Let's Turn the Lights Out

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Let's Turn the Lights Out
Start November 8, 2012
End December 4, 2012
Prerequisites Gary is kidnapped, EPF HQ in CP is destroyed
Location CP Isle, Castilla, Eastshield, Muscovgrad
Rewards The island is safe
none Operation Anti-Terrorism

Let's Turn the Lights Out is the incredible story of Agent Rogue Tvarkov. Taking in a rather high position out of the blue, she faces the biggest threat in the security of the Island. Will she survive this security fiasco? Or will her whole world freeze before her eyes?

Prologue: Infiltrate, Vandalize, Kidnap[edit]

The air smelled thickly of tension. Gary's eyes looked across his computer monitor like wild. His breathing was erratic, and he was sweating profusely.

He could've sworn he saw something move in one of the cameras.

He grabs for the bottle of water beside him and hurried unscrewed the cap. His flippers were shaking with unused adrenaline as he took a long gulp of water.

Then he heard the clatter again.

He jumped, his water bottle falling on the floor with a clunk. He sighed, shook his head, dismissed it as a hallucination, and proceeded on cleaning up the mess.

He could still feel that something was off.

His agent instincts were now on fire. It's been a while since he last used them, but they were still as sharp as last time. He looked around as he glanced at his large computer.

Three of them were only static.

His heart was already beating a mile a minute, adrenaline quickening it. He looked around for any sign that could tell him that he needed assistance from an agent. This instant.


He turned towards the door in horror. It was a metal door, and he had already locked it with his softwares. There was a huge dent in the middle. He closed his eyes and started begging for mercy as he turned towards his computer and started typing final commands. He also got his phone and started dialing a number he knew so well. He spoke in rapid fire English into the phone as he typed.

Attention Agents – I need your help!


He gasped as a new surge of adrenaline attacked him. He nervously adjusted his glasses and continued typing.

Someone is inside my lab,


He yelped as the door flew open. Some of the metal debris scratched his bare feet. Another debris tore his glasses away from his face.

"My glasses!" he shrieked as he looked for them. He eventually gave up and tried typing without them. His heart jumped as he felt someone approaching him.

and I think that they're--

He screamed and tried to lung back to the computer as he was grabbed by two fluffy arms. His beak was clasped shut, and he resisted in smelling the familiar aroma...

... he was slowly fading away...


Rogue ran through the snow, boots pulling out snow in the process. She wore a parka with her snow boots. Her hair was in a messy ponytail, and she looked like she just woke up. She finally slowed down as she entered the elevator. She started jogging out of the elevator once it opened and through the chaotic mass of agents. She pushed her weight against the double doors and towards the annex of offices. She slowed down when she saw a familiar figure.

"I came like you asked." Rogue heaved.

Jet turned around, and he came eye-to-eye with the exasperated agent. He only wore a black jacket and red sweatpants. He too seemed to have been pulled out of bed.

"It's G." he sighed as he adjusted his sunglasses.

She nodded silently, "I know."

"How?" Jet raised an eyebrow, "How did you know?"

"That's a long story..." Rogue said and began her story.


Rogue was asleep. She was having a rather nice dream when the sound of her phone beeping ripped into it like a scalpel. She groaned and groped her phone before rolling over.

"Who would possibly call me at this time..." Rogue groaned as she rubbed the sleep out of her eyes, "... other than the night shifts?"

She looked at the caller ID, and it was Gary. She answered her phone, only to be yelled at. She winced.

"Rogue! I need help ASAP! Someone's got me!"

She immediately snapped awake, not only because he's yelling at her, but due to the dire situation he's in.

"What? Gary, where are you?" Rogue said, sitting up.

"I'm in my lab!" Gary said then added, "Hurry! If I don't survive..."

"Gary!" Rogue hissed, then said in a small voice, "Don't say that."

A loud bang was heard in the background, "I'm making you agent-in-charge until further notice, if I don't survive, make that job permanent...."

Rogue at first hesitated before sighing, "Yes, sir..."

"I trust-" static was suddenly heard from the other line. "My glasses!"

Rogue finally felt her stomach knot, and began to clamor.

"G? G?!" She said, her eyes sweeping the ground around her.

Nothing happened, no one answered. Rogue groans before slumping onto her bed.

"This is just perfect...." she groaned before getting up and grabbing her parka and snow boots.

She sighed as she opened her eyes. The memories were livid in her mind, and begged to be silenced.

"Oh?" Jet said, his eyebrows raising, "You're in charge now?"

"Yes," Rogue sighed and sat down on a nearby crate, "I am."

She began brushing her hazel hair between her feathers. It felt like silk to her.

"Right, come." Jet said before gesturing to the nearly empty hallway, "Let's go to his lab."

"Okay." she simply said, standing up.

They didn't need clearance, since the metal doors were already ripped open by the polar bear.

Jet's eyes widened, "Woah."

"This place is a mess..." Rogue sighed as she rubbed her face in exhaustion.

Both began searching for clues. Rogue walked through the chaos and picked up Gary's shattered glasses.

"Well," he said and took out a small cereal bar, "I'll call in PH, Dot, Rookie and Miranda, while munching on this. Ah yes, can you do me a favor?"

"Yeah sure," Rogue said casually. She wanted to forget everything about the laboratory for at least a minute, "What is it?"

"Give this uniform to the kid in a red striped t-shirt. He's a new recruit to the EPF." He said and heaved a set of uniforms onto Rogue's awaiting arms. Rogue stumbles a bit, getting used to the new weight in her arms. Whatever division he is, why are the clothes so heavy?

"Right," Rogue said, trying to make a mental picture of the boy, "Okay."

After a few minutes in the corridor, she saw a kid. He was wearing a red striped t-shirt, denim pants and blue sneakers. Rogue knew exactly that this was the kid she was looking for.

"Hey, kid!" Rogue said as she speedily walked to him. The boy started backing away slowly. Rogue smiled her best smile, making sure she doesn't terrify the kid. In reality, she was shaking. The chaos behind her and the adrenaline coursing through her wasn't helping.

"Who are you?" he asked slowly.

"Oh, sorry!" Rogue apologized, "Welcome to the agency."

She handed him his new uniform. Her warm smile and easy aura seemed to have calmed him.

"Thanks." he smiled.

"What's your name?" She asked, following the usual procedure of questioning. He doesn't flinch, but she can tell that he's a bit scared by the sweat-drop that fell from his face.

"Thomas. Thomas Eric Johnson." He said and shook her flipper. "And you are?"

"Agent Rogue Tvarkov, nice to meet you." Rogue said.

"Pleasure's all mine, sir." He said casually before gagging. She raised a thin hazel eyebrow at him. "I mean uh... ma'am!"

Her eyebrow dropped back to it's normal spot.

"Good," she said.

Meanwhile, Jet and the others finally came.

"Oh, hello kid." Jet greeted him, "Name's Jet, your boss."

"Wait," Rogue paused, "This kid's a Tactical agent?"

"Yep," Jet said, putting his flippers into his jacket's pockets.

After looking closely and confirming her thought, Miranda silently said, "Hi Tommy."

Tommy, set aback, recognized her,"Miranda! You work here?"

Jet and Rogue exchanged surprised looks. She had one eyebrow raised while he had both.

"You know each other?" Both said in unison.

"Of course! She's my classmate!" Tommy said and places an arm around her shoulder.

"You shouldn't have said that." Miranda said.

"Why?" Tommy asked, curiosity in his eyes.

"She's my partner." Miranda said casually. Tommy gagged once more.

"Anyways, Rogue's our temporary agent-in-charge." Jet announced.

In a split second, Rogue felt their eyes on her. It was making her uncomfortable.

"What? G said so." she said, doing her best to defend herself.

"Right..." Miranda said.

Then, The Director popped out from the TV screen. The TV screen was somewhere in the hallway.

"Hello agents." they greeted.

"Director!" the other agents said, saluting to the TV while Tommy just stared at it.

"At ease." they said, then looked at Tommy. "Hm, do I smell a new recruit?"

"Yes sir." he said.

"Ah, now. Agents. You've received word that G's been kidnapped. Your orders-" the Director was interrupted by a sudden afterthought, "Oh wait, Agent Tvarkov is tasked to give them. Well, get in my office this instant, agent."

"Yes, Director." she said.

The TV became static as the Director logged off.

"Go now." Jet said, "You don't want the Director to wait."

"Yeah..." Rogue said as she walked off.

She came in, rudely banging open the door.

"Um, sorry." she apologized, closing the door softly.

"It's alright, agent. Take a seat." the Director said, still on a TV screen.

"I uh... hate to be rude but I decline the offer." she said.

"Okay. Understandable. I have heard you are temporary agent-in-charge, it seems." they said.

"Yes, it is true, Director. Gary has made me temporary agent-in-charge." she said.

"And you know how hard G's job is?" the Director asked.

"Yes, I know." she said.

"Alright. As agent-in-charge, you are supposed to give orders. These orders are coming directly from me, which you will relay to all the agents." they said. "You have limited power over the agency."

"Ah, piece of cake." the girl commented. "What would those orders be?"

The Director seemed to raise an eyebrow on her, "Tvarkov? Are you SURE you didn't eat Mysterious Pork?" the Director asked.

The agent gave a confused glare. "What are you talking about?"

"Never mind. Anyways, the orders you need to give out: Search around the Island for Gary. Alert the Rescue Squad and the EPF Recon Team; we will DEFINITELY need them. Investigate G's lab. Get intel on Herbert. Finally, put the island and the agency on RED ALERT." the Director ordered.

"Yes, Director." she said and exited the room.

Chapter 1: Newfound Orders[edit]

While walking back to G's lab, she used her personal cellphone to call Brittany Solin, a high ranking member of the Rescue Squad.

"Solin? It's Tvarkov." she said.

"Rogue! Long time no hear! What's up?" Brittany said.

"Alert your boss, search the island, ask the citizens, stay sharp and keep your eyes open." Rogue said.

"Why would I do that?" Brittany raised an eyebrow.

"We have a missing scientist." Rogue said as she ended the call.

Rogue was just punching in another number when she smacked into someone. Papers fluttered around as she scrambled to get them.

"Oh dear..." she blushed, helping the agent pick up the papers.

"It's fine, Ms. Agent-in-Charge." he said.

Rogue looked up, and right at Jason Laurenson. He wore a white business shirt and black dress pants.

"How did you know?" she said, slightly surprised that he knew.

"Heh. Heard the boys in the snack room talk about it. Rumor spreads, y'know? Oh yes, check this website for me, will you?" he said, giving her a small slip of paper. A website was inscribed on the paper.

"Right, I'll check it later. Funny, and to think that I was going to call you." she said, a hint of a smile visible in her features.

"And why?" he asked.

"Search around the island, call on the team, alert the citizens, look for ANY sign for Herbert, Gary, Klutzy..." she paused at an afterthought before storming once more, "... Better yet, anything suspicious. Got me?"

He gave her a quick salute then sped off, a few pieces of paper falling from his full arms. She picked them up and followed him to the EPF Recon Team HQ somewhere deeper in the EPF.

"General Crash." Rogue said as she spoke.

"Don't call me that, Agent-in-Charge." Jason said, "What are you doing here, may I ask?"

"Uh, you left these." she said, giving him the papers.

"Oh, I didn't know. Anyways, don't you think you should be-" he was cut short by Rogue.

"Yes, yes I know. Alerting the agents. Say, didn't I tell Rookie to alert the public?" she asked.

"Oh, well I guess he will later." he said.

"Oh, okay. Well see you," she said.

"Same to you."

Rogue sighed, collapsing into a chair in the Command Room. She went through the PA to call on all agents and even sent messages to all agents via spy phone, now her flippers ache. The door bang open, and a flood of agents came in.

"Ah, agents. You're finally here." she said, getting up from the chair.

"Yeah, so what is the meeting about?" an agent said, taking a seat.

"Haven't you heard? Gary's been kidnapped and we need to search for him." she said, murmurs echoed the room.

Rogue clapped her flippers twice, and the lights went off. The conference table illuminated with a holographic map of Club Penguin. It was highly accurate, and detailed. It even had civilians walking around. Oohs and aahs echoed.

"Now," she said, "It would be most likely that his location would be here, the Forest. Jason has already sent the Recon Team, obviously lead by him. I have told him that several teams of EPF agents would be coming to the Forest, so whoever will be going there will be under his command.

"Agents going to the Beach will be under Jet's command. He knows because I also told him. Agents going to the Iceberg will be under Rookie's command. Agents going to the Docks will be under Miranda's command. Dot will be your commander if ever you go to the Ski Hill. Agents staying in here will be under my command."

Rogue clapped her flippers one more, and the map disappears.

"Now, agents. Now that the scouting locations have be clarified... Your general orders." she said, clapping once more to open the screen before her, it shown the orders.

"First, look for Gary, it's the main order. Second, hunt around the island. Check every igloo, puffle house, henhouse and outhouse within a 36 mile radius." she said, pointing out what she meant for a 36 mile radius.

"Third, bring these flyers and distribute them." she said, putting down a huge stack of flyers with a picture of the Gadget Guy. "Team up, with a maximum of 8 members."

Everyone squabbled to their classes until Rogue blew her whistle.


Rogue again, sighed and stared at the conference table.

"I sent 2 teams of 8 Tactical agents and 2 teams of 3 in Communications to Dot. 5 teams of 4 and 5 from Field, Tactical and Stealth agents and a team of 5 Communications to Miranda. 12 teams of 6 and 4 from Field, Tactical and Stealth with several teams of 6 Communications to Jason. 12 teams of 4 with 1 team of Communications from the Tactical to Jet. Finally, 5 teams of 4 Technical agents to the Rookie, with me are 12 teams of 3 Communications and Technical as well as backup agents, the rest are around the place." she muttered.

Looking at the holographic map of Club Penguin once more, she was watching the agents go.

"I'm watching you." she said, seeing the agents.

"Miss Tvarkov!" a Communications agent said.

"Yes?" she said, turning to look at the agent with dark green eyes.

"The Director is requesting to speak to you." he said.

"Accept the call." she said. The holographic map changed into the Director.

"Agent Tvarkov, please report." the Director said.

"The agents are around the island, storming it by force." she said.

"Excellent, good work." The Director said, "And the status of the search?"

"Fruitless." Rogue sighed, "Gary is still unfound."

"I trust that you'll find him." they said.

"Yes..." Rogue closed her eyes and exhaled heavily, "Yes... sir."

"That would be all." The Director said and logged off.

Rogue sighed, then turned towards the agents who were stationed in the Command Room, "So, did you find anything yet?"

"No signal!" a female technical agent yelled, making Rogue sigh.

"Oh dear Benny..."

The Club Penguin Times paper came out the next morning. It was 8:30, and Rogue was in the Coffee Shop. There weren't much penguins around, since it was early in the morning. She was getting a cup of hot chocolate and at the same time, reading the newspaper.

"Hm..." she grunted, sipping her coffee, "Aren't you rather anxious?"

She was looking at the expression of Rookie, who strangely had a crab is beside him. She tugged on the black and white checkered scarf she was wearing, a gift from Miranda. Suddenly, the door slammed open, and a tattered and ragged Dot collapsed onto the door.

"Oi!" Rogue cried, running to her fellow agent. She started dragging her to the couch. A worried barista ran to the two.

"Ma'am, is your buddy okay?" he said in a worried tone.

"Hm... not sure..." she said, in a thick British accent, "Amelia, are you okay?"

Dot groaned. She didn't open an eye.

"I don't think so..." Rogue said, continuing in her accent. "Do you have a medical kit?"

The barista ran to his workplace, getting one.

"Here. Do you know how?" he asked.

"Of course! I'm a Rescue Squad member!" she lied, hiding her identity as an EPF agent. She immediately started bandaging Dot's wounds. She returned the medical kit after using it.

"I need to bring her to base."

Finally, after minutes of carrying Dot to the Ski Village, she finally got into the Everyday Phoning Facility. She kicked open the door, and carried the Disguise Gal to the elevator. At the meantime, Bryan Spasky, a Ruscan like Rogue, along with Veronica Hends and Dillan Jillo, were playing cards.

"Do you have an 8?" Veronica asked.

Dillan, who slammed an 8 on the conference table. Once he did so, the girl picked it up then slammed a pair of 8's on the table. The elevator opened suddenly, so sudden that the three agents were frightened. A Rogue Tvarkov carrying Dot came out.

"Hello, agents." the Ruscan said calmly, going down the stairs.

"Rogue! What happened to Dot?" Bryan said, with a Russian accent.

"I don't know what happened." Rogue said, putting down Dot on one of the conference chairs. "Get me several ice packs, a glass of water, and a blanket."

The three agents sped off, racing each other in getting the items.

"Dot?" she said, stroking her forehead. "Are you okay?"

The girl moaned, and shifted to her right side. The agent sighed; she was obviously not.

"Rogue! We have them!" the trio said, bringing the items.

Rogue took them and said her thanks. She placed the ice packs on Dot's bruises, the glass of water on the table, and the blanket on Dot.

"Let her sleep, it's the best way to heal." Rogue said and looked at the holographic map, it didn't much occupy the whole table. Her agents are scattered around the place, searching desperately for their boss.

Several hours later, Dot woke up.

"Good, you're awake." Rogue said, looking at Dot with relieved eyes.

"What happened?" Dot asked, rubbing her head and slowly getting up.

"Funny, I'm supposed to ask you that, what happened? Why were you all tattered and ragged?" Rogue asked, silence. Dot's eyes then dilated, "What?"

Dot stuttered, "The agents..."

"What?" Rogue asked.

Dot held her by the collar of her shirt.

"The agents!" she yelled.

"What? What about the agents?" Rogue asked.

"We were attacked by crabs! I escaped, but the agents!" Dot said.

Rogue immediately understood. She slowly sat down, and pinched her beak.

"Это катастрофа .... (This is a disaster...)

Rogue kept on pacing, worried.

"Что бы сказал директор?!" she cried, outraged.

"You know, I don't speak Russian." Dot said.

Rogue shot her a look.

"She said, What would the Director say?!" Bryan translated.

Dot nodded in agreement, "Probably order you to send the backup agents to look for them?"

Rogue stopped and looked at Dot, "Подожди, это отличная идея! Давайте сделаем это сейчас!"

"Wait a minute, that's a great idea, let's do it NOW!" he said.

"Wait, Rogue. Why are you talking Russian? And isn't it dangerous if we send more agents?" Dot asked.

"Rogue talks in Russian when tensed." Bryan whispered.

"Bryan, you do realize I'm just an earshot away from you." Rogue said, now behind them.

Dot jolted, while Bryan looked at where Rogue was now and where she was a second ago.

"How?" he said.

"Well..." she said, examining her flippers, "I do like disappearing from one place to another."

Her eyes were slowly changing vampire red.

"Your eyes..." Dot sputtered, pointing at them.

"Yes, I know." Rogue snapped, this time in front of the holographic map, watching her agents once more. "To answer your second question, I'd say, let me handle this."

With that, Rogue disappeared.

"ROGUE!" the two yelled, but it was too late. Rogue was already jumping down the Ski Hill.


Rogue jumped down the Ski Hill, ignoring the screams of don'ts and come backs that are echoing in her earpiece. She could've fell unconscious on the snow because of the heavy fall but no, she didn't, because she fell on her feet.

"Well, well, well..." she said, looking around the place. "Where are you, agents?"

"Agents?" she said, looking at the ground to find some boot prints, but haven't found any. She thought hard on where they could be, then snapped her fingers. She ran to the destination she thought off.

She was right. They were in the cave, the same one where agents sheltered after testing G's prototype sled. She shuddered at the thought of the sled, it wasn't pretty. One of the agents spotted her, and she knew him. It was Tommy.

"Rogue!" he yelled to his fellow agents, pointing at the girl.

Everyone looked at her, relieved that rescue is finally there, and scrambled to her.

"Rogue! What happened to Dot?" Agent Prisma said.

"Why?" she asked.

"We saw her escape, and we thought she would call for help. Why didn't she come on time?" he asked.

"She must've tracked me down with her phone by looking for my signal. I was in the Coffee Shop, where she collapsed on the door. Don't worry, she is now recovering in the Command Room." Rogue assured them. She heard her phone ring, "Excuse me."

"You found them!" Dot said once Rogue answered the call.

"So, you were watching us from the holographic map?" Rogue asked.

"Yes," Dot replied, "What do you do now?"

"I get them back to rest." she said and ended the call.

"Well?" Prisma said.

"Well, we need to get you guys back to HQ. Why didn't you guys just go to HQ by teleporting?" she asked.

"We have no signal to teleport." one of the Tech agents said.

"And we were too wounded to type. Besides, we thought Dot would call rescue." Prisma added, rolling up his sleeve, revealing claw marks.

"Right, let's go."

The doors of the elevator opened, and agents flooded out, all glad that they were back. The holographic map was gone, and mugs of hot chocolate filled the conference table.

"Help yourselves." Rogue said, as the agents scrambled to drink some.

Hours after that, lunch.


All agents were back in HQ for a status report.

"Well, any luck on that rascal?" Rogue said, everyone shook their heads.

"Hey-a Rogue." Jason said, pointing at Dot's squad, "What happened to them?"

"They were attacked by crabs." she said bluntly.

"Oh, okay." he said.

"Agents, you should all rest until uh..." she said, looking at the clock, "1500, understood?"

They all nodded and left, leaving the leaders of each squad.

"We uh... have to talk to the Director." she said, "Let's go."

The 6 leaders stopped in front of the Director's office. Miranda knocked on the door softly.

"Come in." said a robotic voice, and the 6 went in.

"So, what's the intel on G?" said the Director, still on the screen.

"Ah yes, nowhere to be found." Rogue sighed, using her thick Russian accent.

The Director sighed, "Well, among yourselves, I advise you to talk. You know, about your battle strategy."

"Yes Director." they all said and saluted before leaving.

The 6 were in the Coffee Shop, drinking and were in civilian outfit. Miranda was wearing a red dress with black polka dots, and magenta shoes, Jet wearing a leather jacket, a red sweatshirt, black pants, red sneakers and his usual shades, Dot wearing a white t-shirt with purple hearts, a purple shirt that was up to her knees, and white slippers, Rookie wearing a green t-shirt with yellow stars, denim pants and dark blue sneakers, Jason wearing a tight black t-shirt, black jogging pants with yellow lines tracing the sides and black and red sneakers, and Rogue wearing a aqua undershirt, a black jacket with the EPF insignia on her left, a black up to knee skirt, knee-high socks and black leather shoes. Her hair changed to long wavy black, as well as her eyes, now thin and black.

"So, what?" Dot said, sipping on her coffee.

"Well, uh..." Rogue drifted off, because of the beautiful scent of the coffee beans.

"Hello? Earth to Rogue!" Jason said, Rogue immediately snapped back to her senses.

"Oh, sorry. Just enjoying the coffee beans' scent." she apologized.

"Right...now. What about the plan?" Jet said.

"Well, before we go to that, what happened with you guys?" she asked.

"Nothing bad Except the fact that every now and then, we have to rest from hiking." Jason said.

"Rookie?" she asked, turning to him.

"Nothing wrong with the Aqua Grabbers, except the fact that the agents keep on being distracted and end up looking for pearls. We also had the danger of the divers to nearly get sucked into that big clam's mouth!" he said.

"Jet?" she said.

"Nothing much, except the fact that we always need to hold each other when one loses fuel, while another goes back and gets some more." he said.

"Miranda?" she asked.

"Oh, not much. Except every now and then, we get stuck with those things floating and civilian penguins playing Hydro Hooper."

"Hm, interesting..." Rogue said.

"What about you?" they asked.

"Not much as well. We just sat there, tracking his phone, moping around, watching the holographic map, and some of them were already playing cards." Rogue said, "The only highlight of our day was me carrying Dot back to HQ."

"Now that I think of it, Dot, what did happen to you?" Jet asked, giving the girl a questioning glare.

Dot looked at Rogue with a worried look, "Can you please tell it?"

She could hear the words in her head, since they were never worded. She raised her eyebrows, then dropped them.

"Fine, I'll tell the story." Rogue said.

Dot gave her a surprised glare, then sputtered, "How...?"

"Her team was attacked by crabs. She managed to escape, and must've tracked my spy phone's signal with her spy phone. She collapsed on the Coffee Shop's door, then I carried her to the Everyday Phoning Facility." she explained.

"Oh, okay." Jet said.

"Now... the plan?" she said.

"Oh right, wait what time is it?" Dot said, making Rogue and Jet look at their watches.

"1455." they said together.

"How time flies..." Rogue sighed, "Alright. Let's uh... let's just do it in the office."


Chapter 2: The Attack[edit]


It's been two weeks. They have remained fruitless in their search. The 6 were now in the Command Room, having had been alerted of a threat.

"Jet, pass me that coffee pot." Rogue said, one flipper rapidly typing on the computer and the other outstretched for the coffee pot.

"Uh... here." he said, giving her the coffee pot, which she splashed in her face.

"Hmm, quite hotter then a while ago, that's all." she said, not leaving her glare at the computer.

The 6, still wide awake, were waiting for the Director's orders. They were woken up at around midnight and were told to report to the HQ, via spy phone. Rookie was wearing pajamas with propeller caps. Dot was in a lavender nightgown. Jet was in jet black pajamas. Jason was in a black t-shirt and boxer shorts. Miranda was in an aqua night gown. Rogue was in white singlets and gray jogging pants. Obviously, no one was standing still. Jet was pacing, Rookie was tapping the table, Jason was going up and down the stairs, Dot was sitting down, getting up, walking around, then sitting again, Miranda walking in circles and Rogue, like it was said, was looking through the Field Ops computer.

"Rogue, what the Benny are you even looking at there?" Jet said, stopping his pace for a while.

"CCTV footage." she muttered, still not leaving her glance on the computer screen.

"Agents," the Director said, popping out of the EPF mainframe's computer.

"Uh, yes?" Rogue said, looking directly at the screen.

"5 minutes, go back and dress."

Once more, they were back, with 3 minutes left to spare.

"Well agents. First, sorry for making you wait so long." the Director apologized.

"It's okay."

"No problem!"

"Apology accepted."

"I'm cool with it."

"Don't worry! We didn't do much."

"Fine with me."

"Next, I need help, someone seems to be-" the Director never finished their sentence because the screen went off, leaving the 6 in darkness.

Rogue's eyes darted around quickly.

"Intruder!" Jason yelled, and punched someone. A grunt was heard then more punches.

"Gah!" she heard Dot yell.

She could see in the dark, because she was used to it in her igloo. She walked to the door where the light switches are, she flicked the switches. Jason and Miranda were tangled.

"So, an intruder, eh?" Rogue said, her eyes turning to a dark shade of violet.

"Uh..." Jason said, standing up.

"Anyway, what happened with Director D?" she asked, walking to the computer that once shone the Director. She opened the circuit box of the computer and peered at the wires.

"Hm, nothing is wrong." she said. Then a spark came out of the circuit box, Rogue stepped away.

"Woah!" she yelped, the screen went on.

"Hello, agents."

Rogue's expression transformed from confused to furious.

"Herbert," she muttered darkly.

"Well, well, well... we meet again." Herbert said darkly.

She allowed her body weight to go to her left leg, "Yes, we meet once more."

"What did you do with our Director's transmission?" Jet said, rolling up his sleeves.

Rogue stretched her arm in front of Jet, who was just beside her.

"Calm down, Jet. Let him speak. Besides, I don't think Gary would be pleased with you if you break his precious computer." she said then thought, "Gary walks in and stops, 'Uh...' Jet says, dropping the broom. Gary sees him cleaning up the shards of the broken computer Jet sucker punched. 'My precious!' G yelled, running to the computer, while Jet runs. Gary chases him, 'WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO MY PRECIOUS?!' he yelled, chasing Jet with the broom. The end!"

"Uh... Rogue? What are you smiling about?" Jason asked, frightened that the agent-in-charge is smiling out of nowhere.

"Um, nothing, forget about it." she said, shaking her head to forget the thought.

"Anyway, what do you want." Dot said sharply, annoyed.

"Good question," Herbert said, "You have heard about my plan, yes?"

"Yeah yeah, get straight to the point." Miranda said, annoyed like Dot.

"You also remember the PSA incident." he continued.

Rogue closed her eyes, the memory still haunts her in her dreams, images raging on every time she closes her eyes, "Dreams are only hallucinations. They fool you."

"You were there, Agent Tvarkov. You seen it with your own eyes." he taunted, her left eye twitched, her body shuddered.

"Stop annoying me, Herbert." she said, her eyes opened, revealing a violent red color. She said in a deep and threatening tone, "I do remember. Very, very well."

"Oh, good good." he said, pleased to see her eyes, even if it haunts the other agents.

"Well, the incident WILL happen if you don't surrender" he said, while the girl was silent. "Except, this one will be worse"

"So, do you surrender?" he asked, hoping to get a yes.

The girl gave a loud hoot of laughter, "Really? Surrender to YOU? Ha! That's priceless!" she said.

The bear grumbled, "You will regret this, prepare yourselves, agents! For you will never see the light of day again!" he said and the transmission ended.

"Wait a minute, didn't he say-"

"Yes, and we're doomed!"


Meanwhile, in the Command Room, the agents were frantically trying to get out.

"The teleporting app isn't working!" Miranda hollered, looking up from her spy phone.

"The elevator isn't!" Jason said.

Then suddenly, the door leading to other places in the underground HQ banged open, a Rogue and a Jet came out, holding a battering ram.

"GIVE WAY!!!" the two cried, while the others scrambled away, they rammed the elevator, with no success.

"Not. Gonna. Work." she said.

Getting up, she walked calmly to the field-ops computer, and looked for current CCTV footage in Club Penguin. In the Town, she could see Mike with 4 puffles with him running and hopping to the Ski Village, then thy disappeared, they reappeared in the Ski Village. Rogue smiled.

"What's with the smile?" Jason asked slowly.

Rogue's smile widened, as she turned towards him.

"He got it."

Meanwhile, outside the Ski Village, Mike along with the 4 Elite Puffles were trying to break open the Phoning Facility's door.

"Mike," his earpiece said, it was Rogue. "I can see you, copy."

"Yes, but I can't open the door, over." he said, kicking the door.

"Try using Flare." she said.

"Gotcha." he said and pointed to Flare the lock, the puffle nodded and started to break the lock.

Up in the mountain, Herbert was watching the Ski Village.

"I told you that you will regret it." he said and pressed the button in his lazer.

Down there, in the underground HQ, the agents were desperate to get out, Rogue even hacked a crowbar into the elevator door.

"Not. Working." she muttered. Then all they saw was yellow light hitting the VR room...

Flames. The EPF was in flames, and Mike just stood there in horror. He quickly dialed on his spy phone.

"Hello? Is this the fire department? I need you!" he said.

Rouge got up from where she fell, confused and dazed. The screen near the conference room popped open.

"What happened?!" the Director's voice cried, they all ran to the conference table.

"Director!" they all yelled, saluting.

"The EPF is engulfed with flames, but we have an alternative HQ, you'll find out soon." the Director said.

"How will the other agents be informed?" Jet asked.

"They will know, because this is their office, actually, Mike knows." they said, everyone fell silent.

"Rogue, your forehead..." Jason said, breaking the silence.

She touched her forehead, then her hand felt something warm, then muttered, "Blood..."

"It's a cut." Rookie said.

"I know." she snapped.

"Agents," the Director said, they all stared at the screen, "The Operation has begun.

Chapter 3: The Operation has Begun[edit]


The papers were out, strangely early. Back in the EPF Underground Resistance, the 6 were there, and the atmosphere was tight. The room was buzzing with activity. Rogue was sitting in a chair in the conference table, being attended to by a nurse. An agent ran to her, a newspaper in her hands.

"Miss Tvarkov! This is bad!" she said worriedly, while Rogue swiped the newspaper from her hands.

"Club Penguin... is no more?! What is that lunatic thinking?!" she cried, slamming the newspaper on the table.

Jet took it, and continued reading aloud, "Surrender EPF agents! I KNOW who you are! I have discovered your secret identities!? What?!" he said, baffled.

"Wow, Club Herbert? Is... is that even legal to change?" Dot asked, while the others chuckled.

"But there is worse!" the agent continued, snatching the paper from Jet and turning it to the next page, revealing the secrets.

"They revealed Dot's identity!" she said, while the others gasped.

"Huh, 5 kilometers in 19.5 minutes? Very amusing." Rogue commented, "And what's this? Needs practice in System Defender? Dot, didn't we tell you to practice?"

Dot blushed, "Erm, uh..." she said.

"Anyway, thank you Agent Erika." Rogue said, giving the newspaper back to the agent.

Erika smiled, then left.

"So," Rogue said, dropping 5 files onto the table,

"These, the Director gave me. It is about Operation Blackout." she said, "Take one, self briefing begins, now."

Her eyes darted from left to right, looking at the pictures then reading. "In groups, we go. Get dressed."


Rogue was walking to the ruins of the EPF HQ.

"Hey guys," she said, seeing Jason, Jet, Miranda and Rookie. "Where's Dot?"

"Still in her igloo, I guess." Rookie said.

"And the agents who are guarding her?" she asked.

"There" Jason said.

"Good" she said.

By the time she said that, two agents bursted into the Command Room from the elevator.

"Help! Dot's been kidnapped!" one of the agents said between pants.

Rogue sighed. "Well what'dya know? She's kidnapped!"

Jet's left arm twitched.

"Uh, Jet? Are you okay?" Jason asked, seeing the twitching freaked Jason out.

"Jet? Calm down." Rogue said, realizing Jet's situation.

"Calm down? CALM DOWN?! Think of it, Tvarkov! What if JASON was kidnapped?" he said between gritted teeth.

"Really Jet, don't try to make my blood run cold... anyway, keep your cool. This isn't like you." she said.

"Fine..."he said.

"Good, now agents! Let's go!"

Wearing their crab and Herbert costumes, Jet, Rogue, Jason and Rookie crawled inside the vents, and into Sector 3. While Jet and Jason were busy arguing over how to crack the code, Rookie and Rogue were talking.

"R-R-Rogue? I'm next, what will I d-d-do?" he said.

She tried to feel his head so she could pat it, but failed.

"Calm down, there we will rescue you guys, just don't worry."she assured. But deep in her, she knew that it's getting worse.

Every two days, the Director would send them the next move and new equipment to assist them, and what do they do while they wait? Keep the citizens alive. The agent-in-charge would always give her agents orders, shifts to keep them busy and the citizens alive. As Rogue hastily walked in the still intact EPF branch in Muscovgrad, Rusca, she ran into General Stalin, a cousin of Dictator Stalin, who was the dictator of Rusca during the Khanzem war.

"General Stalin!" she said, saluting at him.

The man smiled, "Ah, Rogue. I was looking for you, the Director wishes to speak with you."

"And where does she wish to speak with me?" she asked.

He gave her a warm smile, "Conference Room B."

She ran to Conference Room B which was at least a flight of stairs, a few corridors and a few security checkpoints away. Finally, she got there, tired and beaded with sweat.

"D-D-Direc-Direct- can you just give me 5 minutes?" she sputtered, the Director nodded.

She sat down at the nearest chair and began to relax, 10 screens, penguin length, infront of her, she still wonders why 10. Then out of nowhere, the screen near the Director's flashed open, Jet was there, in a branch in Toledo, Castilla. The screen near him opened as well, with Jason in a branch in Eastshield, USA.

"Hey Rogue, why're ya sittin'?" Jason asked.

"Shut up Jason, I ran here." she said, then stood up. "What is happening there in Castilla and in Eastshield?"

The shrugged their shoulders at the same time.

"Tryin' my best, can't understand them... argh! I need Agent Clovis!" Jet said.

"Rounding up ma folks are kinda difficult." Jason said.

"Jerry.... shut up." Jet snapped at Jason.

Jason growled, "It's Jason!" he yelled.

Rogue blinked twice, "We are not here to argue, we are here to talk... Director! What are we going to talk about?"

"We need to wait for the two." the Director said.

The Ruscan sighed and sat on her chair once more, listening to the arguments of Jet and Jason about Jason's name. Then, sooner or later, Miranda popped in on the screen next to Jason, she was in the lighthouse, or now as it is called, the medical bay, she was worried.

"Help! Rookie's been KIDNAPPED!" she cried, the two arguing agents stopped arguing.

"How?" Rogue asked.

"Crabs. Came in, took him." Miranda sobbed.

The two glared at Miranda, at least, the screen she was in.

"Please, don't cry." Jason moaned.

"Miranda, why are you crying?" Rogue's voice had a crack as she said that.

Everyone knew that Rogue's emotion wall isn't that hard to break, especially if it regarded the loss of a colleague, nowadays. Stress, strategic planning, meetings, trips, all those things, can help anyone destroy Rogue's emotional wall, just make sure you tell her something terrible when she has at least all or more than 3 of these things. But no one much knew that Rogue's emotion wall was ONE after the OTHER. That was how Rogue can endure during emotional times, she was just strong willed.

"Agent Tvarkov, I believe your emotional wall is er-breaking, judging from your tone." the Director said

The two nodded at what the Director said.

Rogue sat straight up, "No, only a... crack, yes, just a crack." she said, straightening her tie nervously.

The three glared at her, because Miranda already signed off, only 3 screens remained on.

Agent Tvarkov, I want you to get a plane to CP Isle now." the Director said and signed off.

The two looked at Rogue, Rogue returned the glare.

"I'll get the jet." she said and took her military cap, which was on the table.

"Don't forget to fetch us!" The boys said in unison.

Chapter 4: It Rages On[edit]

Days pasted and slowly, agents kept on being kidnapped. As Rogue walked slowly through the corridors of the EPF HQ in CP, rubbing her upper left arm, as much as how she hates injections, it was just to keep her living, after that incident.

"No, Rogue don't think about the incident." she thought, "As agent-in-charge, you need faith. Don't let a little thing like this trouble you."

But the memory was still fresh in her mind, slowly poisoning and penetrating her.

That early morning, in the snack room of the EPF, she and EPF Tactical Lead Jet Pack Guy -or who she calls Jet- were talking. Rogue was wearing what she wore to Muscograd, which was a black tank top and an olive green jacket. She wore BDU pants, and black combat boots. Rogue was leaning on the table's edge, mug on right hand, file in left. She was explaining to Jet about the recent kidnapping of Rookie, which happened the day before yesterday. Out of nowhere, crabs went in, and the two yelped in surprise. One managed to get up the table and stab her on the back with something. She screamed in pain, and a tear fell from her face. She then held the table. Her head began to throb, and her eyesight blurred, though her hearing stayed sharp, and intact.

"What the Benny did that crab stab me with?" she asked herself, and looked at the table, hoping to find it. Nothing.

"Get your dirty claws off me!" he yelled.

The girl reached for something that was in her pants, an ice bullet pistol. With shaky hands, she aimed at the crabs on Jet's arm, she shot thrice, removing or scaring off all the crabs. Another crab stabbed her at the back once more. This time, more tears ran down. Her eyesight blurred once more.

Jet yell "Rogue! Protect the Director! They may be next!"

After that, everything blacked out for the Ruscan.

From what Jason told her, she was sent to the medical bay, and found out she was poisoned with some kind of snake poison. They found an antidote, and injected it into her blood veins, typically on her upper left arm. After hours of worrying, she woke up. She was told that the Director wishes to speak to her, and that the agency is astonished to find out of Jet's kidnapping. Jason brought her white scarf, her white gloves, her white boots and her white coat. She gladly accepted it and placed it on, removing her combat boots which she clipped on her now hidden pants. She walked quickly out of the lighthouse, and into the EPF.

She took out a brass key and inserted it into the lock of her office. The door clicked, and she got in her office. She found loads of mail on her desk, all from Herbert. Threats, threats telling her that if the EPF doesn't surrender, he will kidnap an agent, then a more recent one came through, telling her to watch her back, she might be next after the Director. With a heavy sigh, she looked at the photo of the frozen agents Herbert sent, she knew she wouldn't want to be there. As she looked at her file regarding the operation, she realized something, it was that she can't be next, because she is a bit too powerful. For the fact that she has a whole army of EPF agents in her disposal. Suddenly, her computer turned on, with the Director in it, Rogue shrieked in surprise.

"Aaaah! Oh why hello there." she yelled, then stopped.

"Agent Rogue. Are you okay? I have just received word about your incident. What happened? How did this happened? Why weren't you prepared for this?" the Director asked, beginning to bomb her with questions.

"Agent Jet Pack Guy was kidnapped. We were attacked by crabs. And I was well, taken by surprise. I tried my best." she confessed.

The Director nodded, "Very well. We need to make the next move. Tell the agents to proceed to the next security terminal." they said.

"But what about you? We need to protect you!" Rogue cried.

"I will be fine, just relax Agent Tvarkov." the Director said and signed off.

"'...the fate of the island rests in you...' Well Rogue, what do you think? Go now or what?" Jason said, putting down the file he just read.

At the same time, Rogue placed down the tablet she was reading.

"Herbert's party is two days from now. Let's just give him one party before he falls." she said, smirking.

She regrets it all, she flung herself to her bed and sobbed. Jason, the agent she knew and understood the most, captured. She remember the fist time they met, that day in the Academy...

The school was packed with recruits. Jason Laurenson, Bryan Spasky, Erika Santiago and Danika Rivera were in front of school grounds, chatting. Out of nowhere, a girl, wearing a white scarf, a brown sweater, green pants, and black sneakers was with Agent Mike. She had a black shoulder bag, and her hair was hazel and ponytailed. Spasky stiffened, Erika and Danika began whispering to each other, while Jason went to her.

"Hi," he said, extending his arm for her to shake, "The name's Jason. Jason Laurenson, yours?"

She took it with an iron grip and shook it.

"Rogue. Rogue Tvarkov." she said with her thick Russian accent.

Bryan jumped away in fright.

"Bryan, what's up?" Jason asked.

Bryan quivered in fright. "Tvarkov, two of my cousins were lost in a fire... years ago." he said with a shaky tone.

The girl snorted, "Your name's Bryan Spasky, right?" she asked.

He yelped and hid behind Erika. "That girl's freaking me out, how did she know my name?" he said.

"Just... know." she said.

During the training, Rogue learned. But above all, she learned how to love.

She stopped crying, she remembered those words he told her.

"Never forget to love, because it is love makes the world go round." he used to say.

She wiped away a tear.

"No, I'll avenge him" she said darkly.

She stormed out of her igloo, a plan began brewing up in her mind.

Chapter 5: Brewing Up a Storm[edit]

"Agent Rogue, what are you doing here?" Bryan asked, seeing the girl thunder into the underground HQ.

"What am I doing here? I just went her to play with the Herbert dolls...." she said sarcastically.

"Oh, really?" Bryan said, amazed to find out that Rogue liked the Herbert dolls.

She whacked him with her file, "No you idiot! I just got an idea!"

"And?" Miranda asked.

"We'll infiltrate his party. Some will be near the vent, waiting for my orders. Some, including I, shall infiltrate as guests." she said.

The two smiled and nodded in excitement.

"All agents to underground headquarters, we have an infiltration plan." Rogue said through every agent's earpieces.

As Agent Jason heard that, he gasped.

"Rogue, she's planning... alone..." he said.

Herbert kept him in a cage, "for safe keeping" Herbert had said that day.

Jason sighed, "Agent Tvarkov, my sweet friend, she can't be scared. I know we'll be rescued, safe with her. But how?" he muttered.

He remembered what he told her.

"Never forget to love, because it is love that makes the world go round." he muttered and placed his hands on his face."Tvarkov, you beautiful little agent, if only I knew that I was not to be with you anymore. Unless if you rescue us, I may."

It was settled. Wearing a red dress, Rogue accompanied with Bryan Spasky entered the party.

She heard a whistle from her earpiece.

"Very pretty, Rogue! I never knew you have a dress like that." Agent Gunner said.

"Shut up, Gunner. Concentrate and keep your eyes peeled on my movements." she snapped.

She watched Herbert closely, who was wearing a bow tie.

Hours later, the party began to slow down.

"Agent Gunner, status report." Rogue muttered into her earpiece which doubled as an earring.

"We deactivated Security Terminal 5, gate to Herbert's HQ is a go." Gunner said.

"Affirmative, go on and get out of the vent. Operation Freedom begins." she said.

She could see Gunner, Miranda, Erika and Jasmine scamper through the vent.

"Bryan, dear, we need to go." she said to Bryan.

He nodded and brought her out of the room.

"Freedom will come, in an hour's time."

Wearing their combat uniforms, the agents went into Herbert's HQ. Some gasped when they saw their frozen leaders.

"Strange, where's Jason?" Rogue asked.

Suddenly, they heard heavy footsteps.

"Herbert! Hide!" she cried and jumped behind a machine.

The others followed, jumping and running.

"Klutzy! What are you doing?" Herbert yelled.

Rogue snickered, "He thought we were Klutzy."

She could hear the others chuckle.

"Klutzy? Where are you?" Herbert said as he came into the room.

"Oh no, no no no... this- this shouldn't happen!" Bryan muttered.

Unfortunately, Herbert was headed to Rogue's direction.

"Oh dear... no no please don't..." Rogue began to mutter.

Too late, he found her.

"Break formation!" Miranda yelled.

Everyone broke up and began to attack Herbert. Rogue had a sword in her hand, like Herbert had. They charged at each other so fierce, that sparks flew as their swords clashed. After a bit more fencing, he managed to scratch her hard on the cheek, and she walked backwards, and fell on the floor, stunned. Gunner and Jasmine began to advance on him, but were easily defeated. Rogue got up, and began to charge, with nothing but her fists. But suddenly, Herbert collapsed.

"What.... just happened?" Rogue said.

She then saw Bryan with a blow dart barrel thing.

"Okay...?" Rogue said.

They began to free the 5 kidnapped agents.

"Woah! Agent Tvarkov! What happened to you?" Gary said as he jumped down his tube.

"Roguester! Are you okay?" Jet said.

The Director was out last, "Well done, agents!" The Director said, "Thanks to your remarkable courage and bravery, the island is safe. Truly..." they said as the dark shadows cleared.

The agents looked with anticipation. Is this it? Is this the moment of truth?

"You have saved us all" Director Arctic said.

Everyone in the room gasped.

"Now you know the truth.... and you are worthy of my secret.... keep it well." she continued.

Jasmine wiped away a tear as the Director continued.

"There is a lot to be done, and though the road ahead is long.. the EPF shall rise again" she finished.

Rogue ran around Herbert's HQ. From afar, Jason could hear heavy footsteps.

"Rogue!" Jason yelled.

Rogue found him and freed him.

She hugged him and cried, "I missed you, God I missed you." she said.

He patted her gently on the back, "Yes, I miss you too."

Chapter 6: Not Yet Over[edit]

In a certain branch, in a certain country in the EPF, Jason, Rookie, Rogue, Dot, JPG, Director and G were having a meeting. A confusing yet fairly revealing one.

"We need a plan, ASAP." the Director said, banging her fist on the table. She was no longer on her screen

Rogue stood up due to frustration, "We need help from a different country!"

Jason stands as well, "Agreeable, but which?"

Brief silence was heard. In a way, it felt awkward.

"Darn! My head still aches from being froze!" Gary cried, massaging his aching head.

"It's okay, we'll check you out soon, I promise." The Director said, comforting him by giving him some aspirin.

Meanwhile, the others were arguing whether it was to be Rusca or Castilla.

"Rusca!" Rookie, Jason, and Rogue said.

Jet and Dot retaliated, "Castilla!"



They all began to shout at each other their reasons.

Director shrieks, "STOP!"

Silence ensues. Luckily, The Director shushed them before Rogue could start pulling Dot's hair.

"We shall choose Rusca, the Green Berets in exact. Meeting adjourned, Rogue shall stay." the Director said, finalizing their argument.

Everyone but Rogue walked out of the meeting area, chattering and asking each other what the Director would want with Rogue. They didn't see an agent walk in. The door closes, the agents awaits the Director's signal. Meanwhile, the agent eavesdrops on the two.

"As the temporary agent-in-charge..." The Director began, but was interrupted.

"Wait.... I'm still agent-in-charge?" Rogue asked. "But isn't Gary back?"

The Director chuckles then smiles, "Yes. Until Gary heals, you take his place, you're my wingman."

"Alright, you may continue." Rogue said.

"... You need to contact the Green Beret's General... Here." the Director gave her a piece of paper, a phone number inscribed into it.

Rogue clutches the piece of paper, "Okay"

"Also, you will lead the raid to capture Herbert. At the moment, your title is General."

Silence ensues. Rogue was analyzing everything.

"Also, I'll give you a temporary Lieutenant General, he is an International Affairs agent..... Rogue...." they said and ushered to the agent, "... Meet Agent Clovis. He is from Toledo, Castilla. He will be your Lieutenant General. I shall leave you with him."

The Director leaves the room, looking for Gary. The two look at each other with awkward silence.

Clovis said, "Um... hello Ms. Tvarkov."

Rogue relaxed, "Ah, Clovis. I've heard about you and the Hochstadt Gang. But call me Rogue."

Clovis relaxed as well, "Mhm, and I have heard of you, about your relationship with Jet."

Rogue snapped, "I don't have any relationship with him."

"Um..." Clovis pauses, "Heheh... sorry. Anyway, go make the call, I'll just sit here and clean my deletion gun."

As Rogue dialed the number, she twined her flipper on the spiral cord of it as it rings. The general on the other line answered.

"Алло? Это генерал Иван Гарольд Tvarkov, кто это? (Hello? This is Ivan Harold Tvarkov, who is this?)" the general said.

"Здравствуйте, это генеральный Rogue Alyssa Tvarkov из EPF, могу ли я попросить о встрече? (Hello, this is General Rogue Alyssa Tvarkov of the EPF, may I request a meeting?)" Rogue said casually.

The general froze when he heard her name. At the same time, Clovis was staring at her. He was wondering what language she was speaking in.

"Можем ли мы сделать встречу в Национальной разведки из Руска в Muscovgrad? (May we do the meeting in the National Reconnaissance of Rusca in Muscovgrad?)" the general asked.

Rogue stops and thinks,"Хм ... Я полагаю. Я буду там скоро ... Вы можете оставить сейчас. (Hmm... I suppose so. I shall be there... you may want to leave now.)"

With that, she ended the call.

Rogue turned to Clovis, "Clovis... do you know how to drive a mini jeep?"

Clovis stared at her with curiosity, "Yeah... why?"

Rogue shook her head before walking away, "Nevermind.... I'll drive."

Meanwhile, as Rogue and Clovis get the mini jeep, General Tvarkov was running to his wife's office.

"Irina! Irina!" Ivan yelled.

"Yes?" Irina said, turning from her swivel chair.

Ivan said hastily, "An EPF agent called, the surname was Tvarkov!"

Irina's eyes widened behind her rectangular glasses. This was getting interesting.

She asked, "And?"

Ivan said, "They are having a meeting here in NRR HQ!"

Irina said worriedly, "How much time do we have left?"


The two looked to see Rogue and Clovis get out of the car.

Irina gasped, "You were in Muscovgrad?"

The two nodded.

Rogue started after a while of silence, "Hello, Mother. Father. I only figured out while driving that I am your daughter."

Clovis turned to look at her, "Wait... you never knew your parents?"

Rogue sighed, "Yes. After a fire that separated us, I never saw them. I was only a few months old."

Silence echoed as the parents and the daughter studied each other.

Rogue finally broke the silence, "Anyway, let us have the meeting."

Ivan agreed, "Let's."

Chapter 7: The Meeting[edit]

The four sat down. Rogue adjusted herself into the seat as Clovis cleared his throat uncomfortably.

Rogue began, "The EPF requests for you to lend your services to us, sir. You apparently have a debt to them."

Ivan nodded, then looked at her, "Ah, yes. But why?"

Clovis and Rogue looked at each other. Rogue nodded, then turned towards the two, Clovis spoke, "Herbert escaped. Because of this, we are preparing for a raid, and we need help, because some of our agents are still recovering. The top leaders are MIA, and Rogue is the current temporary agent-in-charge."

Irina cleared her throat, "Ah, yes-"

Rogue interrupts, temper wild, "Why do you always say 'Ah, yes'?!?"

Clovis frowned at her, "Rogue!"

Irina looked uncomfortable, and squirmed on her seat, "Um, ahem. As I was saying, I have heard about it."

Rogue sighed, "Okay. So, do you accept?"

Ivan thinks, before turning towards Irina. They spoke for a while before nodding and turning towards the two.

Ivan said, "Yes, but for only one condition."

Clovis quirked an eyebrow, "And what is it?"

Ivan smirked, "We collaborate with Irina."

Clovis and Rogue began to discuss it. Their eyes flew back and forth from each other and the couple opposite of them. The two began to bead sweat. Finally, the two nodded and turned back to their normal positions.

Clovis clears his throat, "We have came to a decision."

Rogue smiled a bit, "Yes. Yes, we will collaborate with you and Mrs. Tvarkov."

A few days passed since the meeting. Rogue just landed at the Island, and was a bit too stormy. In the midst of the chaos of the EPF Underground Resistance, Rogue barged in, looking quite harassed.

"Something up, Tvarkov?" Garrett, a friend of hers, asked.

Rogue paused, and looked at him, "Yeah. I just can't believe that I'm the daughter of an NRR Director and a Green Berets General."

"What?" Garrett nearly choked on his drink.

"You heard me." Rogue said as the room silenced, "I'm the daughter of Director Irina Tvarkov and General Ivan Tvarkov."

Garrett stared at her once more before painfully swallowing his drink and clearing his throat. "Well... what a... turn of events..."

Rogue and her mother, Irina, were in the Muscovgrad station. Both of them stood awkwardly, watching the other agents track down Herbert. Irina glanced at Rogue fondly every now and then, then look at her computer.

Irina decided to break the ice and asked. "How old are you, Rogue?"

Rogue paused from glancing at her laptop, and looked up at Irina, "Um... I'm fifteen, ma'am."

Irina nodded and looked at her laptop before at her again, "You don't need to call me "ma'am", Rogue. I'm your mother."

Rogue paused again and nodded and tapped commands into her computer, "Alright... Mom."

"That's better." Irina smiled.

Rogue nodded and continued typing on her laptop. She noticed Clovis coming near with two mugs of hot chocolate.

"Thank you, Clovis." Rogue said as she sipped on her mug, "What's the status on General Tvarkov?"

"He's just in his office." Clovis said, "Why?"

"Nothing. Thank you." Rogue said.

He only nodded and walked off to probably try and be useful. Rogue sighed, looked up at the ceiling, and closed her eyes, trying to calm her raging head.

In the CP EPF HQ, in the partially destroyed Command Room, the leaders of all the divisions, the Director and General Rogue were in a meeting again.

Jason: "Alright, what's the battle strategy here?"

Rogue banged her foam cup onto the table, and a few drops of coffee spilled onto the table

Rogue: "Easy. Plan, train, fight"

Gary shrugged his shoulders:

Gary: "That's primarily the thing. But we need an even more complex one"

Rogue was dumbfound.

Aunt Arctic: "So, what do we do?"

Everyone was thinking

Jet Pack Guy: "Hold it."

Everyone's attention turned to him

Jet Pack Guy: "Rogue, what is the location of Suspect 1?"

Rogue looked through her clipboard.

Rogue: "Uh, somewhere in the Tallest mountain."

Everyone began murmuring, when suddenly, Dot had that "light bulb" look on her face

Rogue noticed and gave her the "you're kiddin' me, right?" look

Rogue: "Alright Dotty, what is it?"

Everyone stared at Rogue and Dot

Dot: "Like a SWAT team, we sneak in!"

Rogue fell silent for the minute and looked at her clipboard

Rogue: "Hold it. I'm sorry I read the wrong file, he's in one of the mountains in Rusca"

Everyone groaned while Dot silently growled.

Now they're all thinking again

Then Rookie had the "I have an idea" look at his face.

Rogue gave the sky a look of "why God, why darn him?!"

She heavily sighed

Rogue: "Okay Rookie. What is it?"

Rookie stood up

Rookie: "We team up with the NRR!"

Rogue did a facepalm

Rogue: "We already DID"

Rookie: "Oh"

Everyone was again in deep thinking

Then Gary took out a piece of paper and began scribbling on it

Then another....

And another....

And another....

Rogue: "Gary, what the hell are you doing?"

The man didn't hear Rogue as he transferred his writings to a whiteboard prepared for an explanation

He wrote on one...

And another....

And another...

And another...

By then, Rookie and Miranda fainted and all that remained were Rogue, the Director, Jet, Jason and G

Jason: "G, what's all these writings and numbers about?"

Gary began talking in record speed, so fast that Jet and Jason ended up on the floor, unconscious

Rogue: "Okay, I understand"

The Director gave her a surprised look

Director: "You understood?"

Rogue gave the least of a smug smile

Director: "Oh. Right, northern penguin smarts"

Now she was sure that Rogue was giving a smug smile.

Chapter XXI- Like Eyes In The Sky[edit] The day has come. Jet Pack Guy walked pass the busy avenue of Alpine, passed the street of AA: Sleet and proceeded to Altitude street, where a female15 year old Ruscan with a rank so high that many couldn't even reach that in 5 years, was sleeping lightly, since she already woke up and was wearing white singlets, a gun belt, open knuckles gloves, olive green pants that Kim Possible would usually wear, and black sneakers. When he was just in front of her doorstep, her voice rang

Rogue: "The door is open, Jet"

Startled, he unconsciously went in.

Jet: "How.. how did you know?"

Rogue: "I can sense you, natural trait"

Jet: "Ah, I see"

Both slowly walked to the door when Rogue's telephone rang

Rogue: "Hold on, I need to answer this"

She answer it and her eyes widened,

Jet: "Rogue? You okay?"

She turned away from him to look at the window, the moon was still out and it's light was shining a silver light,

Rogue: "God, uncover all the secrets of my past, why is it I who is a family member of Tsar Alexander IV?"

A knife flies across the room and hits the direct heart of the dummy, more knives are thrown, and soon, you could say that the person's "double dead"

Gary: "Rogue cut it out! I know you're depressed, but use it all later"

Rogue gave the hint of a growl and dropped her knife

Gary: "Good girl"

Clovis walked in,

Clovis: "Hey Rogue, who's flying the helicopter?"

Rogue smiled and spoke,

Rogue: "You"

A helicopter carefully goes to the foot of a mountain in Rusca

Rogue: "Alright agents, the raid's up"

She wore her shades, she was still wearing what she wore when Jet took her to the EPF

Jason: "Rogue? Are you sure you wouldn't freeze up there?"

Rogue gave a hint of an eye roll,

Rogue: "I don't care, I'll be fine"

Meanwhile, in the control room in the NRR, Ivan, Irina, AA and G were watching nervously as Rogue strikes her ice axe onto the side of the mountain

Irina: "Are you sure Rogue wouldn't freeze herself to death?"

The Director: "She had a mission once which required her to climb the Tallest Mountain in Club Penguin, if she survived the freezing atmosphere there, then we might as well should relax"

Like eyes in the sky, they watched nervously as the troop of agents climb the mountain

Hours later, they finally reached the top.

Rogue:"Okay, so we're up"

Jason:"Prepare to kick down the door!"

The troops walked to the sides of the door, and kicked it open, at the same time, throwing a stun grenade inside

Agent 1:"Go go go!"

Everyone went in and began shooting at the crabs

Jason:"Rogue, you go look for Herbert. We'll handle these crabs"

Rogue nodded and ran to look for Herbert, and found him in his room.

Herbert: "Agent Rogue. So you found your parents?"

Rogue: "Yes, wait how did you know they were my parents?"

Herbert gave an evil laugh to the clueless agent, and pushed her all the way out of the room.

She fell on her butt as Herbert pointed a gun on her face

Herbert: "Poor Agent Rogue, dying so soon"

Rogue gave a scowl


Herbert's eyes widened as Rogue kicked him back into his room.

He fell harshly in front of his table, he slowly took out a grenade

Herbert:"The joke's on you, agent!"

He threw the grenade at Rogue


It exploded, throwing Rogue out of the cave and at the edge of the mountain, holding nothing but the edge with one hand

Irina: "Rogue!"

The helicopter that was getting footage for them got a glimpse of Rogue's fall

Ivan: (whispering) "God save our daughter"

The Director left the room to get her comm. link

Gary: "Clovis, do you think you can come close and pick her up?"

Clovis: "No can do, G. The blades can cut off the snow and cause an avalanche, there's nothing we can do"

Gary sighed, it's up to Rogue for her own survival.

Gary: "Very well."

Rogue couldn't hear anything but the screams and worried voices of the NRR agents in the control room in her earpiece

Herbert emerged in front of her

Herbert: "Well, agent. This gives a whole new meaning for a hero's fall"

Rogue: "Shut up. I'll live"

By then, Jason got out of the chaotic room to see Herbert and Rogue

Jason: "Rogue!"

Herbert gave her an evil grin, and stepped on her hand

That's it.

She fell 200 feet below and stretched her hand and grabbed the side of the mountain

Rogue: "Woah, that was close"

In her earpiece, she could hear her mother screaming and swearing a lot

Rogue gave a hint of a smile

Rogue: "Okay, you can stop insulting me now"

Her mother stopped and talked

Irina: "Okay, we're sending in Agent Jet-"

Rogue: "I'm fine"

Irina: "Can you climb?"

Rogue began climbing fast with her hands and feet

Rogue: "Does this answer your question?"

Everyone was speechless as she continued climbing

NRR Agent 1: "Mam, the agent has high health stats"

Then silence

She arrived to the top

Chapter XXII-The Showdown[edit] Herbert saw her and gasped

Herbert: "How the heck did you get up here?!"

Rogue gave him a dark smile

Rogue: "I'm Rogue Tvarkov, daughter of two powerful militants"

Blow by blow in the stomach, arm, and other places in his body did she land her punches

Herbert spat out a bloody tooth

Herbert: "Agent Rogue. Did you know that it was I who made your house into flames?"

From there, Rogue was furious and her eyes looked like dancing flames

Irina: "Rogue, stop. Yes, it was he who set fire to our home"

Rogue: "Shut up!"

Blinded by her anger, she nearly broke her comm link, her conscience stopping her anger from acting

Instead, she released all her anger on Herbert, the man who did all of this. Blow after blow in every place she could hit, she didn't even CARE if her mother was watching. She was silently crying continuously, gritting her teeth tighter in the process

Rogue's voice showed all signs that she was crying

Rogue: (in a sobbing voice) "Why, why, WHY!!!"

She did an upper cut, and he fell, stunned.

She wiped a way a tear,

Rogue: (in a sobbing voice) "Why did you do this?"

Herbert gave an evil chuckle even if he was brutally harmed by Rogue

Herbert: "I hated your parents, when I found out you were born. Why not use that to be my revenge? So I arson your house, but I never expected her to rise to be one of the EPF's best agents"

Rogue by then fully recovered from her emotional moment

Rogue: "You destroyed my family. Soon, soon you'll pay. I swear to Mod"

An explosion occurred and nearly threw Rogue off the cliff again. As the smoke clears, Herbert is no where to be seen.

Rogue: "Soon."

Chapter XXIII- Anti-Terrorism Division[edit] A few days after the raid The Director: "I, the Director of the EPF. Hereby announce, due to the sudden invasion of Herbert that affected us all, we shall never be caught by surprise. So, I say that we will give way to a new division: The Anti-Terrorism Division!"

The agents in HQ clapped and cheered loudly.

The Director continued, "I also have made a choice. Because of her bravery and courage for guiding this agency during the Operation, Agent Rogue Tvarkov, I choose you to be the Head of the Anti-Terrorism Division!"

The agents cleared the pathway to the stairs as Rogue walked up the stairs, to the front of the destroyed Tube Transport.

The Director: "Agent Rogue, do you accept this duty,"

The Director pulled out from a black box G was holding behind her a silver badge, the badge of the leaders, hers customized with the Anti-Terrorism Division's insignia, a picture of the earth with two swords making an X shape behind it, the EPF insignia in the center and finally, the worlds "ANTI TERRORISM DIVISION" on it, in the center of all the writings was the word "LEADER".

The Director continued,"this obligation, swearing to God to offer your life for this division?"

Rogue looked down at her fellow agents, all had a face that said "go for it"

Rogue's words made the agents shout for joy,

"The honor's all mine."

The construction began three months after the incident, one of the last structures to be fixed. A new annex in the EPF for the Anti-Terrorism Division was created, and the young division was opening it's doors for some new blood and agents. Many joined, many passed. Everywhere, peace reigned, and the agency was rising from ashes. Rogue got a new uniform, a white polo, name plates, rank plates, medals, black shoulder loops with her rank of 3 golden olive branches, a black tie, a tight black skirt, black high heels, a military cap with a white top and a black rim, with the Anti-Terrorism Division's insignia on it with two branches of golden olive leaves. They began operating in different branches in the EPF, and soon a lot were part of this division all around Antarctica.