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Realistic Dragon.jpg
Letum rampaging and destroying the village where he was created.
Title Death
Gender Male
Race Dragon
Faction Flywish's Army, The Roger Clones
Health Good
Level Awesome!!!!
Status Hunting you down.
Location Forests of Club Penguin
Archetype Good to neutral

Letum is Roger Lopez's pet dragon, found in the forests of Penguifornia.



Letum was created various years ago by the Moriladron, as a powerful weapon against other civilizations. He was never born and never was a baby, since he was created an adult. How it was created is unknown, but it is possible that the Moriladron created him with dark magic and primitive genetic engineering, and spent weeks holding their creation in suspended animation to work on it without it waking up too early. He was created artificially because natural dragons we're rare and hard to find, and if such specimen was found it would be extremely difficult to tame. The Moriladron named him Letum, which means "Death". Short after finishing creation of a creation of such dimensions and power, Letum was waken from suspended animation. He was thought to be innocent and a failure, and his creators tried to kill him. Letum, in anger, attack back and proved too much for their creator, and killed them. Letum rampaged through the village where he was created in anger, causing the evacuation and abandonment of the village. After calming down, he flew away to Penguifornia.

Bonding with Roger[edit]

Roger, after being told that he was born on Penguifornia, went on a trip there to see his home lands. A urban legend from a village near a sequoia forest said that a dragon of immense sizes roamed through the forest, who ate the people who went to the forest and got near it. Roger went to see if it was true.

While exploring the forest, he found Letum hunting, and nearly got killed by the dragon's claws, proving that the urban legend was true. Roger offered him a cooked steak he brought for food for him, to calm the beast, and the dragon gently took the steak and walked away, thanking Roger by not killing him. Roger brought him food as a gift everyday, eventually Letum bonded with him for the food. He allowed Roger to get near to him, and eventually ride him, and then take him away from the Forests, and to the Forests of Club Penguin, without telling anyone of the villagers. Residents of the village thought that he was eaten by the dragon after he didn't come back, and the same day, and saw a dragon silhouette fly through the skies of the village, and off to the sea. Very few suspected that Roger tamed the dragon, since it had eaten all of the other explorers.

At the arrival at Club Penguin Island, a minor concern by resident penguins from the island was that Darktan II as Hardcore had came to attack the island, because of the silhouette of a dragon over the skies. This was proven false, since there was no attack or further sightings or the dragon further then, and then Roger presented Letum, leading to the ones who saw the dragon shape to believe it was Letum. Letum was taught to attack Mwa Mwa Penguins and be loyal to Roger, and attack on command. He joined Flywish's Army along with Roger at the offer from Papa Flywish.


Letum is Roger Lopez's pet dragon. He hates Mwa Mwa's as much as Roger (or she doesn't actually hate them, but has been taught by Roger to attack them). He has destroyed an entire village in anger, and used to live in redwood and sequoya forests of Penguifornia. He is also, along with Roger, in Flywish's Army.


  • He is genetically created, has no parents, and was never born.
  • Although when not angered he is innocent and harmless, when provoked he goes berserk, and will destroy everything in its path until calmed down.
  • Gifting him food will make him calm down.
  • He is approximately 55 feet in height, 82 feet long, and has a wingspan of 132 feet.