Liga de Futbol

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Liga de Futbol
Industry Sports
Genre Association football
Founder(s) Roni Lucio
Headquarters Metido, Castilla
Number of locations Various stadiums
Area served Castilla and Liguria
Key people Leon el Messiah, Christopher Odlanor
Products Jerseys
Owner(s) Christopher Odlanor
Employees About 150,000

Liga de Futbol, also known as Liga, is a tier 1 professional soccer league based in Castilla. It was founded in 1995, by Roni Lucio. The league currently has 18 teams.

Liga is often regarded as the best league of all Antarctica, along with the Antarctic Premier League. Notable teams in Liga de Futbol are FC Varcelono and Real Metido.



In June 1995, Roni Lucio pitched the idea of making a football league for Castilla. After weeks of preparation and registration, the first game was played, being FC Varcelono versus Sovilla FC. The original 12 teams in the Liga were FC Varcelono, Real Metido, Sovilla FC, Atletico Metido, CA Toledo, Real Salebrinca, FC Caracoga, Deportivo el Corun, CE Archipelago Ninja, Union Gotjo, Union de Arim, Real Ovejas, Athletic Biblio, Real San Bastiana, Trueno Volocono and Recreativo de Huelga.

Incorporation of Liguria[edit]