Life Island

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Life Island
Flag of Life Island, prior to Culldrome rule.
National name Culldrome Territory of Life Island
Country Culldrome Isles
Capital city Hudson
Largest city Hudson
Formation 1995
Inhabitants Penguins, puffles
Other info
Population 120,000
Leader Steven Snowen
Location Sub-Antarctic, near Shiverpool
Alliances Other states.
Neighbours Antarctic Peninsula

Life Island is a remote island settlement off the coast off the Antarctic Peninsula, near Shiverpool. Located in the Sub-Antarctic, Life Island was a peaceful settlement and was founded as a utopian refuge. In 2014, it was overtaken by the Confederacy of Independent Culldrome and its Allies as part of Operation Overpower. After their defeat, the island was purchased from the USA and annexed into the Culldrome Isles.



Life Island is a somewhat medium sized island located off the coast of the Antarctic Peninsula. The island was discovered by Captain John Quebec, a Caladian explorer, in 1887. Quebec stumbled on the island as he was running dangerously low of supplies. After landing on the island, he found out that it was rich in both food and water. He named the island Life Island, for saving the lives of himself and his crew.

Intending to keep the island as natural as possible, he built a small outpost named Hudson. Leaving behind a few colonists to live off the land, Quebec sailed back to Calada and reported on his discovery. The island was transferred to Puffish ownership and Quebec ran a regular shipping service to Life Island. Soon, the settlement began to grow large, with as many as 10,000 penguins in 1895. Not wanting the new inhabitants to ruin the nature, Quebec made Hudson a walled town, access to the rest of the island was prohibited and the island became a natural reserve.

Nowadays it's still natural and still populated. John Quebec's Crew still lives here. Also, the ship, The Wagran, is still docked in a sea cave on the island's shore.


Culldrome Civil War and Purchase[edit]

Flag of Life Island as a Culldrome Territory.




Adventurous Penguins and Puffles.


Formerly the Confederacy of Independent Culldrome.


A lot of fluffy fish and oysters, and a river of fresh water. And maybe gold.


  • Almost everyone is happy here.

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