Freakishly Big Demonic Monsters of Destruction

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The Freakishly Big Demonic Monsters of Destruction are a group of big monsters that live in the Underworld. There were originally 3 created by the Demon Penguins, but other big monsters have joined as well. There are more land monsters then any other, and aquatic monsters tend to be bigger. The are scattered around the Underworld, but have made a clubhouse for themselves in the third level (the garbage dump).

The Monsters are extremely hard to control because of their size. Some Demon Penguins are trying to communicate telepathically with them, but Flying Dutchopper is so far the only successful one (with the Kraken).

Original 3[edit]

The Behemoth[edit]

The Behemoth

The Behemoth is the biggest living land creature. It has 6 legs to support its weight, a large spaded tail and horns and tusks coming out of it's body. It is a herbivore, capable of devouring whole forests overnight.

After making the Leviathan, the Demon Penguins wanted to create a ginormous land creature. However, they couldn't find out what creature to use. The only major land creature on Antarctica were puffles and penguins, and they were deemed too weak. However, they got a hold of some early designs for what the puffle would look like in the Bureau of Fiction. They liked one of it, and used that to create the Behemoth. They added horns and tusks to make it more menacing.

Slendar sometimes confuses this creature with a large dinosaur.

The Leviathan[edit]

The Leviathan

The Leviathan is some kind of shark-whale-eel-lobster monster that is really big. It enjoys making sand castles and is known to sometimes eat at Burger Khan (The entire building with customers, and employees. And burgers, we can't forget the burgers!).

The Demon Penguins felt like they needed a giant monster to help with the nave. They decided to combine the DNA of a shark, eel, whale, and lobster to create the ultimate sea monster. However, they were thinking really big and decided to make the creature thousands of feet long, and the Leviathan was created.

The Ziz[edit]

The Ziz

The Ziz or the griffin of Antarctica is a giant bird that likes playing chess. It is the smallest of the original 3 due to the fact that it needs to be lightweight to fly. However it is still huge.

The Ziz is very good at flying, since it has large wings, smooth feathers, a good body shape, and a tail that balances out stuff. It has no trouble landing because it has big feet with thick soles.

After creating the Behemoth and Leviathan, the Demon Penguins wanted an aerial beast. They found some DNA from an eagle, albatross, and polar bear, and used this to make some kind of flying creature.


  • The Kraken
  • The Chimera (1st level)- The Chimera is used as offense
  • Odlokbah (Snow Sky Wrath)/The Ice Wyvern (9th Level)- Harnesses the ability to manipulate magic, more specifically ice. Will eventually gain the intelligence to speak telepathically and escape the Underworld, after which it will roam Amataria.
  • Cerberus (3rd Level)- Cerberus is a giant 3 headed Diss Seal that Guards the Diss Prison
  • Kharybdis (2nd Level)- Kharybdis is a giant piece of coral that can create whirlpools
  • The Great Sphinx (4th Level)