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Dorkugese Territory of the Lichenblossomese Archipelago
Lichenblossom Isles
Flag of Lichenblossom Isles
MottoOverkant av mudkipz tilsvarer scenariet som alle ekte PWNers forsøke. ("Excess of mudkipz is equivalent to the scenario for which all genuine PWNers endeavor" in Penguinian)
AnthemIt's All About the Pentiums.
Royal anthemLichenblossom's Royal Anthem, which currently lacks a name.
National Glyph
Five-Pointed Star
CapitalNone, but the most prestigious settled community is Redlink Abbey.
Largest city Redlink Abbey
Official languages English
Recognised regional languages Arctic Scribble (written only), L33t, Binary Code
Species  Penguins, puffles, terns, polar bears, lemmings, focci, skuas, StormWorms, Squashins, etc.
Demonym Lichenblossomese
Membership Closely allied with USA in war.
Government Self-governing tributory state, Democracy
 -  CEO of Dorkugal Stevie Falcon I
 -  Head of State (always the Leader of Redlink Abbey) Abbess Glycian
 -  Polar Bear Chef of Razzamatazastron Chef Russell the Intelligent
Settling Inhabitated by settlers emmigrating from Geek Empire in the 1920s 
 -  Lichenblossom becomes an official nation 1932 
 -  Squashin rule -- Fort Kosher built and destroyed 1962 - 1972 
 -  Construction on Redlink Abbey completed 1974 
 -  Annexed to Dorkugal 2001 
 -  2009 estimate 79,200 
 -  2007 census 75,824 
 -  Density Approx. 0.202/km2 
Approx. 0.522/sq mi
Currency Silicon Token (Si)
Drives on the Right
Calling code 210
Footnotes Parody of Mossflower Country from the Redwall series.

The Dorkugese Territory of the Lichenblossomese Archipelago, more commonly known as the Lichenblossom Isles, is a group of islands east of Dorkugal and is the nation's only territory. They are inhabited by Lichenblossomese Nerds, a variant of Dorkugese Penguin that frequently exhibits non-nerdy behavior, such as listening to rock music (common nerds enjoy classical) and fighting willingly (common nerds are largely pacifist). The archipelago consists of three islands: Lichenblossom Island (the biggest of the three), the Northzones, and Southways. Lichenblossom Island is sandwiched in between the Northzones (on the north side) and Southways (on the south side). The Lichenblossom Isles are largely ignored by the governments of Dorkugal and the USA, as they are quite insignificant and are hardly involved with Antarctic politics or events.

The main communities in Lichenblossom Island are Redlink Abbey and Razzamatazastron Atoll. The former is a have for geeks and has been survived several cracker attacks since it was completed in 1974, and the latter is a bakery-cum-fortress located inside a sunken caldera, which has baked bread and other pastries for and defended the rest of Lichenblossom ever since it was founded.


The Lichenblossom Isles have had a long and varied history, ranging from the Snowman Empire, through Olde and Colonial Antarctica, all the way to the present.

Early Days and Settling[edit]

Squashin Rule[edit]

Lichenblossom Rebellion[edit]


Modern Influences[edit]


The Lichenblossom Isles follow the pebble and fish standard set by the USA. However, Lichenblossom's main currency is the Silicon Token, a pound's worth of silicon mined from one of Lichenblossom's quarries (which are the best silicon mines in Antarctica) and shaped into a small, polished chip. Silicon Tokens are worth 10 Fishes, since they are so rare.


Lichenblossom sticks to the English and L33t standards set by the USA. It also uses Binary Code, adapted from Dorkugal. Lichenblossom also has a unique, native written language called "Arctic Scribble" that uses glyphs to represent letters and other characters. This written language originated in the Arctic and was taken along with the Arctic immigrants that journeyed to Lichenblossom in the 1920s and 30s.


A land of plenty would clearly contain many places for creatures to settle down in. Below are a list of areas where creatures are confirmed to put up residence.

  • Redlink Abbey - this massive hotel doubles as a permanent residence for thousands of lovable, silver-robed nerds.

  • Lichenblossom Forest - a massive coniferous forest (like in Reality's Siberia) where StormWorms, lost nerds, and rouge tribes of various creatures live.

  • Razzamatazzastron Atoll - a underground fortress inside a sunken caldera, filled with quirky but vicious arctic terns . It is the origin of the famous Str00del of Razzamatazzido, that lies atop Mount Castro, far from Mabel where cold winds blow.


Flag, Motto, and Anthem[edit]


Lichenblossom was the first nation to have both a civil and military flag. All other nations used their national flag both in battle and on buildings, regardless of the issue.

The flag of Licheblossom's military is extremely simple and easily recognizable. It is white with a "no" sign placed atop a dill pickle (for heritage reasons). The white, for the record, is not surrender, but rather represents purity or cleanliness from the tyrannical stain of pickles.

Fun fact: The military flag predates the national flag.

The civil flag of Lichenblossom is more complicated. It represents the natural beauty of the Isles, the creed that the Lichenblossomese Nerds will do anything to defend what they know and love, and loyalty to Dorkugal and the USA. The symbolism is explained in full here.

Fun fact: The phrase "It's All About the Pentiums, Baby!" is inscribed into the flag as a curvy line of binary code.

Flag Gallery[edit]


The Lichenblossom national anthem, It's All About the Pentiums, is also the anthem of Dorkugal. It was unearthed (a vinyl record of it was found in the trash) and used as a battle cry in the unstable Fort Kosher era. They adopted it because their rivals, the Squashins, couldn't tell a mouse from a keyboard. Dorkugal actually copied its anthem from the Isles.


The nation's motto, "Overkant av mudkipz tilsvarer scenariet som alle ekte PWNers forsøke", was selected via a radio contest. It is the meme-phrase "Lotsa mudkipz is what all true warriors strive for" translated into Political Correctness ("Excess of mudkipz is the scenario for which all genuine PWNers endeavor"), which is then translated into Ancient Penguinian, giving the motto.

Interestingly, the motto has no actual cultural meaning to the Lichenblossom Isles, and many seek to replace it.


Due to the low population density, the Lichenblossom Isles do not have an official government. The leader of Redlink Abbey is considered the Head of State, and the Abbey's Council of System Operators (sysops for short) is the legislature and judicial branch. The Head Chef of Razzamatazastron Atoll is also powerful in the de facto government.


Officially, as a territory of the Dorkugese Empire, the Isles must pay a tribute to remain self-governing. Failure to pay the tribute results in the CEO seizing the government and appointing royal/colonial governors that answer straight to him.

For Lichenblossom, this practice is purely ceremonial (as opposed to other territories where the threat is real). Even though it is under the colonial yoke of Dorkugal, if Dorkugal was to ever enforce the tributary system and seize the government of Lichenblossom, they would get their butts kicked.

Even more ironic is that Dorkugal, as a pacifist nation with few (if any) damaging weapons and an embarrassing navy, is actually protected by Lichenblossom, not the other way around. Lichenblossom could easily annex Dorkugal with their military might. In war, Dorkugal is defenseless. Their own colony must defend them. In a sense, Dorkugal is a protectorate of Lichenblossom, and if Lichenblossom wanted to, they could annex Dorkugal at any time.G


Penguins, puffles, seals, arctic and antarctic terns alike, polar bears, Squashins, and evil crackers.

Notable Residents[edit]


There are not many recurring villains in Lichenblossom, but the system of villainy in the Isles usually involves minor cracker bands and major cracker armies, like the once-famous army of Looney the Purge.

A major target for cracker bands/armies is Redlink Abbey, as the location is highly influential and is rumored to store treasure.

Another major villainous group in Lichenblossom is CANS (Chicks Against Nocturnal Sleep), a club of reckless chicks that hate authority and cause mischief.

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Main article: Dorkugal#Lichenblossomese Nerd Customs

Lichenblossomese culture is starkly different from normal nerd behavior. For one thing, Lichenblossomese inhabitants willingly participate in any sort of cyberwar or conflict, unless it doesn't involve them. Also, Lichenblossomese Nerds highly enjoy rock music. They also embrace any other kind of music besides classical, which they despise. Furthermore, Lichenblossomese Nerds party excessively. Normal nerds look down upon these differences, calling the Lichenblossomese "a disgrace to the nerd race". On the other hand, Lichenblossomese Nerds think normal nerds are "totally boring", "square", and "downright lame, dude."

One distinguishing part of Lichenblossomese culture is their food. Due to the lack of civilization in Lichenblossom, most culinary ingredients are hand-grown and -picked. The lack of contaminants and air pollution in Lichenblossom is thought to enhance the freshness of the produce, making the food at Lichenblossom some of the best food in the Antarctic.

Lichenblossomese Nerds also have many customs and habits. For more information on such facts, go here.

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