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Lettuce Danial Veggimyer
Title Lettuce
Gender Male
Race Adelie Penguin
Faction Unknown
Health Stable
Level Unknown
Status Unknown
Location Club Penguin

Lettuce Daniel Veggimyer (pronunciation: Vej-E-my-ur), most commonly known as Lettuce40801, or Lettuce for short, is a green Adelie Penguin and former member of the Nacho Army who currently resides on Club Penguin. Commonly described by various penguins, especially those of the Elite Penguin Force, as an eccentric and bold penguin who often faces his problems head-on (sometimes quite literally), Lettuce is a kind and fun-loving creature who LOVES pranks, especially those with Mwa Mwa Penguins as the victims. In a similar vein to Hat Pop's bunny ears, Lettuce is most recognized by a simple pair of brown pirate boots. He owns two puffles: a female blue puffle named Bloo Berrie, and a male red puffle named Punch.


Background and Recruitment into the Nacho Army[edit]

Born in the late 1990s to a pair of simpleminded and free-spirited penguins, Lettuce grew up in a home full of fun-loving prank pulling siblings (4 to be exact), Lettuce being the youngest of them. As a result, Lettuce developed the pranking skills he would later hone in life (especially on Mwa Mwa Penguins). Lettuce's mother was a MAJOR pro-Mwa Mwa activist, and as a result she adopted many of these little creeps. This started Lettuce's deep seated hatred of Mwa Mwas, and he would constantly prank his "broders" and "wistas" as a teenager, where he would constantly be punished by his parents for doing this. Eventually, Lettuce ran away from home at age 14, where he was found by a penguin named Person1233, leader (at the time) of the Nachos.

Military Career and Eventual Retirement[edit]

Soon after being recruited into the Nachos, Lettuce rose through the ranks, earning 3 medals in his time of service. Not only that, but he also became Sgt. Lettuce D. Veggimyer, of the Blizzard Air Force. For the rest of his military career (3 years, to be exact), he would stick with his position, never advancing further. During his time of service, Lettuce was a witness to a host of historical events, including two very important events in Nacho history: A raid by an army of bots known as the FACP during a practice battle along with the resulting clashes of said army in the immediate aftermath, and the retirement of Person1233. Soon after Person's retirement, Lettuce soon disappeared from the Nachos, never to take up the mantle of Sergeant again.

Present Day[edit]

For a time after his retirement, Lettuce became a recluse, never venturing outside his igloo and oblivious to all the many changes made to Club Penguin in the meantime. During this short period, Lettuce fell into a reflective state, in deep thought about his military career and all the good times he had. Eventually, he gained his confidence back and finally ventured outside his igloo for the first time in two years. He started an army known as M.W.A. (Mwa Mwa Warfare Army), a group that uses a combination of weaponized pranks and Lettuce's own military knowledge in a war against the evil subspecies we all know and hate. He also joined the EPF, as he was part of the PSA during his military career.

Alter Egos[edit]

Lettuce has a variety of Alter Egos, most of which he uses to prank Mwa Mwa Penguins, often using their idiocy to his advantage. These are the alter egos he uses most often:

The Easter Donkey - Lettuce's most used and most well known alter ego, which he uses to prank Mwa Mwa Penguins in Easter or egg-related pranks. When in this persona, Lettuce changes his feather color to brown, puts on the Cocoa Bunny ears, wears brown fur boots, and a brown jacket.

Santa Clubs - Lettuce's other well-known persona is a fake Santa who enjoys whacking Mwa Mwas over the head with frying pans. When in the guise of Santa Clubs, Lettuce simply changes his color to red, puts on a Santa hat and beard, and takes off his boots, as not to be recognized.

Sprout - A persona which Lettuce uses when doing undercover missions for his army. Lettuce changes his color to yellow, and wields a lollipop, which he uses as a melee weapon on Mwa Mwas and the penguins who adopt them.

Agent Vegetable - The persona Lettuce uses when doing EPF-related work. He wears a tux with sunglasses and has a serious, no-nonsense aura about him.

W4FFL3-L0RD - Lettuce is also a Str00del Force member who uses the wacky persona of W4FFL3-L0RD when doing Str00del-related business. He wears a waffle costume, complete with Shadow Guy mask and cape.

DJ Lettuc3 - When DJing at the Night Club, Lettuce becomes a party animal who is one cool cat. When he is DJ Lettuc3, Lettuce wears headphones, 3D glasses, and has gold chains around his neck.


  • Lettuce is a good member of the Str00del Force.
  • He has a MAJOR crush on Hat Pop.
  • He is a fan of the Red Team.
  • He enjoys pizza.
  • Speaking of pizza, he works at the Pizza Parlor.
  • When in the guise of W4FFL3-L0RD, Lettuce speaks fluent l33t.
  • He wants to get into the South Pole Council, and admires Judge Xavier.
  • Lettuce also has the ability to break the 4th Wall.
  • He is also a Ninja-in-training.