It's also the industrial capital of New Delphis, and is home to many mines and a couple oil fields.


Delfino is the political capital of New Delphis. It is home to the capital of New Delphis, Sunset City. It's also home to many oil refineries, and offshore oil rigs, drills, and platforms in the ocean. It also holds the bulk of the state's population, with over seven million penguins inhabiting it.


Mercannias is home to many steel mills, and is the main Shopper trading hub to the USA. It is the filter of all trade to the USA, and lots of money flows through there at any and all times. The main port of New Delphis is also situated here in Mercannias.


New Delphis is a low-lying state with much of its territory at or below sea level. There are many rivers which flow from the ocean inland, which makes travel and commerce by boat quite common. In Sunset City, levees and sea walls have been put in place to hold back the water and keep the city from flooding. Due to extensive measures implemented throughout New Delphis' history, the state is well-equipped to manage floods and low-probability, high-volume storm events. Its special geographic conditions have led to the state having very advanced sewer and water systems, especially those which deal with storm and waste water.


Delphian travel mainly happens by car and boat; Cars are convenient for short and domestic travel, and boats are used for commerce across the colony and between New Delphis and Polaris. Air travel and rail travel is also used to move penguins around, along with trading between both the USA and Polaris.


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