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Alexandria "Lexi" Pedro

Good day. I mean, what's up? Who wants to play video games?
Born February 18, 2000 (2000-02-18) (age 19)
Faceland Isles
Gender Female
Nationality Facelandian
Other names Lexi, Princess
Citizenship USA
Education Student enrolled in Penguin Academy.
Height 4' 1"
Known for Being a princess in hiding. Well, not really.
Parents King and queen of Faceland Isles (unknown)
Relatives See Parents

Lexi Pedro is the fifteen-year old princess of the Faceland Isles. She is in hiding because her homeland wants her and the royal family deleted. Assuming the identity of an immigrant family, she and her parents are forced to adapt to the culture of the USA while hiding their identities, blending in, and forging a broken accent while in Fiesta Party-esque garments. It's tough for them, it really is.

Often denied the respect she deserves as a princess, Lexi often speaks in excess formality to her friends, but immediately corrects herself and is typically accepted as a normal student. She loves video games, and will do anything, and I mean anything, to get that game everyone's been talking about.


Lexi was born as the heir to the throne on an extremely cold and stormy night to Robert and Melissa. She was given her short nickname from the start, because sometimes "Alexandria Cathrin Pedro" is such a beakfull.

Faceland Isles[edit]

The Faceland Isles is an archipelago just off the coast of Happyface State and well under their sphere of influence. Until 2010, it was an autonomous territory of HFS (and thus the USA). That is to say, it was under the control of the USA, but allowed to do most of its own thing, provided it didn't counter what the USA wanted. It was semi-autonomous but answerable to the USA alone, and in the end, they decided what could go on. Neither the USA or Happyface State paid much attention to this little set of islands until the people began to stir.

In September 2010, a delegation of Faceland Islanders approached the government of the Happyface State for a request to activate an independence referendum. The government of HF State responded immediately with a referenda ballot, and the country was given three choices: the status quo, become an independent nation, or cede all power to the USA and become part of the HF state "with all rights and privileges therein as a part of the USA".

The Masses chose to be annexed, and, on October 27th, 2010, a platoon of Happyface State soldiers marched in, lowered the Faceland flag, and raised the USA's flag, much to the complaints of the monarchy.

The monarchy had been unpopular for decades, wastefully spending money on themselves and overall ignoring the general populace. The citizenry chose to give up their sovereignty so they wouldn't have to deal with their king and queen any more.

Immediately after annexation, the populace stormed the palace and demanded the king and queen be handed to them to be tried for corruption. If guilty, the monarch and all family would be subject to Faceland's notorious capital punishment of execution by deletion. After a few weeks of being held hostage in their palace, and seeing a crisis about to brew, the USA sent in its newly formed Department of the Continuity of Government for Dynastic States agents to escort the royal family out of the islands. A HF State helicopter landed and fled with them from the roof, much to the crowd's chagrin.

They were quickly assigned for relocation.

DCOGDS relocation[edit]

Now dethroned, Lexi and family were taken to the Happyface State and ordered to "blend in" with the Masses, something which shocked and frustrated them all. They were forced to hide their regalia and symbols of power (they now sit in a trunk in their igloo's basement), don normal clothes, and fit in under assumed forenames. Robert became Roberto, and Melissa became Misa. Lexi became Lexi (her nickname was now her real name).

Exotic-sounding names were intentional, and the family was told to dress the part. This meant that the clean-shaven Robert had to grow a mustache, Misa had to trade her gowns for fiesta-style dresses, and all of them had to dye their hair (if they had it) black and change their feather color to brown.

To say the least, the family had trouble fitting in. Trying to sound like they were from the Happyface State was the least of their problems (and proved quite a task). Lexi had the hardest adjusting, trading luxury for common goods, robes for t-shirts, and dying her hair black, especially since it was blond, and very thick.

When she first arrived at Penguin Academy in the Happyface State, she was demanding and rude. Since she knew she was a princess, she had to have EVERYTHING she wanted. Slushies, fish, cinnamon coffee-cakes, massages, when she wanted it, she got it. She also didn't enforce her fake accent, and people became suspicious for a while.

The DCOGDS stepped in and lectured her. After some crying, she discovered video games and figured that their new culture couldn't be that bad if something as awesome as the Vii existed.

Now happier, she learned to be nice to others, but she always jokingly brings up a fish filet instead of a school lunch. She can also perform her broken English like a pro.


Lexi and family were given the following orders from the DCOGDS:

You are the Pedro family, not monarchs. You are lower-middle-class immigrants from a far-off tropical island that nobody cares about. You are to color yourselves brown, your hair black, and speak in broken English. You have no special treatment and will wear clothes that match the above description. If anyone asks, you are from a poor country and want to experience the wonders this country has to offer, and you're going to tell them that in broken English.

King Robert, you are now Roberto. Queen Melissa, you are now Misa. Princess Alexandra Catherin, you are now Lexi. All of you are to answer to this name and nothing else. You have never heard of the Faceland Isles. If anyone asks, you deny it in broken English.

You will cooperate fully with these standards at all times if you want to live and can never return to the Faceland Islands unless you wish to risk your lives. As for your past lives, all of you died in a horrible accident involving a coffee maker, some doughnuts, and a movie theater fire. If your past selves ever become accepted by your people, we'll contact you and you can drop the charade. Until then, though, you are the Pedros and nothing more. Also, Lexi, you are to live in Rocket Slug's summer home for the rest of the summer and then back to your host family,

— DCOGDS brief


  • She has lived in a summer home with Rocket Slug and her family for the rest of her summer, and her parents lived nearby.
  • Mean Girlz once attempted to destroy her reputation, ending in an epic fail for everyone.

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