Level X

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Level X
Background information
Location Fort Celatum, Shops Sea.
Status Operational
Security class Ultimate-Security
Capacity 120 (prisoners and staff)
Population 80 (prisoners and staff) (as of September 2014)
Opened September 2013
Managed by SIA
Warden Malor Vakovlev
No. of executions None (on purpose)
Death methods Eternity of suffering, Assassination after release
Notable prisoners

Level X is the most hidden and high-security prison in Antarctica. It is located on the underside of Fort Celatum, but almost no one on the entire continent knows of it's existence other than Malor Vakovlev, the guards and the actual prisoners. This is not to be confused with the normal high-security prison on Fort Celatum. The only connection they have is Malor Vakovlev, who governs both facilities.


Although it's physically attached to Fort Celatum, Level X has it's own power grid and water supply. Since it is it's own classified facility, it also contains it's own kitchen, living quarters for staff, and other amenities. In addition, there is only one way in or out of Level X to reduce the chance of anything bad happening.

It's physically impossible to break out of the prison, since it (like the main prison) is located under water level, so if someone breaks in or a prisoner breaks out through the walls they will drown. In addition, there are also many SIA Drones that patrol the facility, and will kill anyone not registered in their databanks (prison staff mainly).

Each prison cell is equipped with a five large television screens: Four on each wall and one on the ceiling, which are turned on at all times and monitor every sound and movement of the prisoner.

Living Conditions[edit]

Although the prison on Fort Celatum has bad living conditions and occasional torture methods, Level X was built solely for Antarctica's worst criminals, such as Sith lords, dictators and terrorists. It is said that once a prisoner enters Level X, they will never come out. Although this prison doesn't actual have methods of killing people (such as firing squads, lethal injection, etc.), they make the living conditions bare minimum to make the prisoners live through pain and suffering.

Once a prisoner is entered into Level X, they are placed into titanium shackles to hang in the middle of a 6x6 room entirely encased of steel and titanium. One self-illuminating light is located directly above the prisoner so they and prison staff can see in the cell. A food tube and water tube are placed into the prisoner's mouth, which is how they receive nutrients (food is pre-ground into mush). There are no toilets in the cell, only a 1ft round hole underneath the prisoner with acid in it (to deteriorate waste). Once a week, a prison staff member will open the windowless cell door to wash the inmate down with a hose. This is the state prisoners are kept in, for their suffering and also the safety of the staff and facility (since the most dangerous criminals are held here). If prisoners need to be questioned and/or tortured, there are small holes in the bottom of the cell to threaten suffocating and subsequently drowning the prisoner, and also whippings are allowed.


Multiple torture methods have been reported to be used by Level X. Such torture methods include waterboarding, starvation, dehydration, insertion of non-lethal diseases, electrocution, and much more. Reports suggest that the Shopper government and military also test weapons on prisoners. All torture methods and weapon tests are designed to exert the maximum amount of pain without killing the subjects. Although the government denies the existence of Level X, amnesty groups still vehemently protest against the idea of such a complex.


After a certain period of time of solitude and torture in their cells, prisoners are taken to a white room and heavily restrained, where they are rigorously and brutally rehabilitated to overhaul their mental system to conform with what the Shopper government wants them to think. They must answer multiple questions about their loyalty and opinions about Shops, and if they answer incorrectly or dishonestly, they are shocked with large amounts of electricity. This torture and rehabilitation continues until the prisoner is reformed completely and has been brainwashed into loving Shops Island.

The prisoner goes on television to confess to his crimes after being completely rehabilitated, and is released into the public forum as a new being. A leaked conversation between a prisoner and a guard, in which the guard was speaking about the rehabilitation process, was captured:

Things will happen to you from which you will not recover, even if you live a thousand years. Never again will you be capable of ordinary penguin behavior. Everything will be dead inside you. Never again will you be capable of love, or friendship, or joy of living, or laughter, or curiosity, or courage, or integrity. You will be hollow. We shall squeeze you empty, and then we shall fill you with ourselves and mould you in our image.

When the prisoner is released, they are completely different from the way they left. Their torture sessions deformed their bodies beyond recognition and were given a makeover and new identity. At any given time after being released into the public spectrum, the said criminal is eventually killed by an unexpected gunshot.


Here is a list of prisoners.


  • Level X is notorious for multiple penguin rights abuses, and prison guards often end up accidentally killing inmates during torture sessions.
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