Liam the Rat

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Liam the Rat
Liam the Rat's igloo.
Gender Male
Race Emperor penguin
Faction He has a robot arm
Health Trigger-happy
Level Uneducated (dropped out of school)
Status With Railfan and friends
Location His basement
Occupation Filmmaker
Interests Filmmaking, shooting
Friends R3333, Railfan1, Angel Kitten
Enemies Members, intolerance
Archetype Unknown


Liam the Rat is a mostly friendly, but rather dim, penguin, currently working two jobs. He is fairly young and constantly travelling. A fanatical anti-EBUL zealot, he open fires his robot arm on anyone he even remotely perceives is mocking a Non-Member.

Liam’s first job is a mainland part-time job in a gun store with an abundance of weapons. In Club Penguin, he is working in animation for his good friend, Railfan! Sometimes he aids Railfan1 in his actions.

He is notable for having a weapon for a flipper (like XTUX), and also for his lack of education. He is not too bright, mainly because he dropped out of school at the age of nine. His youth and lack of world experience leaves him with little intelligence, so Railfan and his good friends try and school him in between adventures.


Shortly before Liam hatched, his parents died in the same flood that wiped the White Point Lighthouse off the face of Club Penguin. Since then, Liam and Doctor698 took care of each other as brothers. Liam’s real name is ”Liam T. Rat ”.

As a chick, he was very ugly, and penguins judged him harshly, saying that he was a rat. He had been called a rat his whole life. Eventually, Liam changed his attitude to the insult and decided to go along with it in stride. He eventually applied for a NICE Card to change his name to ”Liam the Rat”. His motive was in a similar vein to TurtleShroom’s notable assumption of the title of “Dictator”: to spite his enemies and portray himself as “I’m rubber you’re glue”.

He befriended Railfan and R3333 as a chick, and had a bunch of crazy adventures with them. Liam the Rat grew up going to a mainland penguin school, but he dropped out at the age of nine to travel with Railfan and make movies. Despite this, he is rather intelligent due to spending a lot of time on sites like Eureka! In 2011, he and Railfan1 started a private movie-making company known as Rat's Films and Animations to try and impress a large movie-making company known as Machinima Shows and Films. His brother, Doctor698, supports his efforts to one day become the best movie maker Antarctica has ever seen. Doctor698, along with Railfan and friends, try to help him make the best movies ever.


Liam the Rat’s passion is to make movies. To make end’s meet, he works a part-time job at a weapons store, filled with all the latest guns.

He hopes that one day, instead of working in his basement under his igloo, he can actually receive a proper office and venue for movie making. At least he has more money than Railfan1, who can't even afford a proper igloo.

He uses his weapon-flipper to fire Ditto-infused snowballs at Members he perceives as picking on Non-Members. His high rate of error- shooting Members that aren't bullying –has led to Railfan and R3333 making sure that Liam never gets any real bullets in there.


  • He is rather crazy and overly hyper. He tends to shout and always seems to affix exclamation points to his writing. However, this isn't because of any disease or defect, but rather, because of his personality, optimism, and excitement.
  • He is ruthlessly trigger-happy and therefore forbidden to pack real, or lethal, bullets in his flipper-cannon. Instead, he makes due with Ditto and stun-weapons.

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